February 21, 2013


Regular visitors will know this is a sister website to www.overthedesk.com

As the name suggests, this website aims to offer recollections and memories of spanking and discipline related incidents, whereas the overthedesk site deals mainly with fiction stories that are realistice and may be based on true-life experiences.

We’re always keen to hear from our readers with comments, views and especially any recollections you have of spanking and corporal punishment incidents you’ve witnessed or experienced.

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July 27, 2014

School Paddling- Kansas 1970s


Although I was not a really bad girl at the schools I went to, I did get my fair share (perhaps more than my fair share) of school spankings. One reason was that I never quite knew when to stop being mischievous and the other was a tendency I had to get caught. Like the time in the summer of the fifth grade when Ms Kimble had left the class for a view minutes to take a sick child down to the office. She had warned us that we had all better be reading when she came back.

Now Ms Kimble was a very good teacher indeed and I loved her very much. But she was unfailingly strict and was quite prepared to warm our behinds if necessary as quite a few of the boys and a couple of us girls had found out earlier in the year.

I liked her in spite of the swats she had given me earlier in the year and had learned a lot from her. So I had tried to be good in her class. After she went out the room I was trying to concentrate on my reading. However, a couple of the boys had pinched an eraser off one of the girls and were throwing it backwards and forwards to each other. It kept sailing over my head with the girl trying to get it.
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July 27, 2014

School Paddling of Seven at Jonesville, North Carolina – May 1960

From an interview conducted by Megan Lowry

Some years ago I had a series of conversations with an older gentleman who had graduated from Jonesville High School in western North Carolina in 1961. As best I am able, I shall attempt to reconstruct a May 1960 group paddling from the chat logs I only recently discovered were still in existence.

On the day Gary Francis Powers was shot down by the Soviets, after 6th Period, four male and three female students were caught smoking on campus at Jonesville High School. My informant, Walt, was among them as was his girlfriend Gerry and her close friend Laura. The name of the third young lady is unknown to me as are the names of the other three boys.

The seven were caught In Flagrante Delicto by Jonesville Principal Guy Swain who, incidentally, passed only this May in a nursing facility in Greenville. Principal Swain enjoyed a reputation as a stern but fair disciplinarian but seems to have been very well liked in the community and was popular with both faculty and students. In 1960 Mr Swain was 34 years of age.

Walt and his friends were marched to his office and all entered together. Mr Swain called in a middle aged math teacher named Mary Speer to act as witness. Once Mrs. Speer arrived, the principal informed the group that the male students would each receive EIGHT swats and the females SIX.
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June 7, 2014

Seeking Holly J

Three years ago, we published Holly J’s experience of being paddled in North Carolina. Due to a change of web host, we unfortunately have lost Holly’s email address. A well-known (to us and some others) researcher of US paddling experiences would like to make contact, so if Holly is reading this, or someone else can assist, then please email me: kennywalters@Hotmail.com

June 7, 2014

The Glass House – a new ebook from Bella Bryce


Waldorf Manor is enchanting. Not just because of the formality of its residents and the privilege of wealth, but because it guards and protects a lifestyle some could easily mistake as traditional. It isn’t traditional to Brayden James, it’s very deliberate. Beyond the protective gates of Waldorf Manor and Barton-Court House are the lives of two men who believe formality and discipline are necessary strongholds in life. Some strongholds, however, can be crippling; especially when they prevent a man from pursuing love. Simultaneously, a thirty-year marriage is hanging by a thread and despite the shell of their lives being moulded by similar wealth and formality, their roots have come undone. The mother of the groom can’t let go of controlling everything around her, and her husband is finally faced with the consequences of his apathy. Either way, there is truth to be spoken, healing to come, love to be shown and plenty of discipline to be administered. (See below for sample extract)

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Sample Extract

Excerpt:  from Chapter 7


“Uncle Brayden phoned me last night,” Bennett said.

Elisabeth set her fork and knife down onto the plate and lay the napkin on the table beside her.

“I shall find it hard to keep my temper if you push me,” she warned, quietly.
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June 6, 2014

Hairbrush versus Cutoffs

A spur of the moment act meant retribution at home.

(Originally written c. 1998 for the Yahoo group “I Was Spanked Growing Up”)

by Megan Lowry

North Carolina’s mid-summer heat and humidity were more oppressive than usual that Friday as I drove to the Dixie Mart to fetch a few groceries my mom needed for supper.

Stopping at the pumps, I ran seven bucks worth of gas into my Monte Carlo and then ran inside where the air conditioning and chilly tile floor proved a welcome relief from the muggy air and sunbaked asphalt outside.

