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I want to share this real school spanking story when I was 12 or 13 years old. This happened at a rural school outside of the St Louis, Missouri area in the early 1970s when spanking at school was still used frequently. It all started one day at the noon recess time which is 30 minutes in length. My three friends, Beverly, Carol and Nancy, and me were playing ‘fashion show’ on an outside stage that was used for various school events, and the fashion show consisted of walking to the edge, making a spin showing our clothes, and returning. What

I would like to share a memory that happened in the early 1980s. My parents divorced when I was six years old. My Mom had been a stay-at-home mother since I was born, but after the divorce she went back to work, and needed to find someone to watch me over the summer. She arranged for my Aunt Janice, who was actually my Mom’s first cousin, to take care of me. Aunt Janice was an attractive woman of about forty at the time. She had a husband and a couple of teenage kids of her own, but when I stayed

I want to give a memory of a fateful day back in 1996 when I was caught shoplifting and taken back to my adopted parents’ house by a male officer. I was then 13 and had skipped school. I was a young Jamaican girl, first generation, living in Coventry. Me and few girls skipped school, sat in a park smoking, etc, and then we decided to try our luck at shoplifting some make-up. I was excited and nervous. We seemed to be doing okay, until we tried to leave the shop. Then their security grabbed me. My friends ran and

Oh yes, all of my friends stared at the headmistress’s carpet as they awaited on more than one occasion for the spanking to begin. All were for genuine rule breaches but one wonders would they have earned a spanking in another school, or just lines and detention? Who knows. Here are some examples to prove my point. As I say, all were rule breaches. Mandy: She was spanked on many occasions. She was often late and so was a frequent attendee on a Friday afternoon when minor offences were dealt with. Usually it was over the knee, skirt up and use of the hand, but on a couple

I grew up in the US Mid-West in a small town in a state where corporal punishment was no longer allowed, so I had never really come across this on a regular basis. I moved to the UK after college in 2012. I had friends who said they had been spanked, but my parents were ‘modern thinkers’ and didn’t believe in the use of corporal punishment. Everyone was aware spankings went on, mainly behind closed doors, but no one ever spoke about them; it was almost a taboo subject. That didn’t prevent it being a topic of interest, possibly due to the mystique. One

I want to send a spanking memory that happened not so long ago. I’ve dated many ladies here in UK, some were born here, but some moved here from Africa and brought their culture with them. I dated a beautiful devout Christian lady, and things were going great. Sadly, it did not work out. The lady in question had two teenage daughters whose father had left them when little, and still lived in Uganda. I dated her for about two years. After a few dates, I was introduced to her two daughters aged 13 and 15. They were very quiet

My name is Sam (short for Samantha) and I started work in the local high school, where I used to be a pupil, during the summer of 1981. My job was clerical and I had a small corner office at the top of the new building which overlooked the playground and the old original Victorian school buildings where the senior staff offices were located. The school was a firm believer in the use of corporal punishment and I was no stranger to the practice. I had been slippered across my panties twice by the previous headmistress; the ‘old witch Brown’ as she

I joined my sorority back at a college in rural Maine in the early noughties and didn’t really know what I was getting into. First pledging weekend we were taken out to the woods near the campus, stripped naked, and then bent over to be warmed up with paddles. There were a lot of tears and a lot of very red bottoms. I had never been spanked before and the shock I felt the first time I felt that paddle slam against my bare behind is difficult to describe. After the first shock of pain comes the stinging sensation and

I joined a sorority in college in the early 1990s and, like the other contributors to your site, there was some spanking involved. I was raised in a small town in Maine and went to college in a big city, and my older cousin was a member of the sorority I joined. She had warned me ahead of time that spanking was used for discipline, but I don’t think I thought she was all that serious. It was the first time my cousin, who was now one of my sorority big sisters, called me to her room and had me pull my

My stepmother had a son who was, obviously, my stepbrother, but he was never subject to the same regime as me. Once, he came into my room and I told him where to go. Five minutes later, he came back with my stepmother in tow. She accused me of hitting him, which I hadn’t, but she wouldn’t believe me. So, she pulled out a chair from my dressing table. I continued protesting my innocence, but dreaded what was coming next. As I feared, she sat down on the chair and grabbed my wrists. I knew full well where this was