This is a memory of when I was 14 and shoplifted. It was the first and only time my mom used a implement.

Me and my friend, Pernille, were at the mall and we looked at some cloth but it was too expensive for us. I found some very nice sunglasses, but they cost about 200 Danish Krone and I only had 100 Danish Krone, so I stuck them in my pocket, but as we went out the shop the alarm went off and we were caught.

Since I was the only one that had taken anything Pernille was told to leave the shop.

I was taken in the back of the shop to an office and they called the police. They came and talked to the owner of the shop and, since it was a first time offence and because of my young age and the value of the Item, the manager did not press charges. So, the police decided just to take me home and have a talk with my mom about this.

When we got home mom was surprised to see me with the police. We went in the living room and the police told mom what had happened. She was in shock but she made sure to the police that we would be talking about this and promised that it would not happen again.

When the police had gone, mom sent me to my room and told me to get ready for bed, even though it was only 3.00 in the afternoon. Then mom went to the garden, cut a switch and then came to my bedroom. She sat on my bed and scolded me for what I had done and told me that I was going to get the spanking of a lifetime now.

She made me bend over the bed, pulled my pyjamas pants and panties down, picked up the switch and started spanking me. I was in tears and crying quickly and I got double my age in smacks. When the spanking was over my mom hugged me and told me she loved me even when she has to spank me. She told me to stay in my room till dinner when me, her and my dad would talk more about this.

At dinner they told me that I was grounded for two weeks, which meant no friends, TV or phone. I had to just stay in my room. That spanking with the switch was the worst ever in my childhood.