As a child we went to church and when I was a 12 year old I started to go to what they called pre-teen club. They met every Thursday from 7 to 9 in the evening. My curfew on those nights was to catch the 9.15 pm bus so I was home by 9.30 because it was a school night at it was important that I got my sleep.

One Thursday I lost track of time and there was no battery charge left on my cell phone, so I could not call my mom and tell her I missed the bus.

I took the next bus which meant I was home at 10.00. I expected my mom to be mad but she was just happy to see me home. She had been worried and called the church, who told her that I had gone. She told me to get ready for bed and, before I went to my bed, she said we would talk more about this when I got home from school the next day.

So, next day, when I got home my mom called me to the living room where both my mom and dad sat on the sofa. They asked me to sit and tell them why I was late the previous evening. I told them I had lost track of time and my phone battery was not charged.

They lectured me and told me if I was to be trusted by going to this club it was my responsibility to remember the time and, when I discovered the phone was off, I should have borrowed the phone in church. Then my mom would have just come and pick me up. Because I had done nothing at all about this situation, it was naughty and disobedient, and because of that my dad would now take me to my bedroom where I was going to get a spanking.

My dad stood up and asked me to follow him. We went to my room and he sat on my bed. When I was in front of him, he started to pull my pants and panties down. I protested and pleaded with him not to spank me, but he did not listen.

When I had my bottom bared, he guided me over his lap. When I was in position, he raised his hand and started the spanking. After 4 smacks I started to cry, and after 8 I sobbed like a baby. After 12 smacks the spanking stopped. He pulled my pants and panties back up and then had me sit on his lap while I cried and he told me that my parents loved me and all was forgiven.