I have always been fascinated with caning ever since I was first caned as a 9-year-old, by my headmistress Miss G at my junior school. Since that day, I wanted to be caned by every woman teacher that I came across, and I achieved that aim by ensuring that I was caned at least once a year until I left school. I was caned by a number of ladies, but I want to start with Miss G.

Miss G was a woman in her late 40s to early 50s. She was a spinster through and through, always dressed in a matching tweed suit, she was quite small, always had her glasses at the end of her nose and had a high-pitched voice. She was a teacher all her life and she was the first lady to send me on my quest that still lasts today. It was a Friday in late June 1968 that I was going to get my first caning and the day started well. I arrived at school and the game of the day was ‘kiss chase’, a game where the boys chased the girls and kissed them or the girls would chase the boys and kiss them, then the roles would change until the bell went. This game had been going on through all the school year despite the teachers half-hearted attempt to stop it, it continued every play and lunchtime.

That morning in the assembly, Miss G said that she wanted the game to stop as there was a danger someone would get hurt, and anyone caught playing it would be sent to her for some severe punishment. No one knew what that was, but by the tone of her high-pitched voice we all knew it was serious.

The morning playtime passed without incident, but at lunch time the game started. A large West Indian girl named Valerie, who was the tallest and biggest girl in the school, could just about squeeze into her uniform. She was only 9 but looked about 13. Valerie ran over and planted a massive kiss on my cheek. Remembering the warning, I did not respond but carried on chatting to my friends. Just before the end of lunch time, Valerie tried again, but I resisted the temptation to chase after her. The bell went and we went back into class. At afternoon playtime, Valerie ran up to me in front of what seemed the whole school and kissed me again. I chased after her, but one of the teachers saw the incident and when we went back into class after playtime, both Valerie and I were told to see Miss G at home time.

We both went to her office at the end of the day and knocked on the door, still unaware what fate had in store. There was no answer, so we knocked again. The door flew open and standing there in all her glory was Miss G, not the kind old lady I had known for years, but a woman whose face was red with rage.

“Come in,” she yelled. “And stand there,” pointing to a spot in front of a chair that was in the middle of the room. The curtains were drawn, and the rest of the room seemed sparse apart from the chair. She then stood in front of Valerie and me and started to lecture us.

“I told you all this morning, no more ‘kiss chase’, but you have deliberately disobeyed me,” she said. “I said that I wanted to stop this nonsense and I will. I have already had to cane three people today and I am going to cane you so that you both will listen to instructions and learn to follow them,” she continued.

With that, she spun round and pointed to Valerie.

“You, girl! I want you to walk to that chair, lean over the back and grab the other end of the seat, and I don’t want you to move because if you do it will be worse for you, girl. Is that clear?”

On her desk was a black A4 book which she opened and in the pages was a yellow corn-coloured 3-foot cane. She removed the cane from the book and walked past me and over to where Valerie was bending over the chair.

“Come on, girl, hurry up. I haven’t got all day,” as she pushed Valerie further down over the chair, so that her nose was almost on the seat. As she did so, Valerie’s summer gingham dress was riding up so that it only just covered her large bottom. Miss G lifted what remained over her bottom, so that her underwear was fully exposed.

“Right Girl, I am going to give you six strokes. If you move or wriggle, that stroke will not count. Do you understand, girl?” Said as she took four paces back from the chair with her cane in her right hand.

Valerie grunted a reply.

“You boy, watch, as you are next” She added as she turned and lifted the cane up to about shoulder height, walked forward and brought the cane down hard on Valerie’s large bottom. The sound made me jump as it hit Valerie, who let out a yelp.

“I have told you this morning, girl, not to play that silly game,” as the second stroke whipped down on her bottom. “And I will be obeyed. Do you understand, girl?”

The next stroke cut into her bottom and Valerie was starting to cry.

“Don’t move, girl, or there will be more,” as the fourth stroke whipped down.

I could just make out a weal starting to appear from either side of Valerie’s pants from the earlier strokes. The fifth stroke was landed, and it must have hit a previous one because Valerie let out a massive scream.

“Last one, girl. Don’t move,” as Miss G took an extra two steps back from the chair, walked forward and brought the cane down very hard on Valerie’s bottom. It was more than Valerie could stand. She stood up and started to rub her bottom.

“What are you doing, girl? I told you not to move,” shrieked Miss Gilda, and with that she pushed Valerie back over the chair and told her to hold on.

Miss G then moved back into her position and walked forward and brought the cane down hard on the large exposed target. Valerie cried out but didn’t move.

After about fifteen seconds, Miss G said, “Right girl, up you get and stand over there,” pointing to the opposite side of the room as Valerie was sobbing away and rubbing her bottom.

“Right, boy, you are next. The same will apply to you. Don’t move, get over the chair and hold on.”
I walked forward and bent over the chair, resting my nose on the seat. I then focused my eyes on the pattern carpet in front, as that was all I could see.

“Right, boy,” came a voice from behind me. “Six for you,” and with that I heard a couple of footsteps, a swish and then a crack as the cane landed on my bottom. It stung a bit, but not as much as I thought it would.

“Keep still, boy,” as the next stroke landed just above the first one. I let out a bit of a groan.

The next stroke landed as Miss G said, “I hope that you are both learning a lesson here; you are here to obey instructions.”

With that, the fourth stroke landed on my bottom, just above my legs. That really hurt and I let out a cry, still focusing on the carpet. Only two to go, I kept saying in my mind as the fifth stroke whipped down and hit one of the previous ones.

Again, I didn’t move or make a sound as I knew that the last one would be the worst as I had not given Miss G the reaction she wanted.

It seemed like an age, but I then heard four footsteps. I then felt a very hard crack as the cane cut into my bottom. But I didn’t move or cry out.

“Right, boy, stand up and stand there,” instructed Miss G as she pointed the cane next to Valerie. “I hope today you have learnt your lesson and that when I say something it will be followed, otherwise you will be back in here for more of the same. Do I make myself clear? Do I?”

I nodded my head and looked at Valerie rubbing her bottom, crying.

“Now stand there until I tell you that you can go,” as she opened the curtain, letting in more light, and went back behind her desk, putting the cane on top of a cupboard. She opened up the book and started to write something in it.

After she completed writing in the book, she looked up and said, “Right, off you go and remember no more silly games or you will be back in here for more. Understand?”

With that both Valerie and I left the room and went to the toilet to look at the damage. I had six blue and red weals criss-crossing across my bottom. If this was getting the cane, it wasn’t so bad, I thought