After going to the dairy case and bread rack, I padded up to the checkout. I was wearing faded Wrangler cutoffs and a white Pepsi Cola T-shirt as well as a light nylon windbreaker I had retrieved from the back seat of the car and thrown on before coming into the store.

As I stood in line behind a young mom and her two small kids and a couple of guys around my age, I felt around in the pocket of my windbreaker for the bills and change mom had given me. Quickly counting it, I realized that even combined with my own meager funds I wouldn’t have enough money to buy a pack of cigarettes. This was a definite bummer, as they say, because my last pack was running low and, despite the promise I’d made to mom to quit smoking, I still did when out with friends and occasionally sneaked a puff in my room.
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May 13, 2014

Poser Artworks by Neville


This is a new up-to-date link to Neville’s website, offering you stories, some excellent Poser artwork and even some hints and tips if you want to try this medium for yourself.

May 12, 2014

The music master

This account offers more detail from the ‘Actual Experience’ letter and some conjecture about a girl’s caning.

I went to a LondonPublic School in the sixties where corporal punishment was widely practiced by a number of the masters. The PE master was a regular user of his size 10 plimsoll and a whacking from him was a painful affair. In addition to the Headmaster, two other masters used the cane as their only form of punishment, but they varied in method. There was nothing to suggest that the Headmaster or history master got any gratification from delivering beatings.

The music master was, however a completely different kettle of fish. Whilst it was suspected at the time, looking back it was clear he did get significant gratification from caning teenage boys. There was supporting evidence when it was discovered that he rarely entered details of the frequent punishments he administered in the secretary’s punishment book. If his urge got the better of him, he would select a boy on some pretext and take them to his separate room next door at the end of a lesson and give them the cane. Alternatively he would instruct a chosen boy to report back at 4pm after the end of lessons. In the middle school there were five separate years, each with three classes of around 25 boys. This meant he taught 375 boys twice a week, and it wasn’t difficult to find someone pretty much everyday to cane. It was not unusual for him to cane a boy after one of the lessons and have another seeing him after school.
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May 10, 2014

Thomas’s Fourth Caning

The Headboy came into my English class and announced that I was to report to the Headmaster at the end of lessons. During lunchtime there was a list on one of the noticeboards with my name and the names of four other boys who also had to visit Headmaster, Mr Westley. It had been just under a year since I had made my visit to my form master Mr McWilliams who had caned me for talking during assembly and then slippered me for fidgeting while kneeling on a chair in the corner of his study.

I had been slippered a couple of times in class since, the most memorable being ceremoniously bent over and slippered over wet swimming trunks in front of my peers for jumping into the water without permission for PE swimming lessons. I had come across the Headmaster on occasion mostly at assembly and a few times in the school hallways and once in class when we’d stood rigidly ‘at-ease’ before being given permission to sit down by our schoolmaster when he had paid a visit to our class.

We were under school rules when wearing the school uniform and when travelling to and from school and you would be punished for breaches of school rules under those conditions. I usually caught the bus to school and on the morning in question I’d had a minor disagreement with another boy, Alan, which had involved pushing and jumper-grabbing as the bus arrived and I had shoved him again as we stepped onto the bus. The driver was annoyed and took my name which I had forgotten he had done so when my summons came. I tried to think about what I had done to deserve the summons.
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April 28, 2014

Thomas’s Third Caning

In the late 1960s I began my secondary schooling as a first form boy at an all-boys school, thanks to my Aunt June whose husband had attended the school. My father was sick and I was sent to live with my Aunt and Uncle for my secondary schooling.

Unlike my primary schooling, the school had a formal discipline code and parents and guardians were informed that school corporal punishment in the form of the cane, administered by the Headmaster and form masters, was administered for breaches of school rules.

General classroom misbehaviour would also result in corporal punishment with a slipper. I was slippered about sixteen times for small misdemeanours such as squeaking my chair and being half a minute or so late to a class. Bending over a desk or chair in front of all your classmates was an interesting experience.

There were also detentions, usually given as well as corporal punishment, and, for severe breaches of school policies, suspensions with probation or the ultimate punishment, expulsion.

School uniform was a pale yellow shirt with a yellow and navy-blue striped tie, a navy-blue v-neck jumper, grey short trousers dubbed bum huggers because the leg was relatively short and a little tight at the hem and the seat was rather baggy. Boys from first to fourth form had to wear them, a grey blazer and grey knee socks with black leather shoes which had to be polished.
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March 19, 2014

New webiste for spanking videos


 A new website that allows you to view some photos and get an idea of the storyline before you buy.