February 21, 2013


Regular visitors will know this is a sister website to www.overthedesk.com

As the name suggests, this website aims to offer recollections and memories of spanking and discipline related incidents, whereas the overthedesk site deals mainly with fiction stories that are realistice and may be based on true-life experiences.

We’re always keen to hear from our readers with comments, views and especially any recollections you have of spanking and corporal punishment incidents you’ve witnessed or experienced.

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September 15, 2016

Girls caught fighting and caned

Being caught fighting in the school yard could only lead to one conclusion as myself, my cousin and a more senior girl were soon to find out. I wasn’t in the fight, just trying to help my cousin who was taking a pounding from the bigger girl, but the head didn’t see it that way. I was involved and that was good enough to warrant the cane in her eyes. After a long lecture we were lined up outside her office with our hands on heads, with me last and my cousin second last. Neither of us had been caned before, not at school anyway.

The canings were to be one by one and it didn’t take long for a crowd  to congregate near to her office as we stood there waiting. It was horrendous listening to the proceedings, knowing that I would very soon be the focus of attention and my stomach was tying itself in knots. I already knew the majority of punishments from her were taken touching toes, skirt up and knickers tightly stretched, as opposed to the holding out your hands as happened at many establishments.

Outside the headmistress’s office, it was hard not to hear what was going on inside. I clearly heard the order for the senior girl to touch her toes and, after a short pause, the whistle and crack of the cane. This was followed by the second crack landing. These were received in silence. I was beginning to get the idea this wasn’t too much different to the slipper. After the fourth crack landed to the sound of a light yell, there was a pause and then the girl emerged, tear streaks down her face, and she walked off quickly, though rubbing her sore bottom.

August 21, 2016

Science and its end results

Having watched a science teacher blow the lid off a tin at school, I decided to replicate the experiment at home. It wasn’t difficult, 1 tin can with lid, some match heads and a heat source known as the gas stove. Now I was set to show my brother Peter how it was done.

Firstly, I dropped a large number of match heads inside the tin and firmly replaced the lid, then I placed the tin over a burner and ignited it. It didn’t take long before there was an almighty bang as the lid took off towards the ceiling and the smell and smoke of used matches spilled into the kitchen. Mum was in like a shot, looked at the pair of and told us to get ready for bed. Going to bed would have been better, getting ready implied she hadn’t finished with us and it wasn’t long before we were back down in our pyjamas. In her hand she had the dreaded hairbrush and I had to remove my pyjama bottoms and bend over her knee for a well deserved good hiding. When she had finished with me my bottom was on fire. I stood there in buckets of tears, rocking and rubbing for all I was worth as Peter went through a similar ordeal across mum’s knee before she sent us to bed.

August 9, 2016

Domestic spankings

1961, a year I’ll never forget. At the tender age of 11, my mother, a single parent, calmly informed me one Friday night that she was sick of my general attitude and laziness. I had a choice, she said, I either lost my freedom and pocket money until she deemed I was back on track or I could pull down my trousers and pants and bend over the kitchen table to receive a one off short sharp shock treatment.

To cut a long story short, in a show of bravado I opted for the latter, thinking a spanking would soon be over and wouldn’t really hurt. Wrong on both counts!

With my trousers and pants round my ankles, bent over the table, my hands gripping the sides, my cheeks tensed in anticipation…

Crack! A howl left my lips and my eyes flooded with tears, rapidly followed by a succession of stinging blows. So much for my cocky assumption that this was an easy way out.

“I hope you’ve learned something,” she said, and sent me up to my room.

Nothing more was said until the following Friday morning, just as I was about to leave for school, when I was informed that she was still not satisfied and I was to present myself for further punishment that night at 7.30. This was obviously in my mind all day but if I am truthfully honest a little bit of me was looking forward to my ordeal.

July 31, 2016

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July 30, 2016

Biology Class Experience

As a fourth year, it was a girls only Biology class with Miss H whose speciality was dissecting all manner of things. We had already had dead mice and frogs and today it was to be bull’s eyes. With a couple of the girls already being sick in the sinks, my mouth, I’m sorry to say, got the better of me so much so that I had to report back at break time. It did have the desired effect and shut me up for the rest of the lesson.

At break time, I reported back guessing what she had in mind for me as I and a number of girls had been there before. Miss H had a teenage family of her own and made full use of her training when it came to discipline at home, so she kept telling us. As expected, her own stool, which stood taller than ours, was in position awaiting my arrival, as was a slipper which was resting on her table. She never minced her words and with ‘immature’ and ‘grow up’ ringing in my ears I removed my blazer and positioned myself over the stool.

I knew I had only myself to blame and from previous experience knew this lady could seriously sting a girls bottom. This time I had a short skirt which could be flipped back.

