My daughter was at a sleepover this weekend. She was supposed to be at her friend’s house from Friday to Sunday, and then I was going to pick her up Sunday afternoon.

But Saturday afternoon, I was called by the girl’s mom and was informed I had to come and pick my daughter up. Both girls had behaved badly, first by not doing as they were told around bedtime, and then Saturday morning they had played ball indoors and had broken a window. The mom had told them both that the sleepover was over, and then she called me.

I was not pleased about this and told the mom I would be over in about half an hour.

The ride over there made me think about the time my dad had been called to my school when me and three other boys had been caught playing ball inside the hall because it was raining outside. The teacher that caught us had earlier told us to stop and play nicely. We continued, and it was not long before a window had been broken. The same teacher saw it and took us all to the Principal’s office, who called our parents because we had been suspended for three days because of it. The cost of a new window was to be spilt by our parents.

My dad came and picked me up, and scolded me all the way home about being disobedient in school. My dad had to take off from work to pick me up and mom was at work as nurse, so after scolding me he called our neighbour, an elderly lady, and asked her to babysit me till my mom got home.

At home, the lady arrived, and he informed me and her that I had to stay in my room until he came home from work, and he informed me that when he got home in the afternoon I would get a spanking.

When mom came home, she checked my homework and told me dad had called her and that he wanted me ready for bed when he got home, so she told me to put my pyjamas on.

When daddy got home from work, I sat on my bed in my room and I heard mom and him talking. Short after, he entered my room holding the hairbrush. He lectured me again and informed me that I would get a very severe spanking.

He pulled my pants and underpants down and had me bend over his lap while he sat on my bed. He started to spank me with his hand. After 10 smacks and a lot of crying, he picked up a brush and spanked me some more. I cried a lot and after the spanking he hugged me and sent me to bed. He told me we would talk about the suspension next morning.

I cried myself to bed that night.

Next day, I was informed the last day of suspension was Friday and so it was Monday when I had to go back to school. During the period of the suspension I was grounded and had to do the homework the school sent me. On Sunday evening before bed, I would get spanked again to remind me to be good in school.

I was thinking about this story when I arrived at the house my daughter visited. Inside, I saw both girls standing in the corner. I made my daughter say sorry to her friend’s mom and we took off. On the way home, I lectured my daughter and when we got home I sent her to her room and told her I would be up shortly to give her a spanking.