When I was around 15-years-old, mum and I had a long weekend away in the Cotswolds. She had been ill following a cycle accident and wanted some fresh air and a slower pace of life for a few days.

We stayed in a Bed & Breakfast which was also a working mixed dairy and arable farm. The owner’s wife, a portly lady in her mid to late 40s called Bella, met us on the first evening and gave us a lecture about safety on the farm. Yawn! Don’t go near any machinery. If any machinery comes close, wave to make yourself obvious and step out of the way. Don’t go near the animals unless one of us is with you. Don’t climb the trees, especially in the woods as they are protected and dangerously large if you fall. Oh, and if you open any gates, close them and check they are closed. That over, we went to our rooms and settled in, had tea and cake in the dining room and mum sat outside whilst I explored. After an early dinner, mum and I had a walk to the village a mile away down a farm track, before turning in.

The next day, mum was not too well and decided to sit and read, leaving me to my own devices, never a good idea with a teenager with a knack of finding trouble where maybe others wouldn’t. I put on a short, thin sundress and headed into the orchard, which in turn led to an ancient woodland with 400 year oak and yew trees. Very impressive. Being a tom boy, I couldn’t resist climbing some of the trees, nearly getting stuck once! I did think maybe a dress was the wrong choice of clothing, but there was no one about to see my panties, so it didn’t matter that much. I knew I had been told not to climb trees, but what was the harm? I had been there around an hour and was on at least my 6th or 7th climb, when an old branch splintered and made a sound like a shotgun going off. Tumbling like a doll between branches as I fell, I was lucky to only get a couple of grazes and a sore bottom as I landed with a shuddering thump. I sat up and checked myself out; nothing hurt besides my bottom, nothing broken or cut, even my dress was intact. I had been very lucky indeed. Or so I thought.

“What the heck are you playing at girl!” bellowed Bella, the lady of the farm. “What did I warn you about yesterday, young lady?” She was very upset. “Are you hurt? I heard the snap and crash of a branch from the top of the orchard and heard your scream, so I came running.”

I was still a little shaken by the fall. It was from about 15 or 20 feet up and not a direct fall, quite slow, and the branch kept snagging as it fell, but this made the mess look much worse than perhaps it would otherwise have been. The other branches broke my fall somewhat. I told her I was more shaken than hurt.

She was still very, very irate. She said I could have been killed and told me to look at the damage I had done to the tree. She said the tree was over 450 years old and I had been very silly.

I argued the branch would probably have come off in the next storm, perhaps not the best course of action. I told her it was rotten through as I picked pieces of splintered wood off the end.

She ignored what I said and told me she was taking me to my mother in the hope my mother could keep me in line for the rest of our stay.

“I’d rather you didn’t,” I pleaded. “Mum’s not been very well of late. She had an accident on the way home from work and it has badly affected her confidence and nerves. The last thing she needs is me getting into trouble and her having to sort it out. She has come here to relax and de-stress.”

The woman didn’t listen and said my mother needed to keep me in check while we were there. Either that or we would sadly both have to leave. She said it wouldn’t be the first time she had to ask a guest to leave because of their pesky kids who don’t seem to realise that a working farm is a dangerous place. To be fair, she had a good point, and her venting had at least calmed her down and she was becoming more rational in her tone.

I asked if there was some way I could make amends as I really didn’t want mum upset by having to deal with this.

She said the damage was done and couldn’t be undone, and that what I needed was a good hiding. She added that her mother would have given her that and reckoned my mum would have received something similar too.

I thought about what she had just said and, to be honest, I couldn’t disagree. Mum would certainly have apologised profusely for my behaviour and promised to punish me. She might have done that later or even spanked me over her knee there and then with Bella watching. She always maintained justice should be seen to be done. But mum was in no condition emotionally to take this on and I would hate to put her through it.

I agreed I deserved to be punished, but told Bella it wouldn’t be fair on mum right now.

Bella wasn’t sure what I was saying, so she asked if I was suggesting she spank me instead of taking me to my mother.

Given the choice of leaving or my mother having to sort this out, or sorting this out between the two of us, there was only one viable option. Confirmed I was willing to let her spank me if that was what she wanted.

She was genuinely taken off guard. She had implied I needed a good spanking, but never expected to be asked to dish it out herself.

I explained my mum was usually quite strict with me, but I really couldn’t upset her like this, not the way she was at present. If that is what it would take to bury the matter and keep mum out of it, then I would take a spanking from her.

I looked at her to gain her thoughts. She certainly did look astonished, and seemed very hesitant. I think she needed assurance.

“Who am I going to tell? Mum?” I said with a note of sarcasm, which probably wasn’t the wisest of moves.

Bella picked up on my sarcasm and I saw a spark of anger returning to Bella’s expression.  She looked around, I wasn’t quite sure what for, and I saw her eyes alight on a tree stump some 20 or 30 metres away. She told me to go with her as she set off at a brisk pace towards the stump.

“This will do nicely,” she said as she sat down on the tree stump, which was roughly 2 feet in height.

I realised I wasn’t going to have a long wait at all before she punished me! I looked at her hands which were quite large for a woman and rather weather hardened, even leathery to look at. By this point, there was little to be gained by dragging things out for a second longer than was needed, so I quickly put myself across her lap, feeling my short skirt riding up over most of the backs of my thighs as I did so. Whilst I could feel my skirt still covering my panties, it was not by very much. I felt physically vulnerable.

Bella told me to hold still and not to squirm as without warning her large hand slapped down on my bottom which took me completely by surprise and resulted in a loud yelp. I was told to keep quiet as the second swat made contact with my bottom. More spanks fell in quite quick succession as she worked over every part of my increasingly sore bum. I did start to wriggle more and more, and she had to hold me firmly in place.

Bella was getting more and more irritated by my struggling. Two loud slaps on my exposed thighs sent stinging pain down my legs as her hand connected with bare flesh. She warned me again to hold still.

I told her that was really painful, for no reason whatsoever. It was a spanking, so what was it supposed to be like?

Her attention returned to spanking my bottom. After a few more good slaps, I felt my dress being pulled up and exposing my panties.

I asked if that was really necessary, but the only response I got was another slap from her leathery hand. Despite my dress being so thin, it did seem to make a difference to how the spanking felt. The sound became more like the two slaps on my thighs moments earlier and her hand was feeling more like a slipper now. Tears which had been welling up now flowed freely down my face and made spots on the dry soil next to the stump. My bottom was on fire now, and I wondered just how much more of this I could take.

Thankfully, with two final sharp spanks to each buttock, I felt her hand come to rest on my bottom. This was followed by two, quite gentle, pats. She said she thought that had taught me a valuable lesson and that I could get up. She seemed a little out of breath with the exertion of spanking me.

I eased myself up and my skirt quickly fell back over my panties. Tears still ran freely, but not as many as a moment ago, and the pain in my bum was already starting to feel less angry.  I hopped about, a little theatrically looking back on it now, and of course rubbed my bottom feverishly with my hand under my dress and inside my panties at the back.

Bella warned me to stay out of her way for the rest of our stay, adding that if I did anything like that again, she wouldn’t wait to be asked, she would put me back over her knee and finish the job.

I said, between quiet sobs, that I understood.

By the time I got back to the farmhouse some hours later, my eyes were back to their normal colour, not bright red as they were earlier. My backside was still smarting, both from the fall and of course Bella’s spanking, but much less so with the passing of time. Mum was thankfully none the wiser, even after having a quick chat with Bella over a cup of tea during the afternoon. She had kept her promise, which I was so grateful for, not to mention anything to mum.