When I was 15, I had a sleepover with some of my friends for my birthday. My folks put us in the basement in sleeping bags which was great fun. When we had gotten into our pajamas, one of my friends asked me if I’d had a good birthday. When I said I had and it was lovely she told me that a good birthday needed a good birthday spanking to complete it.

With the help of the other friends, she got me over her knee and spanked me 15 times very firmly on my cute little butt, plus the ‘one to grow on’. It stung like anything and made me yelp and squeal. But then all the others wanted to give me spankings too, so by the time they finished I had a red hot bottom.

They all laughed as I hopped around rubbing myself.

I told them to wait till it was their birthdays.

I think we all got birthday spankings that year, with the birthday girl sleeping on her tummy and squirming around in church next morning. It was all great fun – if it wasn’t your birthday.