For those of us who were regulars at bending over to get whacks with the slipper, it was always encouraging and somewhat amusing when a ‘good girl’ got it.

Like one occasion it happened to one ‘model’ pupil in our class. If we were a bit slow changing after gym, the gym mistress would sometimes hurry us up by announcing that the last one out would get the slipper. I particularly remember when Sandra, who was very brainy and a real top dog in the class, was unaccountably last. She looked really shocked when she was told she had to bend over for a whack with the slipper. I don’t think she could believe it because she was never usually in trouble.

However, bend over she had to in the presence of those of us who were collecting our things outside the changing room. We watched interestedly as she got a right stinging whack on her shapely bottom which caused her to yell and clutch her bum. But although obviously discomforted, she took i6t like a real sport and was able to raise a smile on her very red face as she walked off rubbing her behind.

“Wow! That didn’t half sting!” she was heard to mutter.

My opinion of her went up after that!