These spankings took place in in Lancashire, England in 1966 when I was 12 years old.

In my first year at the Grammar School I met lots of different people and made plenty of new friends. One of these new friends was called Tony and we quickly became new best friends. When the Easter holidays came around he asked if I would like to stay with him for a few days at his Nan’s house in Southport. I asked permission at home and after Mum had spoken to Tony’s Mum and his Nan I was allowed to go.

On the morning I was going, Mum called me into the living room to have a talk. She explained that I would be a guest and that I was to be on my best behaviour and do as I was told. Moving on to what would happen if I wasn’t, Mum said she had spoken to Mrs Richardson (Tony’s Nan) and it had been agreed that she could punish me as she saw fit if I was naughty and that included spanking me. For good measure Mum said that if I did get in trouble and Mrs Richardson did have to punish me then she would be taking the slipper to my bare bum when I got home.

Suitably warned I travelled to Southport on the train that day and was met by Tony. We went back to his Nan’s house where I was introduced to her. She was an elegant lady who I would guess was around 60. She was very well spoken and appeared kind and friendly.

Later that day Tony and I went out for him to show me round the town. Mrs Richardson was very clear and told us to be back for our evening meal by 7.00 pm sharp. Once we were in town we visited the fair and the arcades. There was lots to do and it all seemed very exciting to me, time wasn’t really on my mind. The one time I checked it was a little before 6pm. I asked Tony how long the walk back was and he said we could be back in 20 minutes. We carried on in the arcade until I noticed it was dark outside, checked my watch and saw it was already 7.30pm.

We quickly started back but Tony had exaggerated how quickly we could walk back and it was almost 8.10 as we neared his Nan’s house. I asked him what was likely to happen to us. He looked crestfallen as he said that he would definitely get a hiding but he didn’t know about me. I told him that my Mum had given his Nan permission to punish me and he said that I’d probably get a hiding as well. There was no time for me to ask him exactly what the hiding would be like as we arrived at the house but I was sure that it was going to hurt.

As soon as we entered the house Mrs Richardson confronted us and asked where we had been and why we had not come home when told. I let Tony do the talking and he explained that we had been in town and that we had lost track of time. Mrs Richardson said that was no excuse, we both had watches on and it was our responsibility to come home at the correct time. By not doing so we had disobeyed her. I thought she might give Tony and me our hiding right then, but instead she said that our dinner was ready so after we had ate we were to get ready for bed then she would deal with us and then we would go straight to bed.

It was a silent and sombre table as I sat and ate with Tony and Mrs Richardson. Once we were finished Mrs Richardson said: “Right you two, go upstairs and put your pyjamas on, then come straight back down here, you have two minutes.”

I said: “Yes Mrs Richardson,” and along with Tony went upstairs. We were staying in the same room so as we quickly changed into our pyjamas I asked Tony what exactly he had meant when he had said before that we would get a hiding. He just said we had to be quick and I would find out soon.

In what felt to me like record time, but was evidently slow enough to have Tony worried his Nan was going to come up and get us, we had our pyjamas on and went down the stairs. I couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid as to be late and it looked like I was facing a spanking off Mrs Richardson, a lady I’d only met that morning. The fear of the unknown struck me as well. I knew what a spanking entailed if I got in trouble at home, but here I didn’t know. I knew a hiding would be corporal punishment but would she use an implement, what would it be, would it be over the knee like at home, how hard would it be and, weighing particularly heavily on my mind, would it be on my bare bum?

At the bottom of the stairs Mrs Richardson was waiting for us. She said to us: “Tony, come with me, and you John, wait here in the hall.”

She then took Tony into the living room and closed the door. I waited as I was told, there were no raised voices from the living room but I could hear talking, most of it coming from Mrs Richardson. I couldn’t make out what was being said but it went on for a few minutes. I began to wonder what was going on and in my desperation began to hope that she was just telling Tony off and that she wasn’t going to give him a hiding and if she didn’t give him one then I’d just get told off as well. After all, she had only said she was going to deal with us, that didn’t have to mean that she was going to spank us. Suddenly a loud smack rang out followed by a yelp. My heart sank, Tony was getting his hiding and it would soon be my turn. More smacks followed with a louder yelp after each one. The smacks sounded hard and familiar to home, so I guessed it was a slipper being used. I suppose I was familiar enough with the sound of a slipper smacking a bum. After 12 loud smacks and 12 yelps there was no more. Maybe a minute after the last smack the door opened, Tony emerged head down and crying followed by Mrs Richardson.

She said to Tony: “Upstairs and into your bed.”

At this point I noticed she had a slipper in her hand. I think it was one of those fur lined ladies slippers but I didn’t get to look at it closely. Her attention then turned to me and she said: “Your turn, in here now.”

I obeyed and walked into the living room. She stepped in after me and closed the door. I can’t remember her exact words but she said something along the lines of having spoken to my Mum before my stay and having Mum’s permission to spank me if she saw fit and did I understand this.

I just said: “Yes Mrs Richardson.”

She then said: “By coming home over an hour after I told you, that is a serious act of disobedience and just as I punished Tony, I also have to punish you.”

I always tended to get tongue tied at moments like this and I again just replied: “Yes Mrs Richardson.”

She then said: “I’m going to slipper you, go and stand over there,” and motioned to the arm of the sofa.

I again said: “Yes Mrs Richardson,” and walked to the arm of the sofa where she was pointing.

Then came the command I was hoping wouldn’t come: “Pull your pyjama bottoms down and bend over the arm of the sofa.”

