Autumn term for the upper sixth form, and the exams were only a few months away. The teachers were getting stricter on behaviour as we couldn’t afford to waste time messing about, so they said. Detentions, especially, were far more common now than in the lower sixth. Usually they were a sharp reminder given in class or following a trip to the headmistress.

History was a very popular class and there were around 25 of us doing A level. We were a selective school, so everyone was very able, but one girl, Tammy, stood out head and shoulders above everyone else. In her end of year exams in lower sixth form, she scored high 90% scores in everything. However, because she was so bright, she got bored very, very easily and had been spanked by Mrs Jacobs two weeks previously for not paying attention and generally being annoying. Today was to be no different.

Last lesson on a Tuesday was usually a highlight of the week; 20th Century History. Today, we were looking at the build-up to The Great War, and the girls settled down to learn from Mrs Jacobs’ presentation. After around 30 minutes of the double period, I became aware of fidgeting two rows behind me, but ignored it as best I could. It was not long, however, before Mrs Jacobs, four rows further forward, tuned into the noise.

“Whoever is making that noise, please stop. One warning!” she said in a raised voice, making sure everyone understood.

I glanced behind and I could see Tammy’s eyes were glazing over. She would still absorb everything somehow, and I have no idea how, but she could look thoroughly disinterested and still get full marks. Lucky cow!

Perhaps 10 minutes later, Mrs Jacobs issued another warning.

“Tammy, I know it is you. Any more and I will see you after class,” which we all knew was shorthand for you’re going to get a spanking either from her or the headmistress. Silence returned.

A hand went up. It was Tammy.

“Yes, Tammy?” a slightly exasperated Mrs Jacobs responded to the raised arm.

“Well Miss,” she began. “I don’t believe this is correct.”

What followed was a 2 minute critique of the accepted narrative about the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand which ultimately led to the start of the war.

“I am afraid, Tammy,” Mrs Jacobs said, finally getting a word in edgeways. “That is not only what the accounts at the time tell us, but also the answer, and the only answer, that the exam board are interested in!”

Tammy’s hand shot up again.

“No, Tammy. Enough, drop it!” she instructed.

“No, but Miss,” Tammy tried again.

“See me at the end of the lesson, Tammy, and we will see if Miss Brown is free, shall we? Now be quiet!” Mrs Jacobs regained order now.

I very quietly whispered to Donna, who was sitting next to me.

“I’d give two weeks’ pocket money to watch that little madam’s bottom get spanked!”

Mrs Jacobs continued and finished the last 15 minutes lesson, uninterrupted except for some genuine questions from some of the girls. The final bell rang and we were all dismissed, all except Tammy. I had to rush off to Mrs Oldfield’s room. I had forgotten to pick up my worksheets that morning and she said to pop by and she’d leave a copy on her desk as she had a dentist’s appointment and had to dash. Sure enough, there it was waiting for me.

As I turned to leave, I saw Mrs Jacobs and Tammy walk past on their way towards Miss Brown’s office, only to return less than a minute later. I found out the next day that Miss Brown had been called to a governor’s meeting and had already left for the afternoon, so it looked like Tammy was going to be getting away with it, or at least for today.

However, I was wrong. I heard Mrs Jacobs say, “Very well, I will have to punish you myself. Back to my room, Tammy. Look sharp!”

“Please Miss, may I use the toilet first, please,” Tammy begged.

“Oh, very well,” I heard Mrs Jacobs say. “But hurry up about it.”

“Yes, Miss. Thank you, Miss.”

Tammy scuttled off, rummaging in her shoulder bag for something. Three minutes later, and without the sound of the loo flushing or taps running, because it was an old school with old plumbing, Tammy emerged and dashed to Mrs Jacob’s room.

Wondering what was happening, I decided to hang about and watch. Whilst the doors had clear glass panels in them, I elected to look through the large old key holes that had been left when modern locks were fitted a few years previously and never filled in. This gave a surprisingly good view down the class room, which I hoped would be good enough to see if the class swot received some swats on her bottom.

Mrs Jacobs had already moved a chair into the open space at the front of the class, which suggested it was going to be an over the knee affair, not the slipper over the desk which I imagine Tammy had been expecting.

“I am not to be slippered across your knee like a child, Miss, am I?” Tammy queried. “If it is all the same to you, may I be bent over a desk to receive it, please Miss?”

“Oh, you are not getting slippered, Tammy. You have been a pain in the backside to me all term, so I am personally going to be a pain in yours,” Mrs Jacobs said with the irony not lost on either of us. “You have behaved like spoilt brat, so I will spank you like one, with my hand while you are across my knee.”

Mrs Jacobs sat down, took hold of Tammy’s wrist and drew her forward, fighting some resistance, across her knee and into place for her spanking. I could see Tammy’s face and she looked very worried, but she had been punished before and had taken it like a trooper each time. This was new.

