I was aged 14 and in the third form when I got my first caning. I had been caught along with two other lads smoking and the three of us knew we would be caned because that was the standard punishment. So, it was no surprise when the headmaster sent for us to report to his study.

On entering the headmaster’s study, I was surprised to see three chairs all in a row, with the crook-handled cane lying on his desk. We were instructed to take off our trousers and underpants, raise our shirts and bend over one of the three chairs.

I was bent over the second chair. I then heard the swish and crack of the cane as the first stroke was applied to my friend’s backside, soon followed by another 5.

Then it was my turn. I heard the swish and crack of the cane as it hit my bottom, then suddenly it was as though a red hot poker had been applied. I didn’t think I could take another five and I was proved right because after the fourth stroke I stood up and started to massage my sore and welted backside, which got me an extra stroke of the cane.

Having taken my 7 strokes, it was my second friend’s turn for his caning. He too stood up during his caning and got one extra stroke.

It was a week later before my stripes had completely disappeared.