So here in Europe where we live, schools have a parent/teacher conference once every half year where parents can come and meet up with their child’s teachers and hear how things are in school, how their child is doing and behaving. Yesterday, I was at one regarding my 10 year old daughter and things were fine. She did well in school and behaved well most times, but nothing that I needed to address by give her a spanking or other discipline.

But the conference reminded me about something that happened when I was 11. My mom and dad were talking with my teacher and were told I had not done my homework the last 3 weeks. My parents were in shock because they knew every time they asked me about it I told them either I had done it or that we did not have any homework.

My parents were not pleased that I had lied to them as we were Christians and lying was a big no no. I think it is to all parents, so when they got home they called me to the living-room and scolded me about not doing my homework, which was my main chore at home and something to do as soon as I got home.

They told me from now on they would receive an email from the teacher every week about homework that week, and every day after dinner it would be checked and if there was no good reason for it not being done, I would get a spanking. If there was something I did not understand, it was my job to ask for help and if my parent could not help me they would find someone that could.

Then they went on to scold me for lying to them about the homework and I was reminded about the bible telling always to speak the truth. At the end, mom told me I knew what happened when I lied. I nodded.

She then said: “Now go to your room and think about your behaviour. Dad will be up in about 5 minutes to give you a spanking.”

I sat on the bed waiting. I could hear my parents talk about what kind of spanking I should get, and about 5 minutes later dad entered my room holding a hair brush. He lectured me again, mostly about lying, then at the end he asked me if I understood why I was getting a spanking. I told him, yes, because I lied and had not done my homework.

He then had me stand in front of him. Nothing was said, but tears ran down my cheeks while he unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and then pulled my underpants down. He sat on my bed and helped me over his lap.

When I was over his knee, he informed me I was going to get double my age in smacks, first 11 with his hand, then another 11 smacks with the hairbrush. He asked if I was ready. I replied, yes, with a scary little voice. He raised his hand and brought it down with a resounding smack. After 3 smacks, I was already crying and, after the first 11 smacks, I was bawling like a little child. He picked up the brush and, after a little break for crying, he adjusted my position. Then the brush landed on my bottom and I was soon crying out loud again.

When the spanking was over, I was helped up and made to sit on my dad’s lap while he hugged me. He told me mom and him loved me, then he pulled my underpants and jeans back up and told me I was to stay in my room until dinner and do my homework.

I did my homework and at dinner I was informed the spanking was mostly for lying and that I was grounded for two weeks to get the missing homework done, together with my other homework. I was reminded once again it would be checked every night from now on,  and if it was not done I would get a spanking.