When my aunt found out I told my cousins she would never spank me, she proved me wrong. This is my ‘you know I will spank you’ Auntie spanking to prove a point and I remember everything like it was yesterday. I was 8 years old, in the spring, and the first spanking from Auntie for me.

It was another long weekend that I was staying with my aunt, uncle and cousins Johnny, Patty and Joey, all of who I loved. I was the oldest in my family, but the baby when I stayed with them, and I loved that too.

One Saturday afternoon, Johnny and I were running around like crazy in the house and Patty said we had to stop, or her mom, my Auntie, would spank us.

I said, “She would never spank me,” in a defiant manner.

We were instructed to “go outside now”, which we did. That was all that was said about it, and I did not think about it anymore.

The next morning, Joey, Johnny and Patty left for church. Auntie told me that I did not have to go because they were also taking weekly Bible study classes after the service, and it was for older kids. I thought this was great because I did not want to get dressed up and sit in church anyway, so I stayed home. I came down into the kitchen. Auntie was sitting at the table enjoying a cup of coffee.

When she saw me, she said, “Good morning, honey. Did you brush your teeth?”

I said, “Yes, Auntie,” and ran over to get my hug and kiss.

I came over to her left side and she told me to come around to her other side, which I did.

She slid her chair back, gave me a kiss and held me in her arms. She told me that she loved me like her other boys and would do anything for me. I was only wearing my briefs, as that is how we boys all slept there. She reached for the waistband on my hips and with both hands pulled my briefs down to my thighs. Like clockwork she raised both her hands up to my armpits, picked me up, pulled me forward and down across her lap. She did all this in just a few seconds, and I did not even have time to react. She firmly held me down with left hand and with her right hand pulled my briefs off completely.

In that, I was comfortable wearing only my underwear anyway. I am sure Auntie felt that a spanking had to be completely in the nude to increase the effect. I could not believe that we went from a hug and a kiss to this.

Like I said, I remember everything. She was wearing a floral house dress, we were at the head of the table, the refrigerator and sinks were behind us, and I was facing the stove on her left side, and there was another door into the kitchen on her right side, behind me.

I was so surprised that I didn’t say anything, but I knew what was going to happen and I didn’t know why. I kept saying to myself, Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!’

Auntie rubbed the back of my head and said, “Honey, you know I will spank you when you need it.”

Then it made sense. Johnny or Pattie must have told her what I said yesterday. I had spent so much time with her since I was born. She had changed my diapers and bathed me, so when she saw me naked, she not only knew if I recently was spanked, but who did it. She knew daddy spanked me much harder and right on the center of my lower butt, and mommy spanked me longer and all over. If my bum was cherry red cheek-to-cheek, it was mommy. If it was beet red in the center like a bulls-eye, it was daddy. I was spanked so many times that I only remembered the most important ones, like this one.

Then she started smacking my center bottom, slow and steady. It did not feel that bad in the beginning, but it got more and more intense as time went on. I started jerking my head and my legs with each smack until it felt like I was sitting in a tub of hot water. I did not resist and took it pretty well. It went on for a very long time! She was experienced and knew exactly how to spank a very bad boy.

She did not spank me as hard as daddy or as fast as mommy, but she spanked me much longer. I was thinking, ‘This is unfair. I do not deserve this because what I said was not that bad.’

Auntie kept spanking me, and my bum got hotter and hotter and hotter. If this was not bad enough, my uncle decided to get a cup of coffee while all this was going on. He walked into the kitchen, looked at both of us, got a cup and poured coffee into it. I was so embarrassed and looking directly at him. My aunt did not miss a beat and kept right on spanking me. He did not say a word and neither did she. He walked over to the fridge to get some milk and now was standing right behind both of us, with a perfect view of my very well-spanked bum. He stood there and just watched and I just closed my eyes to hide my shame. It did not faze him at all, so I guess this was not the first time a naked boy was spanked in the kitchen. He finished fixing his coffee and left the room.

When Auntie finally stopped, she lifted me up and helped me put my briefs back on. Then she turned me around and sat me on her lap. I was stunned because she did not look mad at all.

This was the only time in my life that I sat on the same lap that I had just got spanked on. I didn’t say a word. When said she spanked me because I needed it, she did it because it was good for me. She asked me if I wanted breakfast. I just nodded yes, and she said, “Ok, I’ll make it now,” and she let me off her lap.

I stood there watching her make my favorite breakfast; eggs, bacon and toast. She even cut everything up for me when she served it. She didn’t tell me that I had to sit on a chair, but I did to show her that I could take it because I was a big boy. We ate together, talked, and the rest of the morning was fine.

I did learn a good lesson from this, which was what a spanking is for. This was the most motherly spanking I ever had in my life. It was in the kitchen, at the kitchen table, in the morning and naked across her lap. When my cousins came back, my uncle told them I had gotten a really good spanking, and my bottom was swollen and red as a tomato when Auntie finished. They were very impressed, especially when they found out I didn’t cry at all.