My first slippering at secondary school came from Miss King (not her real name), who was a very bright young teacher who we all loved dearly. She was our form teacher and also had us for PE and games during our first year.

That particular day, my friend and I were caught talking during assembly and made to stand up in front of the whole school, which was highly embarrassing.  

We were terrified the head teacher would cane us but after scolding us she told us our form mistress would deal with us. We had Miss King for PE that day but she didn’t say anything to my friend and I until the end of the lesson when she told us off for talking. She then produced an old gym slipper and told us both to touch our toes, which we did, and received four stinging whacks each on our bottoms, which brought the tears to our eyes. She then gave us a hug and told us we were both good kids but to behave ourselves in future.

Of course, when we went to change the other girls were very curious about our red faces and even redder bottoms! So showering and changing were very embarrassing. But at least we escaped detention.

I continued to like Miss King very much in spite of the spanking as I realised, even as a kid, she was only doing her job. But it wasn’t the only time my bottom and her slipper came into close contact!