The first time I got the slipper at school was during a PE lesson from my gym teacher, Miss Woods.

Miss Woods was a young and very attractive woman who looked just like the American tennis player Chris Evert with her shortish blond hair and athletic frame. Another thing she had in common with the tennis champion was the power of her forearm smash!

In this lesson, we were playing hockey out on the playing field. I was quite good at hockey, though not good enough to be considered for the school team. I was not a fast enough runner to excel at games but I enjoyed them. However, right at the start of this game I accidentally clipped the ankle of a girl when we both went for the same ball. She then pushed me in the chest and I pushed her back and Miss Woods had to come over and tell us to behave – or else!

Anyway, for the next few minutes, Louise, for that was the girl’s name, kept hitting my ankles with her stick every time the teacher’s back was turned, and after she had done it several times I lost my temper and swung my hockey stick and gave her a hard whack with it on her backside. Her howl of pain attracted the attention of Miss Woods who rushed over to find out what had happened. There was a moment where Louise and I were both shouting our accusations about each other at the teacher until she told us we had both better come with her and, instructing some sensible girl to keep an eye on the game and report any further misbehaviour to her, she led us back to the changing rooms.

The changing rooms consisted of a few rows of benches with pegs to hang clothes on, which took up half of the room, showers which took up another quarter and the teachers’ office which, although being as big as the shower area, was mostly full of balls, bats and other sports equipment, and filing cabinets, so that the actual space to move inside it was very small. In this space was a small desk and chair, directly opposite the door you entered by. Like all teachers at my school, Miss Woods administered her punishments in private and so this small space was where they took place.

In the changing room, Miss Woods demanded to know the full story of our altercation. Louise claimed that I had attacked her for no reason, but I was able to show the series of bruises around both my ankles to prove that she had been provoking me. Miss Woods decided that I had indeed been provoked, but that my reaction had been unacceptable and therefore she was going to give us both the slipper. Louise looked horrified. Although we were not friends, she was from the same village as me and we had gone through primary school together, and as I got to hear about any spankings that took place, I knew that she, like me, had never been spanked at school before.

Miss Woods asked me whether I wanted to go first or second. This was a tough choice. All the times I had listened to girls being spanked and imagined I was to be next it had given me a real thrill. Here was a chance for me to finally have that experience for real. If I was going to be spanked anyway, I might as well get the thrill of anticipation included in the deal. On the other hand, I thought that Louise would certainly not enjoy listening to me getting it, knowing she was next. I decided to go first, purely because I blamed Louise for me being in this situation and I wanted her to suffer as much as possible.

Miss Woods took me into the office and told me to bend over the desk. She then lifted my skirt over my back to expose my knickers. She opened the top drawer of the filing cabinet and took out her plimsoll, which was a black canvas gym shoe with a yellow rubber sole. It was not quite smooth and still had a good deal of tread on it which, when I saw it, I thought was going to leave some interesting patterns on my bum. She took up a position to my left and raised her right arm. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth.

Whack! Ouch, that was a real stinger. I howled as loudly as Louise had done when I hit her with the hockey stick.

Whack! Another hard one and another loud yell from me.

Miss Woods sounded annoyed when she said: “Come on, Harriet, it didn’t hurt that much,” and as if to demonstrate the truth of her statement the next whack was even harder. I howled again and the next whack came down, even harder it seemed to me, although the cumulative effect was probably a large part of why it hurt so much more.

Again I yelled, almost screamed when I felt it. My bum was burning from the intensity of the spanking. My reaction was getting to the teacher, though; she obviously expected a bit more stoicism. Miss Woods decided that if I was going to make such a noise, she would give me a good reason and, running her finger and thumb along the leg holes of my knickers, she effectively moved all the material covering my buttocks in between them so that, without pulling my pants down, my bottom was now bare for the last two smacks.

Whack! I screamed.

Whack! I screamed again and then burst into racking sobs, clutching my burning bottom in both hands.

Miss Woods let me cry in that position for about half a minute then told me to get up. I stood up, allowing my skirt to fall back into place but still holding on to my injured bum.

“I’m sorry I had to do that Harriet, but honestly, I didn’t expect you to be such a baby about it.”

I looked up at her through my tears. I didn’t want her to think that about me. I decided to come clean. After all, I had already had my spanking, what harm could it do. I grinned at the teacher.

“That was to frighten Louise,” I said. “She’s probably shitting herself right now.”

Miss Woods grinned back. “You should be careful using language like that in school, Harriet, you might get into trouble! Now, do you want to go and shower or would you like to rejoin the game?”

This surprised me. It hadn’t occurred to me with all the drama but we were still probably only fifteen minutes into the lesson. I chose the shower, just so the other girls wouldn’t see my spanked red bottom at the end of the lesson. I left the office and told the shaking, terrified wretch that was Louise to go in for her turn. Then I turned on the showers, but before I stepped in I returned to the office door and knelt down to watch through the keyhole as Miss Woods gave Louise her six of the best and, although I had exaggerated my cries of anguish, Louise certainly matched them at every whack.