One of the puzzling things about Bishop M was, as a rule, he was fairly consistent in the way he conducted his paddling sessions, but on some occasions, he would deviate from the ‘norm’. Although he never fondled us or touched us inappropriately like some I have read about, looking back on those days I now believe that he got some type of thrill out of spanking us. This particular session especially makes me believe that.

Our classes ended at 3:00 pm and we got to spend the next 2 1/2 hours playing outside. When the final class bell rang, we would run to our living quarters and change into our play clothes, which consisted of pastel blue gym shorts that had ‘J Smith’ embroidered on the right leg, a light gray T-shirt with the same thing on the left breast area, and white socks and light blue canvas shoes.

Several of us were in a hurry because today was kickball day and I loved kickball. The rules say that when you change out of your school clothes, you are supposed to hang the blouses ands skirts up, place your socks in the hamper and put your shoes under your bed. Since they rarely checked our quarters during this period, several of us had gotten lazy in this area. I just threw my clothes on my bed and went outside.

I had been outside about 30 minutes or so when I heard Bishop M yell: “Stacy!”

He then pointed a beckoning finger at her. Then he called Terri, Brenda, Cathy, Sally, Me, Julie and Marisa, and did the same. Once we were all gathered around him, he said: “Follow me.”

We followed him into the school and to his office where he held the door open as we all went inside. Then he sat on the edge of his desk and asked us what the rules were regarding the proper procedure of putting away one’s school clothes.

“We’re supposed to hang them up,” said Sally in a low voice.

“That’s right,” replied Bishop M. “Is there anyone here who can honestly say they were not aware of that rule? And did anyone follow it?”

We all just shook our heads, to which the principal declared: “That’s what I thought! And you 8 are here because I went through your quarters and noted who had not followed the rules. Because of your laziness, you each will receive 30 swats that, hopefully, will give you some energy to remember to do things the right way.”

As he was speaking, I looked at the other 7 girls and realized that it was a blond brigade. Only Marisa and I were brunette. Everyone had their hair in pigtails except Terri, who had a ponytail. Also unusual was that everyone here was in the 6th grade. Usually, I was paddled with a few on either side of my grade.

Then he told us to remove our T-shirts and gym shorts, but not our panties, then to place them on the bench that was to our right. As we did as instructed, he took one of the chairs along the wall and placed it in the center of the empty area in front of his desk. 3 of the girls (Stacy, Sally and Terri) were wearing only panties, bra, shoes and socks. Me and the other 4 had no bra, since we had no use for one. After a similar session in the 5th grade, I had asked why we had to take off our shirts and was told because the shirts were long and got in the way during the paddling. How convenient.

Instead of his usual asking for volunteers he just pointed at Stacy, then to the chair and told her to lower her panties, bend over the chair and grab the rung. You would think that since we had been told not to remove our panties, why did we have to pull them down for the paddling? It made no sense to me.

Stacy lowered her panties and bent over into position. Bishop M took his paddle and lightly rubbed it back and forth a few times and then gave her the first ten swats. She yelped an “Oh!” then began breathing through her teeth. Her blond pigtails jerked back and fro in time with the smacks.

He paused for several seconds and then began to talk during her second set.

“I expect the rules (SWAT) to be followed (SWAT) and the rules about (SWAT) hanging your clothes up (SWAT) is no exception (SWAT). If you forget to do this (SWAT) in the future, you will (SWAT) be right back here receiving (SWAT) the needed correction (SWAT).

Stacy’s breathing intensified a bit about halfway through the set. I also noticed how one of her shoe strings was untied.

During set three, I noticed that her breasts moved a little, but her bra stifled much of the shaking. As swat number 30 hit, Stacy started coughing a bit as she tried to put on a brave face. He told her to get up and then called my name. She went over to the bench and began putting on her shorts and shirt.

“Ok Rachel,” he said, pointing to the chair.

I was excited since I enjoyed getting my paddling near the beginning and then watching the others.

I went to the chair and he said, “Pull down your panties and bend over, please.”

I slid my panties to just above my knees, bent over and grabbed the rung. I felt his cool left hand on my back as he rubbed the paddle in his right a few times on my butt.

I tensed up with a bit of excitement as I got ready for the first ten. The first one was always the most difficult because it brought about such a change. As I received the whacks, I would try to do remote viewing in that I would imagine a close-up view of my bottom. At the same time, I would concentrate on the good feeling the stinging would bring as I peered through the open space on the chair between the back and seat.

As I was being swatted, thoughts would go through my head; something like (SWAT), “Ooh that one really stung! (SWAT), There’s that feeling I like (SWAT), I wonder if anyone (SWAT) notices that I like swats. (SWAT) Oh, that was a good one. I’m going to shift my behind to the left a bit. (SWAT). Oh, that’s good, and now I’ll shift to the right. (SWAT) Yeah, that’s good. (SWAT) The feeling is really strong now (SWAT).

