This is the memory of the worst spanking I ever got.

When I was 11, my friend was spending the night and my parents had taken us to Wal-Mart and out to eat. Of course, in Wal-Mart my friend and I were showing off to each other and throwing balls across aisles and stuff at first.

I was swatted across the butt by my dad, and we both got yelled at. Fast forward a little bit and I, being a dumb 11 year old, thought it would be hilarious to open a bottle of shampoo and let it run down the shelf and onto the floor. I, to this day, don’t understand why I did that. My little sister saw me do this and told our parents.

I got chewed out in the store and once we got home I was taken to my parents’ room. I figured I was going to be spanked with a belt. I was embarrassed enough knowing my friend was downstairs, but to get a major spanking made it worse. Except my dad didn’t take his belt off. Instead I was told my friend would be going home early tomorrow and, when he did, I was to go out and get a switch. We were both then sent to bed for the night.

The next morning after breakfast, my friend went home and like clockwork my dad was there with the shears to get my switch. I went out to the bushes located by the garage and started looking for something straight and long enough. I found something that would work and cut it off. I pulled off the little leaves and used the blade of the shears to take off the little bumps. When I knew he would be satisfied with it I brought it to him.

He always ran his hand down the switch to make sure it was smooth so while he made sure the switch was safe and the way he wanted, I knew to pull my shorts and underwear down and lean over the table, placing my hands flat on the table.

He gave me a horrible spanking with that switch and I got to the point I could not force myself to stay leaning over and he held me by the arm as he struggled to continue my spanking. The switch stung so bad. When he finished, my butt hurt so much I ended up with a bunch of welts and it was one of a few spankings where it did hurt to sit down for a bit.