February 21st, 2013


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As the name suggests, this website aims to offer recollections and memories of spanking and discipline related incidents, whereas the overthedesk site deals mainly with fiction stories that are realistice and may be based on true-life experiences.

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October 7th, 2018

Schoolgirl strapped

This is a true account of a severe strapping I received at school when I was in fourth year. I was about 16 and a little madam. I was waiting on Garry one cold winter’s day at lunch time. I knew school rules were; no one inside the glass doors. The toilets were in the girls’ entrance but nobody was allowed through the doors. It was so cold and I had the shortest skirt on as usual and it was nice and warm in there, so I thought no one will see me. It’s just for a short time.

I was daydreaming and didn’t notice Mrs Anhoury coming down the stairs. I wasn’t her favourite pupil.

“Margaret, what are you doing in here? You know school rules forbid it.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I was cold, miss. I’m just leaving.”

“So you think you can just swan in and out when you are cold, do you?”

I shrugged my shoulders again.

“You are an insolent brat. I think you can come with me to my classroom and at least your fingers will be warm when you go out,” she said.

She started to walk away. I just stood there.

“Come with me, girl. You’re just making it worse for yourself.”

She then walked back and caught me by the arm.

October 3rd, 2018

Girl slippered in school

Like many kids of my generation I got the slipper in school a number of times. One of those times happened when we had a very nice young teacher called Miss K who took us for PE and games. If the weather was fine it was held outside in the playground, but this particular day it was pouring with rain so she had arranged for us to do some country dancing in the hall. It was a Friday afternoon and we were all a bit restive, and the boys obviously were not too keen on dancing.

Anyway, she got us in groups and put a record on the player (vinyl in those days) and told us to hold hands and dance in circles for a start. From this, she told us a few more moves which we practised to the record. However, the boys were starting to mess around and us girls were being drawn along with it. So Miss K gave a warning that there would be trouble if anyone else misbehaved. Unfortunately, a couple of our boys in our group did not take the warning seriously and our circle collapsed because we whirled round too fast. As we were dancing next to the record player, we knocked into it and the stylus went right across the record.

October 1st, 2018

School caning in the Caribbean

I’m in the 5th form at a school on a large Caribbean island.  I’ve lived here for three years and am one of the few European teenagers I know who go to a local school. My school does have the cane, though it is rarely used.  Unfortunately, it was recently used on me. I imagine not many European born teenagers have experienced being caned in 2018.

My father is English, my mother is French. I was raised in France at a British school until we moved here.

I am actually one of those girls who rarely get into trouble, especially at school. One of the reasons, I’m sure, is that, like most schools on the island, the cane is still used as pretty much the ultimate sanction. Any student right up to leaving age (18) can be caned if a teacher feels it’s warranted.

Students can be caned for:

  1. a) Cheating
  2. b) Fighting
  3. c) Swearing or other abusive behaviour towards a teacher
  4. d) Doing something that does or is likely to cause a danger to themselves or others
  5. e) Have received multiple detentions and warnings about bad behaviour and you haven’t corrected it.

Canings are rare but they do happen from time to time, perhaps more so with the boys than the girls. Boys are caned across the seat of their trousers; girls are always caned on the weaker or non-writing hand. There are four teachers authorised to cane, two male and two female. Boys are caned by male teachers and girls by female teachers. Neither the head teacher nor parents have to be consulted before a caning.

September 21st, 2018

Girls are slippered

I was brought up in Walsall in the West Midlands and I worked my way through our local school from Infants, Juniors and, after failing my eleven plus, to Seniors. This was a real culture shock. A lot of my friends had gone to other schools and I was alone in this strange place with strict male teachers, homework, the strap and slipper for children who broke the lots of unwritten rules in the classrooms.

Girls sat one side of the room and boys the other, with the brightest at the front and less bright children at the rear. There was little interaction between boys and girls, with girls having their own playground and school entrance.

Punishments were frequent, with boys being hauled to the front of the room for the slipper or, for more serious punishments, sent to the headmaster for the strap. Girls, however, were treated differently. They were given lines to write out and, very occasionally, they were sent with a note to the senior mistress, Mrs H, only to return after twenty minutes with a red face. They then sat quietly for the rest of the day.

We boys were never able to find out what had happened to them. Boys questioned sisters, but all that came back was that girls just got lines.

September 7th, 2018

Childhood spanking

I was brought up in a small town on the west coast of Scotland. In 1966, at the age of 11, I enjoyed a fairly normal if strict childhood. The usual punishment was loss of freedom, with spanking, or smacking as it was known, reserved as the ultimate sanction.

There were about four occasions on which I was spanked. This story is about the most memorable.

That day I had done something wrong and so I was told that I wasn’t allowed out. This was terrible as I knew my friend, let’s calls him Bill, was going to call. I waited upstairs, watching from my window, to try and meet him before he pressed the front door bell, thereby alerting my parents, who would have told him to come back tomorrow.

Sure enough, I spotted Bill wandering down the street. The time was around 7.45. Normally, I would have been allowed out until 9.00. I rushed down, stopped Bill ringing the doorbell and before I could explain Bill showed me a half-crown (about 12.5 pence Sterling) which he had been given by his gran.

His plan was to go to the local cafe and there buy two (one each!) ice cream floats which was a frothy combination of ice cream and Coca-Cola. I then explained that I was not allowed out. Bill said this was not a problem as we would be back before it was noticed that I had gone.