During his customary pauses between sets I would close my eyes and concentrate on the stinging for a bit and then get ready for the next set. After the last set, I would lie in position until he would tell me to get up. Then I returned to the bench with a distraught look on my face to avoid giving myself away and I put on my clothes.

Next he called Brenda. Brenda bent over and I noticed how she gritted her teeth and tensed up her face as she got ready. Brenda,. Like Stacy, began breathing through her teeth after the third or fourth swat and would bob her head up and down, making her short blond pig-tails wobble.

During the pause between the next set, she said in a broken voice: “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

Bishop M replied, “That’s good,” and proceeded to give her the next set. She breathed even louder and would flex her legs slightly.

Then set number 3 was delivered and she inserted a couple of “Ow’s” in her breaths. He removed his left hand from her back, and she got up and got dressed.

Next was Sally who was among the more developed in our group. She had ample breasts and a really curvy derriere. She lowered her panties and bent over the chair.

As he rubbed the paddle on her bottom, I thought I heard him say: “Yeah!” but I was not positive.

Then Bishop M gave her the introductory ten.

She began saying “oh!” and “ow!” after each one, but in a very low volume. Sally, like Cathy, had a very light complexion and I noticed that her butt became pink very quickly.

As she received set number two, I watched her butt bounce back into shape after each paddle strike. For whatever reason, this reinforced my good feeling that I was still experiencing.

I noted how Sally would stiffen her arms while the swats were being given and then, during the pauses, she would relax them and turn her head to the left toward us standing by the bench. For the duration of her paddling, I watched her jiggling bra-clad breasts and her ever reddening behind.

Next was Marisa, the cute olive- toned gild of Italian ancestry. She pulled down her panties to just below her butt and got into position. Bishop M pulled them to her knees and then proceeded to give her the first ten. I never understood why they had to be at your knees since it didn’t make any difference on what you felt. She said “ow” to the first six or seven swats before finally breaking into a low volume cry.

Just as the second set was distributed, she scooted the chair forward a few inches which brought a stern warning from the principal.

“Please do not move, OK?”

“Ok,” came the weak response, to which Bishop M commended her with: “Good girl.”

I was kind of jealous that he had not said that to me. Her brown pigtails shook to the beat.

Then set number 3 came and she cried louder and shook her head more. He let her up and called Cathy over.

My friend Cathy was a common companion of mine during these paddling sessions because we were best friends and often got in trouble together. She started whimpering as she pulled down her panties and assumed the position. He rubbed the paddle on her butt about 8 times and then tapped it a few times. She looked behind her to anticipate the swats and, as the first ten arrived, she tip-toed on her shoes and then began crying loudly. Cathy tells me today that she liked paddlings some too, but I would have never guessed it.

The second set brought about the same reaction as the first. Cathy really would shake her head a lot during the swats which made interesting viewing.

Set three was not much different either, except by the time it was over her previously really white butt was now really red.

As she got up and came to where we were to retrieve her shorts and shirt, she said to me, “I only forgot to put up my skirt.”

“Terri, you’re next,” he said as he pointed at her and then to the chair.

She lowered her underwear and got ready. The first set brought a loud response as she let out an: “Eeeeooowwww,” followed by crying. She moved her legs a lot, which made her panties fall to the ground and brought a rebuke from Bishop M. I thought to myself that this group really has a low threshold of pain.

As he paused between the sets, he tapped her butt lightly about 15 times before giving her the real thing. Her bra-clad breast moved a bit, but not as much as the other two had.

He tapped her butt about 15 times again just before the third set and I wondered why he did this. I could see it brought more apprehension to her facial expression, but I’m not sure if that was his motive. Finally, he gave her set three and she coughed a little like Stacy had.

Last but not least was Julie. She was already whimpering slightly when she approached the chair and pleaded for mercy.

He looked at her and said: “Don’t argue with me, girl. Now pull down those panties and bend over, unless you want more!”

Her crying intensified a bit as she followed his orders and got prepared. The first ten brought an even louder yelp of “ahh” and she shook her blond pigtails hard.

He inhaled audibly during the pause and then gave her set number two. She tensed and replaced her arms several times, making her head bob up and down.

I thought it was over after he delivered the last set, when he noticed that she was not wearing any socks with her tennis shoes.

“Because I wanted to get to the playground faster,” she blubbered.

She started to stand up a bit when he pushed back into position and told her she was getting another 10, which he immediately gave her. She was now almost crying and he told her to tone it down if she didn’t want more. She quieted a bit and he removed his left hand from her back and let her up.

As she got dressed, he told us that he would be inspecting the quarters more often and if we wanted to be back here for more paddlings, then we just had to leave our clothes lying around again.

What a great idea!