I was 16 at the time. It was in winter and there was plenty of snow on the ground.  I had been out with the lads and, lads being lads, we all liked a bit of carry on so we starting chucking snowballs at people’s doors, especially this lady who used to chase us around the estate.

Anyway, this night I got caught by her, and she knew my aunt (I didn’t know that at the time) so she took me home and told my aunt what I had done. My aunt invited Ms H in.

The story unfolded on how long this had been going on, so my aunt told Ms H she could belt my backside if she wanted to. My aunt told her that I normally got 4 strokes of the belt. Ms H said I deserved more than four, so my aunt and Ms H both agreed I would get more and Ms H was going to do it.

I was told to go and get the chair and the belt. I came back and bent over the chair without lowering my trousers and underpants.

“Oh no,” Ms H said. “Remove your trousers and underwear. You are going to have the belting of your life!”

So, with trousers and pants removed I bent over the chair. Ms H started and oh boy the first one hit the spot. She put some force behind it and the next 3 too. Thinking it was over, I got up and rubbed my now smarting bum.

I was told to put my knees on the chair and hands on floor and the next round started. My god, did she not half hurt! Tears were definitely starting to come to my eyes with four more hard beltings. I thought they would stop but clearly not. All I know, I wasn’t able to sit properly for 4 days afterwards, and the bruising lasted for what seem ages.

My mates found out about this punishment and we never pestered this lady again, because she promised me another belting if any of my mates caused any more bother.