My father died when I was four years old and my mother met an Australian who wanted her to emigrate without me, so my story is of what my life was growing up in the sixties on a rough Council estate, bought up by two women who were less than loving towards me. My father had a sister, my Auntie Elsie, who lived with another woman called Joyce. They were Lesbians although at the time I did not know this or what Lesbians were. I went to live with them from the age of six and I never saw my mother again for twenty-three years.

From that very early age up until I was fourteen, I was punished with the belt. Every time I got a good hiding all my clothes were taken off me. It mainly happened in the kitchen and I remember it was always freezing cold. I had to stand by completely naked for often several hours after a good smacking. Most of the punishment in our house included enforced nudity.

The normal punishment was that I was stripped naked and then had to stand in front of Auntie Elsie. She would put her hand on my stomach to stop me falling forward as she rained slaps down on my bottom. Whenever we were out at friends or in the street, when I was naughty my pants were always pulled down for a good hiding.

Many times I just wanted to run away and I did once and got a very bad thrashing as they took it in turns to thrash my bottom with the belt. I was kept off school for several days while they kept rubbing talcum powder over me to hide the red stripes I got from the leather.