February 21, 2013


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As the name suggests, this website aims to offer recollections and memories of spanking and discipline related incidents, whereas the overthedesk site deals mainly with fiction stories that are realistice and may be based on true-life experiences.

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April 26, 2016

My Friend and Neighbor

I had been in my apartment building on the third floor about three months when a new neighbor moved in across the hall. She was a 24 year old woman from out of town. She was a red-headed Irish girl, very petite at only about 5’3 tall with flat stomach and weighing only about 120lb or so. I was 6′ and in great shape because I was a personal trainer and nutritional counselor at the local 24 he gym after finishing college as a nutritionist. Her name was Lori and she had gotten a job at the local hospital as nurse.

At first we only met in passing. She worked four days on and three days off or something like that. Than we started having tea together; I didn’t drink alcohol and neither did she. Other times we took turns cooking or paying for delivery. We had committed to be just friends, best friends to be specific, more like a special brother and sister at heart.

It’s been about a year and we’re pretty close as friends could be, but nothing more. We were pretty opposite in a lot of things. She’s very anal about everything and at times seems to be a bit wound up. I’ve never seen her cry; she is prideful and very self-reliant. In fact, she was too self-reliant for her own good, never asking anyone for help, but willing to help others. She was actually very controlling. This, of course, was a big turn off for me, which is why I was OK with just being good friends.

April 23, 2016

Set Up

A few years ago, my husband Andrew took me down to London to meet a friend of his who Andrew knew was well into CP. It was a hot day so it was pleasant to go indoors to cool off and his friend Ian had cooked a lunch for us which was very enjoyable. After lunch my first real CP session took place which caused great arousal in me. I would never have realised CP could have such an effect on my sexuality. Ian became a very close friend of both of us and still is, although his health now is quite poor. Ian’s occupation was actually a film producer at all levels of porn from top to bottom.

Andrew helped Ian with the computer aspects of filming like titling and also continuity and he also did second camera work as well. I did make up as and when required. Filming was done mainly at weekends but now and then it required a weekday so Andrew would take annual leave from his job to work with Ian.

We had children so if there was any weekend work or evening work, generally, Andrew’s parents looked after the children and they always welcomed them.

One film we made was done in a secure location on a weekday near the south coast. The hall part of the admin block was regularly let out for all sorts of requirements and I had made several films there, but more of those another time. The entire block was private and during the week was always available.

March 27, 2016

New website for spanking Poser art


This is a pay site with a quite reasonable free area for visitors to get an idea of what is on offer, basically illustrated spanking stories. Several of the site owner’s earlier stories appear on this site under the Neville Moore tag. Offering both female and male punishments, this site is well worth a visit.

For those who haven’t met PoserArt before, it’s an alternative to photography and drawing using computer generated graphics to create illustrations which in skilled hands can appear quite lifelike.

It’s certainly worth a look.

March 1, 2016

A boy’s domestic spanking

These spankings took place in in Lancashire, England in 1966 when I was 12 years old.

In my first year at the Grammar School I met lots of different people and made plenty of new friends. One of these new friends was called Tony and we quickly became new best friends. When the Easter holidays came around he asked if I would like to stay with him for a few days at his Nan’s house in Southport. I asked permission at home and after Mum had spoken to Tony’s Mum and his Nan I was allowed to go.

On the morning I was going, Mum called me into the living room to have a talk. She explained that I would be a guest and that I was to be on my best behaviour and do as I was told. Moving on to what would happen if I wasn’t, Mum said she had spoken to Mrs Richardson (Tony’s Nan) and it had been agreed that she could punish me as she saw fit if I was naughty and that included spanking me. For good measure Mum said that if I did get in trouble and Mrs Richardson did have to punish me then she would be taking the slipper to my bare bum when I got home.

February 27, 2016

A girl gets the strap

Margaret was still not too old to feel the sting of leather on her hands or bottom. This is a cautionary tale of being brought down a peg or two.

Margaret had gone for a cigarette in the girls toilet at break time. She was checking her make up in the mirror when two first year girls she knew came in and asked her for a cigarette. She gave them one each and started on her lipstick.

After about 30 seconds, Mrs Jessiman came in doing one of her regular checks for smokers. She caught the 2 of them with the cigarettes lighted. She told them to put them out and asked them if they knew school rules.  They both said they did.

Mrs Jessiman put her bag down and pulled her thick brown leather strap out. Margaret said the toilets were full of girls of all ages pretending to being doing one thing or another, but really they were hanging about to see the belting that was coming.

“Hands up,” Mrs Jessiman said to the first girl, Sharon. She got 2 on each hand. Margaret said she howled at every stroke  and they weren’t hard ones.

Mrs Jessiman turned to the next girl, Louise.  “Up!” She said. She got the same but took them better, only crying softly after the last one.

February 24, 2016

Father’s spankings

A bit of background. I was a very shy and respectful boy. Like most boys bought up in the 1950s and 1960s, I behaved and was treated as a child well in to my teens. My Father was a good man, an accountant by trade who had spent much of his early life in the army. This accounted for his high standards and his attitude to nudity (mine) in front of other men and boys; he never saw it as an issue although I wasn’t spanked in front of women past puberty.

My Mother left my Father when I was about three and so it was very much a male household. Finally I should say that I inherited from my Grandfather and Father a good sized penis. Athough I never understood this at the time I think this is what accounted for glances from women when I was a boy, and laughter and exchanged looks from other boys when I was naked in my teens.

