When I was in 6th grade I was going to spend a couple of nights with my friend, Janie, at her house. We were quite excited about it and this led to some fooling around in class. Sadly for us, during the last class the teacher lost patience and sent us out into the hall.

We knew we were in trouble and waited nervously. To our dismay, our teacher came out with the class paddle and told us she had had enough and we were both going to get three swats with the paddle. So, we realised to our horror we were going to have to bend over for three swats each on our cute young butts.

Poor Janie hadn’t been paddled at school before and was really upset and was nearly in tears at the prospect. I was very teary but kept more control, just hoping no-one at home would find out we had been naughty, as that brought its own consequences.

The teacher went and asked the teacher in the next class to come and act as a witness, then told me to put my nose to the wall and told Janie to grab her ankles. I did so and heard three loud pops as the paddle met Janie’s bottom, and lots and lots of crying from my friend.

Hearing the teacher call my name, I turned round and saw Janie in floods of tears, hopping up-and-down, rubbing her bottom. She was sent to face the wall while the teachers saw to my punishment.

“Bend over and grab your ankles, Kerry,” said my teacher.

I complied and felt my clothes tighten around my bottom. The teacher gave my bottom a couple of taps with the paddle and then gave it the first swat which tore into my butt.  I gave a yell as I felt a sharp pain in the butt and the heat spreading through it.

The second one followed soon after and reinforced the pain, causing me to get up slightly from my position.

“Stay right down, Kerry,” came the warning from my teacher.

With effort, I grabbed my ankles again as the third swat hit. I gave a loud yelp and started bawling. I stood up and actually did a little dance clutching my bottom, which was now on fire. It must have looked most amusing, but the teachers kept a straight face.

Our teacher then said she hoped she wouldn’t have to do that again and told us to go to the washroom and wash our faces, giving us five minutes to do it. We stumbled off snuffling and sobbing and did the best we could in the short time available. Of course, we then had to go back into class where everyone’s attention was on us. It really hurt when we sat down on the hard chairs, much to the amusement of some of the class.

Afterwards, we got the usual questions that follow paddling, like “Did it hurt?”

We were sore sitting the rest of school and were still smarting when Janie’s Mom picked us up. Unfortunately my friend couldn’t hold back what had happened which led to an investigation by her Mom concerning our misbehavior in class and why we had been paddled.

So, when we got to the house, Janie’s Mom told us to get our pajamas on and stand in the corner in the living room. She then rang my mom who agreed we should both have a spanking for the one at school. So it was over the knee for us both as her Mom made us dance with a good old fashioned hand spanking. Janie had told me her mom spanked hard but this was most unwelcome first hand experience. By the time she finished my butt felt as though it was on fire for the second time that day!

Thankfully, after completing our corner time all was forgiven and we munched Pizzas and watched TV, making sure we sat on something really soft. We both slept on our tummies, but by next day most of the soreness had worn off and we had a lovely weekend together.

However I could have done without the doubling helping of spankings!