I was 12 years old and as stated in a previous post I grew up in a Christian family. Every summer, our church had a weekly summer camp with many church activities, but also lots of time to just be around and play with kids both from my own church and from other churches.

This summer, for some reason, both of my parents were still at work and had not taken a vacation yet, so we could not go this year and I was sad about it because I loved the times at those camps.

One of my parents’ friends was a lady from church called Kirsten, but her nickname was just Auntie Gege. She had two girls still living at home; the oldest was 20 and the youngest was 18. Kirsten and her daughter babysat me a lot as a child and when hearing I couldn’t go to the camp Auntie Gege offered that I could go with her and her family. I could have a tent at the camp ground and then eat with Auntie Gege and her daughters at their summer house.

My parents agreed to this offer and on the day of leaving to go to camp my mom reminded me to behave for Auntie Gege and reminded me that she had permission to give me a spanking if that was needed.

After a two hour drive, we arrived at the camp ground. While Auntie Gege went to prepare lunch with her youngest daughter, I went with her oldest daughter to set up my tent. All my friends thought it was so nice that I had my own tent and was there on my own. Two of my best friends were allowed to sleep with me in the tent.

We had a very good time but were too loud, and on the second day of camp there were too many complains to my auntie about how I behaved there with my friends. After a pre-teen club meeting on the second day, I met Auntie Gege’s oldest daughter. She had taken down my tent and told me to follow her to auntie’s car.

Auntie Gege was not pleased with my behaviour and scolded me all the way back to the summer house. Back at the summer house, my tent was set up in the garden and after lunch my auntie took me to her bedroom for more lectures about my behaviour, and to announce that I was going to get a spanking for this behaviour.

Because we had to spend the afternoon where there was a small farm with different animals and bouncing castle, she gave me the choice of getting spanked now or before bed tonight. I thought it would be hard to have fun with a smacked bottom so I told her I would wait till bedtime.

We had a great afternoon and after dinner I was allowed to see some TV with my auntie’s two children. When the clock turned 9.00, my auntie announced that it was my bedtime and she told me to put on my nightie and go brush my teeth. I did as I was told and when I was ready my auntie asked me to follow her to her bedroom.

In there, auntie sat on her bed and lectured me again on my behaviour. She also told me that I had been good girl during the afternoon and she hoped that I would continue to behave good, but because of the behaviour the first two days I was still going to get a spanking.

I was then guided over her lap, a position I had been in many times before. She raised my nightie and then slid my panties down so my bottom was bare. She rested her hand on my bottom while making sure everything was in order. Then she raised her hand and the spanking began.

After about 5 smacks I was already in tears, and after 10 I cried a lot. I got double my age in smacks, and after 24 hard smacks my auntie had me laying, bawling and sobbing, over her lap before she pulled my panties back up. When my sobbing had softened, she helped me to my feet again and hugged me while she told me she loved me very much. Then she helped me to my tent and I slept on my tummy that night, softly crying myself to sleep.