To illustrate the attitude to spanking, or smacking as we called in the 1950s and 1960s, I can think of an occasion that burnt in my memory. My Father had been invited to lunch by a man from his office and I, of course, went along. I would have been about 14, certainly no younger. In the room were the man and his wife, their sons, who were about 20, and a woman who I think was the girlfriend of one of the sons.

February 12, 2016

A boy’s Primary School memories

Before I reached puberty, I was convinced I had such a thing as a ‘spankable’ bottom. Even for those times, I seemed to get spanked more often and more severely than my contemporaries. I wasn’t a plump boy, but my bottom was rounded and ‘shapely’ like a girl’s. I was always being mistaken for a girl because, to my boyish shame, I was also in possession of thick golden curls which my mother refused to allow me to cut.

One of my first memories is of my first day at my new school, aged five, being carried into class and spanked for ‘making a fuss’. In fact, my family had just moved into the area and I had been unsure of the location of my new classroom. I wasn’t trying to ‘stay with Mum’, I was lost. Once the spanking had succeeded in causing me to make a proper fuss, I was cuddled and soothed with the epithet ‘good girl’, which characterised the sweet and sour, hot and cold relationship I enjoyed with most of my primary school teachers.

It was usually me who would be kept in at playtimes or after class and I honestly never knew beforehand if it was for praise or punishment, to help teacher with her preparations or to be dragged summarily over her knee. Like any kid, I joined a gang who invariably got into mischief. My glowing locks and ample rump made me any punitive adult’s first choice for target practice. Boys would run (or ‘scarper’) in every direction to escape and the teacher would chase me. If more than one of us were secured for spanking, it would be me who had his bottom bared. I knew boys who never had their shorts and pants pulled down, but I was bared before punishment so much in primary school it was almost a waste of time and energy my wearing shorts at all!  Some wag once told me, my best mate P most likely, that I should wear a skirt. Whether that would have helped or hindered me I wasn’t quite sure.

February 12, 2016

School and home spanking

I am describing my memory of a school spanking a girl called Samantha and I (Steven) got when we were both at school. We were both 14 at the time and went to Hummersknott Comprehensive School in 1984. The spankings happened after we both played for the school chess team.

There were seven in each team and the winners of each game got a point. We played local schools and clubs, the winners getting trophies and prizes. Our teacher, Mrs Williams, was also a maths teacher in her late 50s and fairly easy going, especially after school lesson finished.

On the day in question, we were playing a local school, and Samantha and I were playing on tables opposite each other. We heard cheers break out and, when we looked, everyone else in the team had won, and that meant we had won the league. As a consequence, Samantha and I didn’t try as hard to win and we both ended up losing. Mrs Williams never said anything but when we got back to school and everyone else rushed off home, she asked us to stay.

Normally if we had lost she just said for us to try harder. We were both shocked when she angrily told us she had watched us and was not pleased  as we had shown disrespect to our school team-mates. We both felt about 5 by time she had finished. Then came the bombshell that she was going to spank us and that we would be getting the plimsoll.

January 5, 2016

A boy’s home spanking

The spanking I relate took place in Lancashire, England, in the spring of 1965. Even though it is now almost 51 years ago it is burned into my memory, perhaps more than any other spanking I received.

I had just turned 11 years old and was in my final year of junior school. This was a very important year; I would soon be sitting my 11 plus exam which would decide if I was to go to the Grammar School or the Secondary Modern. My parents wanted the best for me and were keen that I work hard, pass the 11 plus and get into the Grammar School. I was a little too confident in my ability and was not giving my best efforts. It was a bad time to get lazy. This was reflected in my spring report card, my last before I would sit the 11 plus.

On the fateful day I was given the report card in a sealed envelope to take home. I didn’t think too much of it as my report cards were normally good and, reflecting my general over confidence at the time, I did not fear for a second that the contents would be sufficient to get me spanked. On arriving home I gave the envelope to my Mum. I had a drink and a snack as usual while she opened and read it. As I sat at the kitchen table my Mum suddenly confronted me with its contents. It said that I had become increasingly lazy and inattentive towards my work and my lack of effort meant that I was in danger of failing the 11 plus. I was shocked and stuttered back something about the report not being right. My Mum said something like I should tell the truth now before I got into more trouble than I was already in, so I admitted that I hadn’t been working as hard as I should have. Mum said that she was going to discuss with Dad what to do with me and that I was to go to my room and wait for him to come home from work.

November 18, 2015

Spankings and the slipper at prep school

I attended a small private prep school just out side London. I won’t mention the name as it still exists in the same large house and nearby sports field with pavilions.

My first memory of corporal punishment there was in my first or second year when a female teacher took me into a small changing room, sat on a stool and pulled me over her lap to spank me. I don’t remember what for, or any other detail except laying over her lap and having my bottom smacked.

As I moved up in the school, I knew that the headmaster and deputy head slippered boys but I didn’t experience that for a few years. However, teachers would punish boys a lot, and often in the classroom. We would be called to the front of the class where we bent over their desk with our bottom facing the boys in the class, and they would lift up our shorts as high up our leg as they could and slap as much bare skin as they could uncover. The more loose your shorts, the higher up they could expose, so your lower buttock and upper thigh could be smacked very painfully. They would then do the same on the other side.