I want to share this real school spanking story when I was 12 or 13 years old. This happened at a rural school outside of the St Louis, Missouri area in the early 1970s when spanking at school was still used frequently.

It all started one day at the noon recess time which is 30 minutes in length. My three friends, Beverly, Carol and Nancy, and me were playing ‘fashion show’ on an outside stage that was used for various school events, and the fashion show consisted of walking to the edge, making a spin showing our clothes, and returning. What we didn’t know at the time was there were boys under the edge of the stage that were looking up our skirts as we made our spin!

We had been playing for about 10 minutes when all of the sudden Mrs R and another teacher came to the stage and summoned us all together. She told us that our actions were not at all ladylike and we were all going to be paddled. With that statement she took Carol and my arms while the other teacher took the arms of Beverly and Nancy and off we went back to our classroom, all the way scolding us of our behavior.

Once back in the classroom, Mrs R opened her lower desk drawer where she kept her paddle and placed it on the desk for us to see. I had seen the paddle other times when she showed it as a warning to maintain order, but this was different. The paddle was about 14 inches long, 3 inches wide and ½ inch thick. Mrs R was an older, no nonsense teacher who had the reputation for paddling students.

She continued to scold us and then picked up the paddle. My knees were weak with anticipation of what was to come. She ordered Carol to bend over the teacher’s desk and grasp the other side and stay in this position until the paddling was over. As she bent over, I was checking to see if my panties would show when it was my turn, since I had on a short skirt similar to what Carol was wearing.

Unfortunately, this was not going to be an issue since once Carol was in position Mrs R pulled up her skirt and said, “Since you showed your panties earlier, the spanking will be on your panties.”

Mrs R put her hand on Carol’s lower back to hold her in place and then proceeded with 10 swats of the paddle on her panties, fairly rapidly, at which time Carol was crying.

I was next, my legs like jelly when told to bend over the desk just as Carol had been.  I then felt the cool air as my skirt was pulled up and the hand on my lower back. Nothing prepared me for what I felt next. I heard the swish of the paddle and then it landed on my panty-clad behind with a loud pop. My butt was on fire and this was only the first one! As with Carol, I received 10 swats of the paddle, each one worse than the others.

Beverly and Nancy both received exactly the same punishment.

Once finished, Mrs R said she hoped this would not happen again and we could return outside.