I was horrified. Not only was I getting spanked by a lady I hardly knew but it was going to be on my bare bum. I had no choice, my Mum had told me I had to do what I was told and had given Mrs Richardson permission to punish me as she wanted. I turned around towards the sofa, then pulled my pyjama bottoms down. Once they were down beneath my bum I let go and they fell down to my ankles. I then quickly bent over the arm of the sofa as ordered.

It wasn’t over the knee like I got at home but I had been spanked bending over at my junior school so I knew the position. I heard her step up behind me and felt the slipper touch against my bum.

She said: “12 smacks.”

Then the slipper lifted and suddenly the first smack landed hard on my bum. It hurt worse than I expected. Mrs Richardson might have been older than Mum and Dad but she could swing a slipper and wasn’t afraid to make it hurt. The next smack landed and I found myself yelping just like Tony had. The smacks continued all hard and all causing the sting in my bum to rise and rise.

I counted the smacks and once Mrs Richardson got to ten there was a pause, she said: “Two more, keep still, you’re taking it well.”

The next smack landed even harder than the earlier ones. I yelped again but remained still. Then the last smack came as hard as the previous one, I let out another yelp, my bum was hurting like anything but I felt relief that it was over. Mrs Richardson said for me to stand up and pull my pyjamas back up and I quickly did so then turned around. She said she would be speaking to my Mum but as far she was concerned I had taken my punishment, my slate was clean and she wanted me to stay for the remaining two days as planned.

I said: “Thank you Mrs Richardson,” and she then told me to go up to bed. I obeyed and quickly went upstairs.

The next couple of days went passed by happily. Both myself and Tony were on our best behaviour and we got in no further trouble. At the back of mind were Mum’s words before I left about her giving me a spanking if I got in trouble while away. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until my journey home that the realisation that I had another dose of the slipper coming really hit home. I hoped for the best but feared the worst.

Once I got home Mum again took me into the living room for another talk. She told me she had spoken to Mrs Richardson and had heard about my disobedience and subsequent slippering and asked what I had to say for myself. I had nothing to say in my defence, just that I was sorry and hadn’t meant to disobey Mrs Richardson. Mum said that I had let her and my Dad down and that: “I told you if you misbehaved while you were away I would take the slipper to you and that is just what I’m going to do.”

I was told to go to my room, unpack my bag and change into my pyjamas as after my spanking I would be spending the day in my room apart from meal times.

My fate sealed, I carried my bag upstairs and unpacked. Once I had finished I took my clothes off and put on a pair of pyjamas, then sat on my bed and waited. After a few minutes I heard Mum walking up the stairs and she walked into my room with the slipper in her hand. The slipper in question was a large men’s carpet slipper with a leather sole. It was used only for smacking my bum and over the last few years I had come to know its sting only too well.

Mum ordered me to stand up, then sat on my bed and again told me to stand in front of her. I did as I was told and Mum gave me quite a telling off, finishing it off by saying: “The only reason you’re going over my knee for the slipper rather than bending over your bed for the belt is that Mrs Richardson assured me that you behaved yourself very well the rest of your stay and you took your spanking well without any fuss.”

This remark was a shock to me, I had never been spanked with the belt but when I started Grammar School I had been told if I misbehaved at school I’d get the belt at home. I’d been good at school and its use had not been necessary. This was the first time it was made clear that the belt was a very real possibility if I was naughty at home as well. It was a warning I remembered even though it would be another year before I finally felt the belt across my bum. That, though, is a story for another day.

At this point the telling off was done and Mum ordered: “Get your pyjama bottoms off.”

Still standing in front of Mum, I pulled them right down and stepped out of them leaving myself totally bare from the waist down. As soon as I had them off the next order came from Mum: “Right, over my knee.”

I already knew what was expected of me and quickly lay over Mum’s knee as she sat back on the bed so that it supported my weight as I was across her lap with my bare bum perfectly positioned for her to spank. It was a humbling position to be in and why I feared a bare bum spanking over any other punishment.

She held me with her left hand on my hip then the first smack landed hard on my bare bum. I let out an ‘oww’ as the sting shocked me even though I’d tried to be ready for it. Before I knew it the next smack landed and Mum continued to spank at a brisk pace. The continual smack, smack, smack, smack of the slipper on my bum gave me no time to gather myself as the sting quickly rose to an unbearable level. My owws and yelps turned into a continual cry as Mum worked the slipper across my bum. The flurry of smacks to my bum continued for a while then finally the next smack didn’t come. Was my punishment over? I certainly hoped so.

Then Mum said: “Can I trust you to behave yourself in future?”

Through my tears I said: “Yes Mum.”

She replied: “I hope so. I’m going to make sure you learn your lesson.”

My heart sank and another flurry of brisk smacks began to land on my bum. The sting quickly began to rise again. I howled and yelped as the pain grew. The slipper continued to do its work smack, smack, smack, smack with no pause. Finally the flurry stopped, this time thankfully for good. Mum told me to get up and I did so. She then said: “Remember this spanking next time you are thinking of misbehaving and bringing shame on this family.”

She told me to stay in my room and then stood up and left. After checking my bum in the mirror I put my pyjama bottoms back on and lay on my bed. I had a very red and sore bum and it took a while for the pain to ease. While my punishment had been harsh, I had to admit to myself it had been fair. I had been told that I was to be on my best behaviour and I hadn’t been. I had been warned clearly what would happen to me if I did misbehave and could have no complaints when Mum spanked me with the slipper just as she said she would.