I am originally from Uganda, but moved to England with my mother and her then husband, who was with her for about 6 years, when I was aged 9 to 15. He is a rich man, a pastor from England.

He was strict man, but easily angered. My first time of feeling his wrath was when I accidently said a swear word. I didn’t know it was a bad word. I was, at a guess, aged 11. My mum was furious with him for slapping me across my face, but he would go on and on about discipline. Lol!

My first real embarrassing good hiding, a good saying of his, was, in my opinion, not warranted. In Sunday school class, one of the older girls was a bully, and did not like me. I guess she was used to black girls. Anyway, she pinched me so I lost it and started hitting her, as it really hurt. The Sunday teacher frog-marched me to my mum’s new husband, the pastor. Once she had told him what I had done, he ordered me to apologise to the girl, who was crying her eyes out. When I refused, he gave me one last chance. I was now in tears and shouted loudly that I was sorry, which infuriated him. He ordered everyone out. He grabbed me once the door was closed and flipped up my dress. Then he began slapping my backside. He threatened me that if I ever behaved badly again, he would use the belt. I was so angry.