Back in around 1999, I was 22 years old. I was dating a girl, Amanda, who was 19 years old.  One Sunday afternoon, we were going to go to dinner with her older sister, Lisa, and her husband, Mike. We lived in a very small town with almost nowhere nice to eat, so we decided to travel about 30 miles to the next larger town. We had a nice dinner and it was still really early, about 6:30 or 7:00pm, so we decided to stop by Lisa and Amanda’s father’s place to visit him and their half sisters for a while. Their dad, Randy Mitchell, was a single parent raising the other 2 half sisters on his own.

One sister was about 11 years old. I don’t recall her name. Rhiannon was the other sister. She was around 15 years old. They lived in a run down mobile home park on the south side of town. When we got there, the girls were both outside hanging out with their friends down the street.

We went in and chatted with Amanda and Lisa’s father for quite a while. Our conversation was abruptly interrupted by the loud knocking on the front screen door by two teenage girls. Randy jumped up and answered the door.

One of the girls quickly told him, “Mr Mitchell, Rhiannon is trying to bum cigarettes off of us again.” All of the girls were too young to be smoking, but I guess their parents either didn’t care or didn’t know.

Randy quickly yelled down the street from the porch of his trailer. “Rhiannon, get your ass over here right now.”

She came a running to the porch. The other two girls who told on her were still standing on the porch. He asked Rhiannon, “did you try to bum cigarettes again?”

She nodded her head, yes, and you could see the tears starting to flow down her cheeks. He yelled at her, “what did I tell you would happen the next time I found out you were bumming cigarettes or smoking?”

She didn’t answer him as he grabbed her by the arm and directed her into the trailer. The other girls on the porch walked away laughing and giggling. Mike, Lisa, Amanda, and myself sat in the living room speechless. Randy took her by the arm and pushed her toward the hallway. He then followed her down the hall and more or less shoved her toward a bedroom door opening. All we heard was the slamming of the bedroom door. We all in the front room just sat silent and kind of looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

After about 30-45 seconds we heard a loud slapping sound followed by Rhiannon’s shrill scream. That was repeated about 7 or 8 more times. She could be heard crying uncontrollably between the swats and the screams. After about the 7th or 8th stroke we heard the door open and Randy returned to the living room from down the hallway.

He picked up the conversation about where he left off before he was interrupted by the girls banging on the door. He didn’t speak word about what we had just heard.

Shortly, we decided we should be leaving. Mike and I were a bit comfortable about what we had just heard. We said good bye and all four of us went out the front door. Amanda and Lisa spoke amongst themselves on the front porch. They told Mike and I to wait in the car while they went back in to check on their sister.

We waited in the car and, after about 5 minutes, Amanda and Lisa returned to the car. We pulled away and started for home. After we were in the road, Mike asked Lisa how Rhiannon was.

Lisa responded: “Dad really whipped her good.”

Mike asked: “Whipped her? With a belt?”

Lisa replied: “Oh yeah. That’s how dad disciplines. There is no such thing as a spanking. If we done something he thought was too bad to just be grounded for, then we got the belt bare assed.”

Lisa asked Amanda: “Did daddy ever just spank you?”

She reponded: “Nope, always was his belt and always on the bare ass.”

Mike and I were pretty dumbfounded by this and didn’t have a whole lot to say. A few minutes later, after running this through his head, he asked Lisa: “How old was you, the last time your dad whipped you?”

Lisa replied: “17 probably. He suspected me of smoking pot. He found some weed on the floor of my room that I had spilled and didn’t get it all cleaned up. I sure had wished I would have spent a little extra time cleaning up my spill.” Lisa kinda laughed. “I smoked weed after that; I just never brought it in the house.”

A few days later, Amanda asked me if I remembered the whole Rhiannon incident. Of course I did. She said she had talked to Rhiannon on the phone earlier that day. Rhiannon told her she was kinda set up by her so-called friends. She said that those girls had heard her dad threaten her with a whipping if he heard anything about her smoking or trying to get cigarettes a few weeks before.

Rhiannon said that she liked one of the same boys that the other girl liked.  She had been flirting with him and maybe even kissed him once. The girls decided the best way to get her back was to let her dad do the damage. They got her outside with several other kids so there would be plenty of witnesses. They then told her they had cigarettes and began smoking one. Soon Rhiannon asked for one. Without hesitation the two girls ran to Mr Mitchell’s porch to rat her out. They were all smiles as he dragged her into the house for her strapping.