I grew up in a Christian home which meant we went to church every Sunday. I was about 10 years old when this happened.

Every year, our Sunday school went on a weekend tour staying in scout camp or a large summer house. I was now old enough that I was allowed to go on one of those trips. I was excited.

On our way to church, mom told me I needed to behave while being away and to do what the teachers told me. To make sure I understood, she informed me that she would give me a spanking when I got home if did not behave. I thought mom was joking when she told me she had signed a form that allowed the Sunday school teacher to spank me if it was needed, but I found out later it was not a joke.

We got on the bus and when we arrived at the summer house the teachers told where we would sleep. After making our beds there was a small gathering where we were informed of the rules, and one the teachers prayed for a good weekend. I was bored and wanted to go playing. I was told to sit quietly a few times and while praying I made some faces.

When all the chores were done we were allowed to go out playing, but just as I wanted to go out a teacher called me back and told me to come with her to the bedroom I was sleeping in. She sat on my bed and made it clear my behaviour during our gathering was unacceptable, and because of that I was now going to get a spanking.

She pulled my pants down, put me over her knee and started to spank me with her hand over my panties. She did not spank as hard as my mom or dad, but hard enough that I cried a little. I got 10 swats. When the spanking was over, I cried for few minutes and then I was allowed to go outside to play.

I was good for the rest of the time and had forgotten my mom’s warning until it was time to be picked up. The teacher told my mom I been good most of the time, but on the first day she found she needed to give me a spanking for disrupting the gathering. I could see mom was not pleased and on our way home she scolded me.

At home, she told dad and he told me to get ready for bed after dinner that night as I had been warned. Daddy took me to my room and gave me another spanking and after I cried myself to sleep.