This is the story of my girlfriend margarets leathering.

Margaret and I usually walked to school together, but on this day I was getting a lift from my mum. As usual she was running late and we just made school in time. In those days it was an automatic 2 strokes of the belt on each hand for being late. When I reminded mum of that, she reminded me that if I got 2 on the hand at school then I’d also get a few more across my bottom in the evening.

When I tried to say it would be her fault if I was late, she gave me the look which meant: “Enough! Or else!”

I hurried into the classroom and caught up with Margaret at the door. She was wearing a little tight grey panelled skirt, shiny black tights and knee length boots, plus the uniform white shirt and school tie. Her skirt was so short her school blazer was longer. She had blue eye-shadow and sexy pink lipstick.

“Where were you this morning?” She said, slipping her hand into mine.

“Got a lift from mum,” I said.

“I have something to tell you,” she said.

We sat down. Before either of us could say anything, the teacher came in. Margaret crossed her legs but her skirt was so short you could see the tops of her tights. It was a double period of maths and all the way through Margaret kept easing her bottom off the seat. When I caught her eye, she just smiled.

At break time, she slipped her hand into mine and we made our way to a private corner.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

“My bitch of a mother,” She said. “I only gave her a bit of cheek, but she pulled me into the dinning room, pulled my tights and panties down and leathered me till I screamed for mercy. She said I was getting far too smart and she would leather it out of me.”

I pulled her towards me, cuddled her and kissed her on the lips. I reached under her skirt and she tensed as I felt the weals on her bottom. They went right round the sides of her thighs. Her mum, like mine, wrapped the buckle end of the belt round her hand leaving a long bit of leather to whip round your bottom.

“Is it sore?” I asked.

“It was murder trying to sit this morning. I’ve got science next and those lab stools are uncomfortable at the best of times.”

In fact, her bottom was marked for the next 10 days.