This is an account of a severe leathering I got off mum and nan. I was about 11. It was the summer holidays so mum was off on holiday too. I had been acting up all day. I’d had a good spanking over mum’s knee before lunch for cheek, then another one in the afternoon for the same. Then just before tea I got a leathering on the bare backside with mum’s strap and sent to bed. My bottom was tender and sore, I can tell you, but I was still feeling like doing everything mum told me not to.

There was a house being renovated up the street and an older girl called lynn was outside. I was leaning out my bedroom window.

“You coming out, Garry?” She said.

“No, I’ve been sent to bed,” I said.

“So are you scared to come out?”

“No,” I said.

“Come on then,” she teased me.

“Right,” I said. I would regret it.

I sneaked downstairs. I could hear mum in the kitchen. She was having a cigarette, and she heard me.

“Where are you going, lad?” She shouted.

“Out!” I shouted, and opened the front door, running out in my pyjamas and slippers.

She tried to catch me. “In, lad,” she shouted.

“No!” I shouted back and ran up the street to the older girl.

It was a lovely summer’s night and everybody were out in their gardens. Mum was standing at the door. I knew when I went back I would get it. An older neighbour was out beside the house being renovated. He was watching it for the guy who was doing it up. I sat beside the older girl, beside a pile of gravel.

To cut a long story short, she egged my on to start flinging gravel at the older neighbour. I hadn’t noticed nan’s car arriving outside my house. The next thing, she was beside me.

“Right you,” she shouted.

She caught hold of my arm, swung me round, pulled my pyjamas and pants down and spanked my tender bottom really hard. Everybody was watching. I could see mum standing at the door. The older girl was laughing. Nan pulled my pants and pyjamas up and started to pull me down the street. Every so often she would spank the backs of my legs.

When we went inside, mum slammed the door shut. Nan pulled my pants and pyjamas down.

“Get the belt, Beverley.” She said.

Mum went and got the belt.

“Give it to me,” Nan said. “How dare you, boy.”

I then got the hardest leathering I’d had for ages, across the bare bottom and backs of my legs. She then made me stand in the corner with my red backside on show and my hands on my head. Mum and Nan had a cigarette, and then Nan then left.

Mum sat and painted her toenails. She had a short summer dress on. I could see her panties; they were a pale green.

“Who told you to look out of the corner, Garry?” She said, finishing her toenails. “Once again, you’ve let me down.”

She stood up, went across to her work bag and pulled out her leather Scholl sandal. I knew what was coming. She went into the kitchen and came back with one of the dinning chairs. She sat on it.

“Come here,” she said.

I shuffled over.

“Over my knee!”

I slipped over her tanned legs. She then spanked me with the sandal. God it was sore! When she’d finished she made me sit on the hard wooden chair.

The next day, she frogmarched me down the street and I had to apologise to the neighbour. Mum then took great pleasure in telling the neighbour I’d had my bottom leathered.