Hi, my name is Sarah. I was born in 1948 and grew up in what is sometimes referred to as the ‘bible-belt’. Having been raised on a dairy farm in the era of ‘spare the rod; spoil the child’, along with no real way of enforcing groundings, my siblings, cousins, and younger Aunts and Uncle were no strangers to early bedtimes and/or a stinging bum.

I honestly never thought I’d be writing about this. However, the pandemic has led me to seek conversation in places that I wouldn’t have even thought of if not stuck here all by myself. About 8 months ago, with the persistence of my daughter, I signed up to a dating site or five. Although I found it a little offsetting, (I’m 72 after all) there certainly was interest and although, at times, flattering, I haven’t met anyone in 3D yet.

On more than one, heck, on more than a dozen occasions, I have been asked if I was ever spanked growing up. From there, some asked if I was open to talking about it. At first, I wasn’t, but then I met a man from Scotland, and he was exceptionally easy to talk with. After several rather long discussions, he told me of your webpage and suggested that I relay an experience or two with you and your readers. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but then he said that I should at least check out your page.

The first time I got myself in trouble at school was in Grade one. I was on the swings and wasn’t listening when the bell rang; off in my own little world, I guess.  All of a sudden, I heard Miss McL shouting my name and motioning me to come inside. I should have listened, but me being me, I stood up on the swing seat and started swinging higher and higher until, oh my gosh, I slipped off the swing and landed hard on the ground, muddying my dress and skinning my knee.

Miss McL came running down towards me shouting, “Are you all right?” as she headed towards me. Once she got to me, she helped me up and, after making certain that I wasn’t hurt really bad, she ushered me into the schoolhouse.

Once inside, she took me to the teachers’ room where she cleaned up my scraped knee and put a bandage on my leg. She then brushed the dirt off my dress and, after getting me a glass of water, she asked me why I hadn’t come in at the bell. I just looked down. Then she asked if I heard the bell. I said no, and then she asked if I had heard her calling me. I looked down again but when she repeated the question, I nodded that I had. She then asked me how bad my knee was hurting, and I said that it was ok.

It was about then that she asked me who my teacher was, and I told her, “Miss S.”

She told me to wait there and she’d go tell Miss S what had happened. About 5 minutes later, Miss S tapped on the door and came in. Once inside, she asked me why I didn’t come inside when Miss McL first called my name, and with no response from me, she took me by the ear and marched me over towards a cabinet. She opened it and took out what looked like a tetherball paddle. Then she propped me up and over the edge of a chair, lifted my dress, pulled my panties down and gave me a really hard whack on my bare bum with that paddle.

Oh my gosh, it stung so bad. She held me in place and I just wondered how many whacks I was going to get, but no more came, just corner-time and a note for me to take home for my mom or dad to sign.

When I arrived home afterschool, I gave my mom the envelope and, after opening and reading it, she said that she and daddy would discuss it after supper.

After dishes that night, my mom told me to get washed up for bed and go up and say my prayers. She or daddy would be up to tuck me in after they discussed the letter from Miss S.

I did as I was told, and I was reading when mom came upstairs. She wasn’t angry. However, she was disappointed in my behaviour. She gave me what we used to call ‘a stern talking to’ and then she sat on the edge of my bed and told me to stand up. I did, and then she just took me over her knee, pulled up my nightdress and with my panties at my knees, she spanked me again and again until I was crying hard. It was the first time I remember getting my bare bum spanked, but certainly not the last time.