As I had wrote about earlier, my family was very religious and had a set routine when my sisters or I needed a spanking. My grandpa, on the other hand, while a regular church goer wasn’t nearly as religious but a firm believer in spanking naughty children. Prior to this incident, my sisters and I had our bottoms warmed by him a time or two each, but this memory is from when I was 11.

My grandpa lived on several acres of land. The back of the land, while very pretty, backed up to some public hunting ground. In the early spring, fall, and winter months during hunting season, we were not allowed to wander too far out into the land because my grandpa feared one of us being mistaken for an animal or getting hit with a stray bullet.

The land had several wild fires growing and I loved walking through them. It was the fall of the year, so many of the flowers were dying, but I went walking through the fields. I guess I lost track of how far I had traveled because I soon heard the sound of a gun shooting and shortly after the sound of my grandpa’s side-by-side pulling up behind me. My grandpa was angry and was scolding me and asking me don’t you know there are deer hunters out here. All the way back to the house, he scolded me about how I could have been mistaken for a deer.

I didn’t mean for the comment to be a smart-alec response, but when I said, “Well, they should not be shooting deer on your land,” my grandpa looked at me and told me not another word, just go right to my bedroom.

When we got back, I went to the room. My youngest sister was in there and I told her she needed to leave. Soon after, my grandpa came in the room. He told me he had talked plenty about what I had did. He explained to me that talking and rules were obvious not enough, so I was going to get my bottom whipped with a belt. Never in my life had I been spanked with a belt. It had always been a wood spoon or hand.

My grandpa took off his belt and folded it over. I was scared and started crying, asking him to please use his hand. After some more talking, I was convinced there was no way out of the belt. I asked him how he was going to do it and how many times. He told me to bend over the bed with my pants down. He said I was going to get 5 spanks. I was embarrassed to bare my bottom for my grandpa and begged him to please just spank my pants or panties. He finally agreed that he would step out of the room and I would bare my bottom and lay down on my stomach.

He did just that, and when he returned I was laying with my bare bottom up. I asked him to please only hit my butt. I’m not sure now why I knew to be worried about getting my legs hit, but I did. He told me he would go slow. The first spank burned so bad and I burst out crying. He told me that was #1 and then delivered the 2nd, and just as painful, spank with the belt. I knew from my home rules you don’t move while your caregiver is spanking you. I hugged my pillow so hard and asked my grandpa if he could just get it finished. He obliged and gave me the last three quicker but still slow enough that he made sure my bottom was done wiggling before landing the next.

He then told me he would step out and I could redress. He came back in once I had everything back up and he gave me a kiss on my head and said a few things to me.  I later looked at my bottom in the mirror. Unlike the wood spoon, which left red circles on my bottom, I had the outlines of the belt on my bottom which were overlapped. I learned my lesson though and never again wondered too far out.