I am a very submissive woman and have been receiving corporal punishment right from being a little girl. My mum would hand spank me for normal misdemeanours and it would always be across her knee on the bare bottom.  For more serious matters my dad would deal with me and that meant the slipper or belt over my bed. I would cry for ages as the pain was so intense, not to mention the extreme embarrassment of having to pull my panties down in front of him.

The most humiliating time was when I was 17. A friend and I met up with a couple of lads. One had a car as they were older than us, but it wasn’t legal. We were stopped by the police and taken to the police station. I was picked up by a very angry mum and dad who in no uncertain terms told me what I was in for when we got home.

I remember I was sobbing in the car from a severe telling off as we pulled up on the drive. As soon as I exited the car my dad grabbed my arm and frog marched me into the house and through to the living room. I was stood in the centre of the room and told to put my hands on my head whilst mum and dad continued to tell me how disappointed they were, along with a few smacks on the bum to reiterate the points.

Then my dad took hold of my ear and led me over to the sofa and pushed me over the arm rest. I felt him yank my skirt up and then my knickers were pulled down to my thighs. I could hear him unbuckle his belt, but my begging for forgiveness had no effect and I was told: “Be quiet you foolish girl!”

There was a short pause and then whack, whack, whack in quick succession. I kicked my legs and gripped the cushions with screams emanating from my mouth followed by uncontrollable crying. And then it was repeated again with a further three swats. My poor bum was on fire and l was begging for him to stop with tears flowing down my cheeks.

I thought it was over at that point when my mum told me to stand up. When I did, though, my next shock hit home. Mum was standing holding a cane.

She said: “You have been asking for this for a long time, you bad, bad girl, and I am going to give you six strokes, but before I do Sara and her mother will be here shortly to witness it. Now remove your skirt and touch your toes. Do it now or I will give you extra before they arrive?”

I was in shock. Just the thought of a school friend and her mum seeing me in this embarrassing position was enough, and it seemed so unfair. Why was this happening to me and not Sara, as she was with us? Or was she going to receive a beating too?

I didn’t know. My feet spread apart and my fingertips touching my toes totally exposed the backs of my legs. My dad had left the room but  returned with Sara and her mum after what seemed an age. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me.

Then, without a word spoken, my mum was standing at my side. She placed her hand in the small of my back and then I heard a whoosh and felt a pain like I have never felt before as the cane bit into my buttocks. I screamed and screamed and cried like never before and was no longer aware of anyone watching me.

After my first ever caning I was lead from the room to my bedroom where I laid on my tummy and cried myself to sleep.

By the way, Sara never did receive CP but she was grounded for a very long time afterwards, she told me later in life.