I want to submit my story of the first spanking my dad gave me. I call it my Father’s Day spanking because I realized dad would now spank me when I misbehaved. Before this, only mom spanked me and it really wasn’t effective anymore as I constantly acted like a spoiled brat. In all honesty I don’t think what I did justified dad spanking me. I think he used it as an excuse to show me that he would be disciplining me now.

I was about 6 years old and it was in the summer. I was wearing a very tight, brief bathing suit, dark brown with gold trim. Dad was filling the wading pool for me and the phone rang. He put the hose in the pool with the water running and went into the house.

For some reason I decided to pull the hose out of the pool and water the plants that were in our backyard. I had no idea what I was doing, and quickly over-watered everything.

Dad came out of the house, saw what I was doing and yelled, “No, Eddie, stop that!”

He took the hose out of my hands, and told me to go over by the pool. He shut the water off and rolled the hose up.

He turned and walked towards me with the most serious look I ever saw on his face. He didn’t say another word and walked right in front of me. I looked up at him and he grabbed both my shoulders and spun me around. He tightly gripped my left shoulder with his left hand and pressed down on it.

He said, “Make sure you keep standing up,” so I had to lock my knees to stay upright. I still had no idea what was coming so I cooperated fully.

With his right hand he spanked my butt as hard as he could. It felt like a hot, iron paddle. It was the most severe spanking I ever had at that point in my life. He smacked me about 10 times and my bum was on fire. Then he stopped and I started to walk into the house to go to my room, because this was what mam always made me do when she spanked me.

Dad saw I was leaving and told me to stay where I was. Then he really surprised me by telling me to get in the pool. This was great because the water cooled my burning hot butt. It was the strangest sensation I ever felt in my life, especially when I sat down on the floor of the pool. I remember it like it was yesterday; my bottom was burning hot and ice cold at the same time thanks to my Father’s Day Spanking. We had a great time together the rest of the day and he told my mom he spanked me.