I am now 60 years old, a man who grew up in a time when parental spanking was usually in my country, Croatia. I remember a lot of my punishments were delivered by my strict mom. Dad did not spank me at all. Mom spanked me always on the bare bottom or on my legs and the palms of my hands. She used many implements; wooden ruler, wooden spoon,, belt and switch. It was forbidden to cry, to move, to cover my bottom with my hands, etc. Before spanking, she lectured me a lot, and after spanking came standing in a corner for one hour. Up until my fifteenth birthday I got thirty strokes and thereafter fifty. I did not have to count.

One summer evening, when I was seventeen, I came home late from a party with my friends and we had been drinking alcohol. Mom asked me where I had been and I lied that I was with my girlfriend.

My mom called her mother and found that I had lied. She noted also that I was drunk. She told me I was going to receive three punishments; a spanking with the wooden spoon for not telling the truth, a spanking with a switch for drinking alcohol and a belt spanking for coming in late.

I had to take my trousers and underpants off. Mom spanked me with the wooden spoon on my bare bottom while in a standing position; fifty swats. Then I got fifty strokes with a switch on the bare backs of my legs. For the switching, I had to bend over a chair. At the end of the punishment, I got fifty strokes with a belt on my bare bottom and legs. For that I had to bend over the chair.

After that came one hour corner time.

The spankings hurt a lot, especially with the switch, without crying. It was the last spanking I ever had.