I did as I was told with some hesitation. My aunt was poised in her armless chair, and I stared dumbly at her uninviting lap which, upon recollection, conjured up the feelings of dread a dead man walking might have. I knew I was helpless at this point and with the final tug of a zipper my shorts practically dropped to the floor.

“Care to tell me why are you being punished today?”

“I disobeyed you.”

“That’s right. Had you simply misbehaved, you would be at your parents’ mercy, but you chose to disobey me. When I’m watching you, you are my responsibility. I hope this spanking will teach you to listen when I tell you to do something.”

My aunt’s hands went to the waistband of my Buzz Lightyear briefs. At this point I was shocked to learn my punishment would be delivered on the bare bottom. A normal procedure for mom and dad but I didn’t realize my aunt would also spank my naked behind like this.

“Look me in my eyes. I want you to remember this.”

As soon as I looked up, from the thumbs that were already looped inside the elastic of my briefs and the humble pile my shorts made at my feet, I could feel the baring process begin.

I remember my dumbfounded gaze meeting what must have been the greatest poker face I’ve ever seen. I remember my underwear being carefully but quickly being pulled down as I looked into those unflinching eyes. The elastic strained slightly as it stretched past the swell of my buttocks and the bulge of my crotch. My penis flopped out as my briefs continued to glide down my hips. They rested a few inches below my knees.

“Is there anything you’d like to say for yourself before we begin?”

I nervously shook my head, no.

“You’re ready then? Get over my knee.”

She wrapped one hand around my wrist and placed the other on the small of my back. I bent my knees and plopped across her lap. I noticed the carpet had a peculiar stain. Her right hand on my bottom and the other now wrapped around my small waist, the punishment took only moments to begin.

I was still in shock when the spanking began. She spanked alternate cheeks slowly and deliberately as I writhed and began to cry out instantly. As my bare butt began to blush, the spanking picked up in speed and intensity of strokes.

My false bravado must have caved after ten smacks. I began to cry out and plead with my aunt. After ten more smacks, I felt the heat in my bottom build in intensity and each smack hurt worse than the last. Tears began to accumulate and any semblance of maturity began to fade quickly. The next ten made me feel like a helpless toddler. I would avoid a repeat trip across my aunt’s lap. She spanked way too hard. Kicking and screaming at this point, the last flurry of spanks hit me right on the sit spot.

My punishment had finally ended but it wouldn’t have seemed that way by the way I was crying. After I had calmed down I was let up and my aunt pulled my pants back up.

“Nose in the corner, mister.”

With a final smack I walked to the corner. I heard the door close behind her and tried in vain to rub the pain from my hind quarters.