September 2nd, 2018

A boy caned in the lower sixth form

I went to an all boys grammar school in West Yorkshire in the 1970s. My journey through the first five years was pretty uneventful. I had my good and favourite subjects, and my not so favourite subjects. I avoided any serious trouble and, although corporal punishment was standard for some offences, my own experiences were limited to being smacked in front of the class twice in the first form and one slippering from the gym teacher in the fifth form. It was a given that I was going to continue my education into the sixth form and my choice of A levels would have been Maths, French and Physics. That mix of sciences and arts was apparently going to make scheduling difficult, and also my father thought Chemistry was going to be a better choice than French. Although I had no real interest in chemistry, I was probably going to pass my O level so bowed to the pressure to take it at A level as well.

As it turned out, my sixth form chemistry teacher, Mrs Bradley, was also to be my form mistress for the next two years. It wasn’t long into the first term when she asked me to stay behind after class. She was less than impressed with my homework and asked me to repeat it and hand it in again the following day, which I duly, but reluctantly, did. A few weeks later, I was in her bad books again. During the course of a lesson she asked me a question which I was unable to answer. This was quickly followed by a second question which I was also unable to answer, my embarrassment causing some amusement to the rest of the class. That only served to further her annoyance and I was duly sent to stand outside in the corridor. As the rest of the class filed out at the end of the lesson, I was called back in and asked if there was any particular reason I was wasting my own time and hers. It was one of those questions that didn’t have a worthwhile answer so I offered what was perhaps a fairly unconvincing apology. Nevertheless, it seemed to have been accepted and I left thinking that was the end of the matter.

August 14th, 2018

Seeking a re-enactment of a school experience

I have previously written about an event in the 1970s that I believe triggered my long term interest in corporal punishment. As a young girl, I felt very unusual, alone and somewhat ashamed of the warm feelings these thoughts aroused. I went to an all-girl, independent senior school that did retain corporal punishment, but it was almost never used, and I was never on the receiving end.

My best friend at school had a younger brother, and one day I recall her telling me how they had both been in the dog house at home because he had been caned at school, and how unfair that was from her perspective. My interest of course peaked, and I managed wrangle an invitation to stay with her after school that evening. When her brother appeared, we both started to tease him about his caning, “bet you cried” etc. I asked him how many strokes he had been given. He said four, to which we both replied: “Don’t believe you.”

This went on for some time until we said he needed to show us. He was having none of it until my friend volunteered that I would show him my boobs! I was stunned as, whilst I was ahead of my year with respect to developing, I was very self-conscious of the size of my chest. However, he turned around, had his trousers and pants pulled down in a flash and we could indeed see the outline of four strokes, but they were now black and purple with bruising. They looked very sore and angry, but he insisted it didn’t hurt that much. He had been caned over his trousers, bending over, so I asked him to show us how far he had to bend over.

August 13th, 2018

Two schoolgirls caned

I hope my recollection encourages others like me to also share their experiences. Whilst corporal punishment in schools was widespread during my school days, I don’t believe my life-time interest, nor the event that triggered this, was. This fascination has been a dark secret which only recently I was able to explore more fully.

I was privately educated in the South East of England during the mid 1970s and early 1980s, in a mixed junior school and then an all-girls senior school. It was at my local independent junior school that I first sensed a thrill witnessing others being punished, and particularly the last two years during which we had quite strict teachers. The school did pride itself in getting all of its pupils in to their desired public schools, so didn’t tolerate laziness or poor behaviour.

None of the punishments seemed unusual to us at the time, and indeed, were very similar to what we had heard about in other schools that friends or family attended.

In my final year at junior school, we had Miss D as our principal teacher. She was probably in her late twenties, single, but got engaged just before we left, was quite intense, with piercing eyes, rarely smiled, always caked in make-up with brightly painted nails and tottered around in high shoes to compensate for her lack of height.

July 25th, 2018

A first caning by choice

I had attended a fairly strict grammar school in the early 1970s where the cane was used on occasions. Somehow I managed to avoid getting it, but some of my friends were caned and I saw evidence in the changing rooms after PE or swimming and frankly it aroused feelings of both fear and jealousy, and I know I was not alone. Like many boys the cane and the very thought of receiving it held us in awe. However, after leaving the sixth form in 1975 I definitely had a sense of regret that I had never paid a visit to the headmaster’s study for a swishing. It must have been bravado as I am sure if I had stood outside his door I would have been quaking in my shoes.

That long summer I turned 19 while I waited to go to university. My friends were mostly away on their holidays so I decided to go on a long cycle ride to the coast. I packed my panniers and had some cash, but had not booked anywhere to stay or planned a detailed route. I would stay in a B&B if there was one available or even sleep under the stars if the weather was fine.

July 23rd, 2018

Stealing underwear from a next door neighbour

I was about 17, lived at home, and was on my day off. I was asked to keep an eye out for the weather as rain was in the forecast.

Our next door neighbour had her washing out and I noticed a few pairs of knickers on the line. There were a variety of colours; white, black, dark blue and a cherry red. I checked nobody was about, hopped over the fence and stole the red knickers.

About 20 minutes later, the front door bell rang. It was our next door neighbour, Sally. In her hand was a photograph from one of those instant cameras. It had me caught removing her knickers from the line. She asked if my mother was in. Of course, she was at work dad had long disappeared from the home.

I replied: “No, and please don’t inform my mother.”

Sally said: “Ok, no problems, but we need to talk about this morning’s incident.” She told me to go next door with her to have a serious talk.

Sally lived with her mother who was out visiting family in Wales on a short holiday.

I followed Sally and was very scared, but she said to sit down in the kitchen while she made us both a cup of tea. Then she sat down on the other side of the kitchen table and started folding the clothes from the washing basket.