About six years ago, I was sixteen years old and a sophomore in high school. My aunt and uncle were business owners in our small town in western Kentucky. My aunt and uncle owned a flower store and also a lawn care business. My mom worked for my aunt at the flower store. I guess I was a typical smart-mouthed high school aged boy. I always had something smart to say, especially to my mom or aunt. My mom always kinda blew it off because I would always be her only child, but my aunt always seemed to tell me off.

One day, I rode my bike to visit my mom and aunt after school at the flower store. I saw forty dollars laying on my aunt’s desk and I guess it was too tempting, and I took it. Later that night, my aunt called my mom and asked if she had seen that money at work. My mom said she hadn’t.

Later that night, my mom asked me about it and I told her I didn’t know anything about it. Turns out she had done went through my pockets of my pants after I had showered and found about twenty dollars of it. I had already spent the other twenty dollars. I then admitted I had ‘found it’ on the floor at the flower store, which wasn’t the case at all. I had taken it off my aunt’s desk.

My mom wasn’t really that mad. She bitched me out a bit, but that was about it.

The next day, my aunt watched the security camera footage and saw me take the money from her desk, not just find it on the floor. My mom would always leave work and pick me up from school, and would take me home then return to work, since her work was only a few blocks away. When she picked me up that day, she got on me about lying about the money. She told me my aunt Lisa wanted to talk to me about the money, so instead of going home we went to the flower store.

My aunt Lisa chewed me out about stealing the money and about lying. She was furious. Her face was nearly as red as her red hair. I just joked it off as usual. My mom had given her the twenty dollars back, but I had already spent the other twenty dollars. She continued to yell at me about it.

My mom interrupted and said she would pay her the other twenty dollars, just get over it. My aunt Lisa then chewed my mom out about how she was raising me to be disrespectful, and to steal and lie. She said I needed a job to repay the money, and I needed to be punished for stealing, lying, and my smart mouth.

My mom told her she would ground me. My aunt Lisa knew that probably her grounding me would only last a day at best before I would get to start doing whatever I wanted again.

The next day, after school, I went to the parking lot to get picked up, but it wasn’t my mom, it was my aunt Lisa that was there to pick me up. I got in her SUV and she didn’t say a word to start with.

I asked her what was up. Why was she picking me up?

She said she wasn’t done talking to me about stealing.

I smarted off something to her about getting over it. I told her I was grounded.

She never said a word. I could tell she was really pissed off.

She didn’t turn toward the flower store, but started driving towards her house. She and my uncle had a really nice house slightly outside of town. I asked why we were going to her house.

She again didn’t speak a word.

We got to her house and she simply said to get out and follow her inside.

We went inside and she went straight to her bedroom. I waited in the front room before she yelled for me to keep following her. I went ahead to her bedroom. Once in the room, she shut the door behind us.

Bluntly, she told me that stealing was unacceptable, lying was unacceptable, and my attitude was unacceptable. She said that neither she nor my mom would ever have acted like that at my age, and if they had my grandpa would surely take the belt to them. She said she really didn’t know why my mother hadn’t whipped my ass all these years, but since mom hadn’t then she intended to give me a whipping I wouldn’t soon forget.

She walked over to her closet and pulled a long black leather belt of my uncle’s off a hanger. She motioned me to the end of the bed and told me to drop my shorts and whatever underwear I had on.

I protested. I told her I was a man. No way was she gonna make me drop my pants and get a whipping. My aunt wasn’t much bigger than me, but I was pretty sure she meant business, and if I protested much she would have really beat me.

She said I wasn’t a man. No real man lies, steals, and disrespects his mother the way I did. She said she used to change my diapers when I was a baby, and she had seen my bare butt before. She also said she was forty-one years old and to trust her. I didn’t have anything she hadn’t seen before. She said we could do it the easy way or the hard way. Either I took my punishment like a man, or she would tell my friends and my girlfriend all about it.

I for sure didn’t want her telling my friends and, especially, my girlfriend. I walked to the end of the bed. My aunt followed behind me with the belt in hand. She kind of pushed me towards the corner of the footboard from the middle of it where I was standing. She again told me to drop my shorts and underwear.

I hesitated and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall. I really didn’t want to drop my boxers. I was sixteen years old. Even though I was very slim and had a boyish build, I had passed puberty and it felt very awkward to have to do this. She said that I didn’t hesitate a second swiping her money off her desk, so I shouldn’t hesitate dropping my underwear now.

As much as I hated to, I pushed my boxers down. They fell to my ankles. She told me to hold my hands out straight. She had plastic zip ties which she wrapped around my wrists in front of me so I couldn’t fight her. I tried to stay next to the bed with my tee shirt pulled down in the front to protect my privacy when she tied my wrists. She then told me to bend over the corner of the bed. She put her arm across my back and pinned me hard against the bed.

Without notice, she swung the belt hard. I screamed. She gave me so many licks I couldn’t keep count. All I could do was kick and scream. She held me so tight I couldn’t move. I bet she hit me at least twenty times. At one point, I broke free and tried to turn and get away from her. She smacked me at least twice on the front side of my legs.

My backside was on fire when she got done. She cut the ties off my wrists and told me to get my shorts back on. I was crying more than I could imagine. She dropped me off at my house and nothing was ever said about it again.