My cousin Carmel was 10 years older than me and had always been my favorite girl cousin. She was a beautiful 5’4” inch curvy girl with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. She lived in Augusta Georgia and we lived in West Virginia but she loved to come to our farm every summer and enjoy country living. That meant she could go horse-back riding whenever she wanted, got to run the farm equipment, take walks to wild berry patches and eat all you could pick, and go fishing. So in some senses she was as much like a big sister as she was a cousin.

Jumping forward to when she was 25 and I was 15. Carmel and her second husband had both been struggling to find work in Georgia and there was a major hydro-electric dam being built not far from where I lived. Her husband was a top-notch welder. Carmel asked my dad if they could move a camper trailer to the farm so her husband Jimmy could take a job at the dam. Of course the answer was yes. I remembered summers when Carmel used to stay with us and I was excited she was going to be there again. I also remembered how pretty she was and how she used to wear daisy duke shorts and upon a few occasions when the fish weren’t biting even go for a skinny dip. I was fantasizing about that but of course this time I was 15 not 8 and she was 25 not 18.

Carmel often slept late and I would knock on her door about 10.00 am just to say good morning and get her out of bed after I had finished my morning chores. She enjoyed my morning visits and sometimes we flirted lightly and usually she treated me to a hardy breakfast of sausage and eggs, then we would often take a horseback ride before I went back to work on the farm and she did, well, whatever it was she did.

This particular morning I knocked on her door a little earlier than normal, about 9.30, and she yelled come on in. She was still in bed. Remember this is in a little camper trailer so the bed isn’t in another room, so she was laying there about 12 feet away when I came in and sat down. At first I didn’t think anything of it but I noticed she pulled the sheet up to her chin as I came in. We talked about a bit of nothing and I noticed she kept the sheet pulled up and that got me to wondering what she was wearing under that cover, and that got my hormones racing so I was determined to wait her out and see her get up.

I said to her, “It is about breakfast time, don’t you think?”

She said, “Yep, you want to run out to the hen house and get some eggs?”

I usually brought fresh eggs with me but maybe she thought since I was early I hadn’t picked up the eggs yet. I replied, “Got them right here and reached them toward her.”

She looked at the eggs and blinked, but a little smile crossed her face. I think it was then that she realized I was hoping to see her nude, and she had no intentions of that happening.

She said, “If you lay the eggs on the sink and step outside, I’ll holler for you in a few minutes.”

I said, “Damn, it is already getting hot out there and the air conditioning feels good in here.” And I just sat there.

She said, “I’m naked.”

I said, “So? I’ve seen you skinny dip before. What’s the big deal?”

She said, “You were a little boy then and, also, I am married now.”

Maybe it was the teenage hormones but something got the better of my judgment and I pushed the issue saying, “So? Have you already had sex this morning? Or are do you just not want to admit being aroused by a younger man?” I nodded toward her and continued, “I see your nips standing against the sheet.”

Now she was pissed off. In one motion, she was on her feet with the sheet deftly wrapped around her.  She yelled at me, “Boy, you need to get out of here right now or I will whoop your ass.”

Now I was five inches taller and a good twenty-five pound bigger, and we were probably about the same strength. I just smiled at her and replied, “Like you could.”

At that, all modesty be damned. She reached above her bed on the wall, grabbed her riding crop, dropped her sheet and lunged at me, grabbing me by the arm and beating me wherever she could with the crop. This went on for a good two minutes with wherever the blows landed between my ankles to the top of my head burning like fire while I fought to stop the licks and tried to catch hold of her.

At this point, she began to recover from her initial animal instincts of anger and she began thinking like an adult, albeit it a fully figured naked adult with 38Cs heaving.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “This can go two ways. Either you step outside now and wait until I get dressed and I will call you back in and give you the whoopin you deserve, or I tell both your dad and my husband. Well this was a no brainer.  Dad would definitely whoop my ass if he knew and I didn’t know what Jimmy might do.

I stepped out and waited. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if she had changed her mind and was just going to tell Dad and Jimmy when she opened the door and said, “Get in here.”

She looked at me and said, “This trailer is too small. There is no way I can get a swing and give you the whoopin you deserve here. We are going to the barn. I blinked as she opened the door, stepped out and held the door. This was the first time I noticed she was dressed in full leather riding gear just like usual for our morning ride.

As I stepped out she said, “Walk in front of me and to my right. I will be giving a little taste of what you are going to get as we walk to the barn.”

Sure enough, every step for the nearly quarter mile walk to the barn she brought that crop up sharp on my blue-jean covered ass. After about 20 steps my ass was really starting to light up and I was dancing around as we walked and trying to protect my ass with my arms.

She said, “You want to play big boy games then you are going to get big boy punishment, so stop moving and keep your arms at your sides as we walk.”

Her tone meant business and somehow I was able to walk the rest of the way to the barn without putting my arms behind me and only an occasional yelp or skip out of the way of the crop.

When we stepped in the barn, she said, “Make a stack of straw bales that is 3 feet high.”

I did.

She said, “Now take your pants and underwear off and bend over the straw.”

I was still a little excited and she noticed and chuckled, “You are not going to like this. But to make sure you don’t get any foolish ideas about not complying, I am going to tie your ankles to your wrists and run the twine under the straw.”

With that, she cut a bail of straw and used the twine to tie my left wrist to my right ankle and my right ankle to my left wrist. With that complete she stepped back and touched my ass with the crop and said one final instruction, “Up on your tippy toes and stay that way. And after each lick say thank you for not telling Dad and Jimmy. Do you understand? If so say, yes ma’am.”

I said a ‘yes ma’am’ into to the barn floor and had no sooner done so than my already red ass light up with a blaze of pain I didn’t know was possible as the crop landed across the middle of both cheeks.

I let out a yowl and she said, “Where is my thank you?”

No sooner had I replied than the second lick came down hard at the very top of my ass. Again I yelled out but this time managed to not have to be reminded to thank her.

I heard the whirr of the third lick coming but was caught off-guard as it caught me low just where my thighs and cheeks meet. I gasped and squealed like a little girl.

She chuckled and said, “Yeah, I thought that might be your tender spot, and where is my thank you?”

Once she found my tender spot, she piled on 22 more licks to my lower buttocks that left me in a blubbering puddle of tears.

She examined her work then said, “Looks a bit raw. Better put a little fly spray on it.”

She reached into the cabinet and got the spray used on horses and sprayed it liberally over my ass. It was cool. That almost felt good but she had left a few abrasions and the alcohol base ran into them stinging my ass even more.

She stopped and came around to my front.

She bent down and said, “Are you still a big boy who wants to see me naked or are you my little cousin who wants to ride horses with me?”

Fearing what might happen if I said I wanted to see her naked, I sobbed out, “Your little cousin who wants to go horseback riding with you.”

“Good,” she replied. Then cutting the twines at my wrist said, “Get up and get the horses saddled.”

It was the worst ride of my life but I never stood higher in the stirrups.

The next morning, I wasn’t sure how she might react but things returned to our normal routine. She never did say anything to my dad or her husband, but to this day at family reunions she makes it a point to walk up to me and say, “Are you on good behavior today or do I need to get the crop out of the truck.”