“Hold still and don’t try to protect your bottom, or you will get extra!” snapped Mrs Jacobs.

The first two spanks landed on either buttock and made little if any impression. Mrs Jacob’s looked confused but landed four more spanks before halting. She always spanked over a girl’s outer garment, but I was amazed to see her grab the hem of Tammy’s skirt and pull it up and over her bottom, revealing what was causing the strange effect and sound. Here, clear as day, at least three different colours of panties could be seen and the penny dropped with Mrs Jacobs. When Tammy had disappeared into the loo, it was not to spend a penny, but to slip on extra underwear to guard against the slippering she was expecting.

The forward-planning was amazing. Who goes to school with extra panties in their bag? A slipper makes a ‘whopping’ sound when it connects, so the user would not notice the different sound, especially with the skirt in place. It was a cunning gamble from this highly intelligent young woman, but one that had not come off due to an old-fashioned hand spanking being applied instead.

Whilst Mrs Jacobs was not the most prolific of spankers amongst the teachers, she knew what to expect when she applied her skills to a girl’s backside, and she clearly was not getting that reaction or result.

“How dare you, girl! Not only have you decided to cheat by putting on additional layers of clothing, but you also lied to my face in order to be able to do so. I take a very dim view of this, Tammy. I really do. I think we can get these extra knickers off, eventually!” she said with a definite air of anger in her voice.

“Ooh, Tammy has done it now,” I heard myself saying quietly under my breath.

Mrs Jacobs landed six more firm spanks onto Tammy’s multi-layered bottom, then paused. She pulled the outermost pair of blue panties down and onto Tammy’s upper thigh and applied six more firm spanks onto the newly exposed panties, pink in this case.

After another pause, the pink panties came down revealing lacey knickers. Six more spanks scattered across Tammy’s bottom. Clearly, these were now having a greater effect. There was a more noticeable ‘spanking noise’ rather than the dull thud heard earlier, and more of a grimace on Tammy’s face as well.

Lacey knickers down, a fresh pair of white ones came into view. Six more very effective spanks were applied to a more recognisable bottom.

After a pause, the white panties gave way to black ones. I heard a noise down the corridor and bolted for the safety of the next doorway. It was just a teacher leaving via the door at the far end of the corridor, so I crept back to my vantage point at the old keyhole just as the sixth spank landed firmly on the black panties that were exposed when I left.

When the black panties were pulled down, green panties came into view, while five pairs of underwear now hugged Tammy’s thighs. I doubted she could move without falling over, even if she wanted to at this stage. With the duration of the spanking she was receiving, and the gradual removal of her extra layers of protection, the spanking was taking effect. Tammy was now yelping and clearly close to tears.

“So, you thought you’d pull the wool over my eyes with your six pairs of panties, did you? How dare you!” Mrs Jacobs snarled. “If school rules didn’t stipulate that the cane must be applied over two layers of clothing and a spanking or slippering over at least one, then I’d whip these down as well,” continued Mrs Jacobs, snapping the elastic on the waistband of the green school knickers.

Having both Tammy’s and my full attention, Mrs Jacobs restarted her punishment knowing that, at last, Tammy was getting the full effects and the all too familiar sound of hand on bottom now echoed clearly around the empty classroom.

Finally, after a further dozen smacks, Tammy’s prolonged spanking was over.

“If you ever do anything that devious again, you will be straight in front of the headmistress for the cane, and I will make sure she applies the maximum number of strokes that she is permitted. Now get these off,” said Mrs Jacobs pointing to the band of panties encasing Tammy’s thighs. “Then get out of my sight,” she said as Tammy tried to regain her feet and not topple over.

Tears were flowing gently down Tammy’s face as she pulled the panties up under her skirt. “I will take them off in the loo, if I may, Miss,” Tammy said, pulling the final two pairs up over her well spanked bottom.

I was just about to leg it and get out of school when I heard voices around the corner coming closer, so I ducked into the toilets and into the very end cubicle. Moments later, I heard the door open and close and gentle sobbing as the door to a cubicle also closed. After blowing her nose quite loudly, I could hear rummaging noises as Tammy dealt with her excess underwear. I sat quietly with my feet off of the floor until I heard her leave, then I quietly made my way to the exit.

“Sam, why are you still here?” Mrs Jacobs’ voice echoed down the corridor.

Keen not to be the next girl upended across her knee, I said, “Sorry Miss, I had to collect some work from Mrs Oldfield’s room but it was not where I expected it to be. It took a little while to find it and then I had to get a book from the library to help with the piece of work, Miss,” I lied.

“Hum, very well. Off you pop,” she said as she turned and went back into her room.

That was a close one! I exited by the main door and could see Tammy in the distance, still occasionally rubbing her sore behind.