July 19, 2016

School strapping and caning

I am 39 now. However, when I was 10 my then boyfriend and I went truant. Yes, we got caught. I remember going into the headmaster’s study. Oh boy! A strap and a cane lay across the desk. Pete had been here before. He had to step forward and bend over. Trousers were removed and four strokes with the strap planted. Then the headmaster swished the cane. He told Pete to drop pants and bend over the desk. Six of the best stripes appeared across his bare backside.

Pete stood up with tears running. He did not know whether to cover front or back. The headmaster then gave a lecture. He let me leave my butt tingling as I thought I too would get it. But I didn’t.


July 17, 2016

Annie’s School Slippering

The biology and science labs were one and the same and served a dual roll. It was my third year when Susan and I fell foul of Miss H******ton-H**per who we knew as Miss H.

An igniter for use with a bunsen burner had been left out; it was an opportunity not to be missed. Could you light the gas from the gas taps that were built into the benches? The answer was ‘Yes’ as we were soon to find out. Unfortunately the flame didn’t go unseen by a livid Miss H.

“You two, see me after class!” Was her reaction.

It was too late to regret our actions and as the other girls departed she moved her stool to the front of the class. Susan was the first to be invited to bend over it. Her skirt was folded back and that was all I could really see. What I did see was the slipper raised high only to descend rapidly to the area where her bottom would be. I might not be able to see much, but I could hear Susan’s howls of disapproval, for Miss H had a powerful arm when applying the slipper.

After six mighty slaps the slipper had done it’s job and Susan raised herself from the stool, tears streaming down her face, and I was invited to take her place. I bent over the stool, took hold of the legs and waited for the ritual to begin.

June 30, 2016

Spanked by a neighbour for teasing

I’d like to relate my spanking experience.

This happened when I was about 7 or 8 years old, so it would have been about 1966 or so.  I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We lived in a mostly German neighborhood filled with wonderful people. I had a friend I hung around with all the time. His name was Robert; his family was very German as was mine, but they spoke it around the house all the time, unlike mine.

Robert and I liked getting into all kinds of mischief. We especially enjoyed teasing his grandfather, who they called grandfather, not by a name. He was very old, even to someone 7 or 8. He must have been in his 80’s or so. He moved very slow, and I do mean slow. We would tease him and stick our tongues out and then run away, so we were very naughty and we did this for sometime.

Well, of course Robert’s parents eventually found out about this, and one day I was over at their house and Robert’s father slapped me across the face and I was in disbelief. Robert had told me what happened; his parents found out about the teasing, and this was my punishment. I never asked Robert what happened to him. Don’t ask me why. I still don’t know why I didn’t ask him what they did to him.

June 25, 2016

Playground spanking

This is my first submission to this site. I was very excited to find OTD Memories because I had several corporal punishment experiences while growing up and I have always wanted to share my memories of them with someone.

Let me start by saying that I am now a 64 year old man living near New York City. I grew up in a time when corporal punishment was much more accepted than it is today. I’m sure that some of the things that happened to me would merit jail sentences in today’s reactive society, but way back then people thought differently than they do now.

My first experience occurred when I was eight years old. Both of my parents worked and as a result I spent my after school hours at a day care center which I believe catered for children up to the third grade, which was my grade at the time.

We got snacks on arrival each day and were then sent out on to the playground if the weather permitted.

Our playground monitor was a young woman who I would guess was in her early twenties. Miss Trapasso was the heart throb of all the little boys. She was tall and slim and always wore the classic ‘short shorts’ of that era along with tight T-shirts. We all tried our best to impress her whenever we could, but we also knew that you didn’t want to get on her bad side because she was VERY strict when it came to following the rules.

June 14, 2016

A boy’s leathering at home

This spanking took place at my home in Lancashire, England in 1967.

I will explain the situation in my home to give the spanking context. Without it, my parents may be painted in harsh light that they do not deserve. I was 13 years old and was a couple of months away from the end of my second year in Grammar School. It’s fair to say that I was generally a well behaved boy, but on occasion I was liable to make rash decisions that would get me into trouble and give my parents cause to punish me. As was fairly standard for the time, my Mum and Dad used corporal punishment on the occasions that discipline was required. My parents were caring and loving and while strict they were never unfair when it came to administering punishment.

At the lightest end punishment would be a smacked bum over my clothes given while I was standing up. This would be for minor naughtiness or as a warning to shape up and was most often applied when I was younger. For more serious naughtiness, I would have my shorts/trousers and underpants removed and have to go over Mum or Dad’s knee for a bare bum spanking. This could be with hand or the slipper, and made for an effective and painful punishment, especially when the slipper was used. Although by today’s standards this may seem harsh it was not viewed that way at the time. I certainly had friends who got much worse at home.