As many of my teachers in primary school had been in the army, they had little time for our childish naughtiness. They were good teachers but justice tended to be somewhat summary with them. As I found out when I made some cheeky remark to one teacher which I thought was very clever and which would make the class laugh. He was quite a jolly man but that afternoon he was not amused.

“Come out here, young lady!” he commanded.

I obeyed, noting with consternation him drawing up his chair and sitting on it. He usually did this when about to dish out a smacked bottom.

“Now bend over my knee!” he said as I reached the front of the class.

I complied with the order, getting an amazing view of the floor and knowing the class had an amazing view of my upturned bottom.


“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!”  was my response as the hard hand came into contact with my soft bottom four times, causing the tears to come to my eyes and flow down my cheeks.

I stood up and tearily rubbed my poor bum, which felt superheated.

“Now go back to your place and behave yourself,” said the teacher.

I went back to my place with a stinging bottom, which stung even more as I sat on the hard, unyielding chair. I noticed many of the class, especially the boys, grinning. I put my head on the desk for a few minutes before the teacher told me to sit up. My little joke had fallen flat, but I had provided the class with some unexpected entertainment for the afternoon. Sadly, it was at the expense of my poor little bottom.