Whilst all three of us were spanked at home by our mother, I often thought that I was spanked the hardest. I was the eldest and only boy, my middle sister was rather studious and hence rarely got in to trouble, and my youngest sister was regarded as the family ‘baby’, so was treated leniently in my view.

My mother had also taken to use the odd implement with me (sandal and back of hairbrush) which she never used on my sisters. We lived in a semi-rural location and my mother had managed to acquire a thick piece of leather from somewhere. It wasn’t a belt, but I suspect part of an old carriage harness. It was not very wide but much thicker leather than on a belt, and about 2 feet long, and heavy. She kept it coiled up in a drawer in the back utility room. It must have worked as a deterrent as I only received it once. I had taken some extra money from her purse, but was caught red-handed.

There was no lecture; I was just told to go through to the lounge. I waited there feeling utterly ashamed when she burst in with the leather strip still coiled in her hand.

Staring me straight in the eye, she coolly said: “Bend over the arm of that chair, with your trousers and pants down.”

I did as I was told and, although I felt too old for this form of punishment, I felt dreadful about what I had done. My mother lashed me ten times with the strip of leather. It stung like the blazes with each one getting worse as most were on top of the last hit, and a couple curled around the side which was even more painful.

I was in tears when she stopped and just said: “Don’t ever be tempted to do that again. Now get up and go to your room.”

When I stood up and pulled my pants and trousers up, I saw my youngest sister Katie wide-eyed as if in shock. I am not sure how much she saw, but she certainly would have heard everything. I noticed she studied my penis closely as I pulled up my pants, but it had shrivelled up so much due to the pain of the strapping. My bottom ached all night and began to bruise quite quickly, but the bruising didn’t last long.

I was never spanked again. I think due to a mixture of not wishing a repeat, plus growing up and having a more mature attitude and becoming seriously focused on sports. However, Katie continued to test our mother’s patience. She was not a bad person, just didn’t think, was impetuous and was incredibly clumsy. When she was around 7 or 8, hardly a month would go past without her being held across my mother’s knee, her pants down and her bare bottom being turned bright red.

Things then quietened down and a few years later Katie entered a weird phase and became very image conscious, dressing in the most way out of fashions. Whilst my middle sister and I were quite athletic and tall, Katie was not. She was shorter, more rounded and her friends spent more time hanging around cafes and listening to music. Her group soon included some older guys, and, despite only being around 12, she was wearing a huge amount of make-up which was part of her new image.

My mother didn’t like her new group of friends nor her make-up, but tolerated them, hoping she would quickly grow out of both. However, one Saturday afternoon my mother got a call to collect Katie. Another parent of one of Katie’s school friends who was also in the group had come across the group having a party in a field, but drinking alcohol and, according to the other mother, some of the older boys were smoking marijuana. This mother had extracted the two school-friends and called my mother.

There was no question of Katie having smoked any marijuana, and whilst she had consumed some alcohol, she wasn’t at all affected so it couldn’t have been more than a mouthful of cider. Nevertheless, my mother was furious that her ‘baby’ had allowed herself to be led in to this position at such a young age.

When they arrived back, my mother told Katie to go to her room. My mother headed for the kitchen and utility room, and then to my utter shock she came out with the coiled leather in her hands. She had a determined look on her face and caught both my middle sister and me staring at the leather strip in her hand. I just thought this can’t be happening.

My mother tersely said: “Take note, in case either of you think what Katie was up to was funny or clever.”

With that, she quickly went up the stairs. Both my middle sister and I ambled up slowly, more concerned about what was about to happen. We looked in from the landing, and heard my mother tell Katie to get on her bed on all fours. Katie saw the coil of leather and started to make excuses.

My mother interrupted her and said: “Do it now or I will get your father to hold you down later.”

Katie got on the bed and took up the position requested. My mother then pushed her head and shoulders down in to the pillow which pushed her bottom up high. My mother then went up and unfastened her jeans from the front which took a bit of fumbling and squirming by Katie, then pulled both her jeans and her panties down to behind her knees, exposing her bared bottom and top of her legs. The leather strip was then allowed to fall out and uncoil to its full length.

My mother pulled the strap across her shoulder and then brought it down very hard on Katie’s very white bottom. Katie let out a shriek and a pink mark immediately appeared, then started getting redder. She looked up pathetically at her mother who again pulled the leather strap across her shoulder, letting it fall down her back, and then again quickly brought it across Katie’s bared bottom. This was repeated another four times, and until Katie’s bottom was covered in red thick stripes and she had started to cry.

My mother stopped and said in a slow monotone: “You will not associate with that group any more or I will take this strap to your bottom again but double the dose.”

Katie’s hands went straight to her bottom and she rolled over on to her side. At that point a triangle of dark brown pubic hair was very evident against her white skin, which shocked me. I wasn’t completely naïve, but hadn’t previously viewed Katie as a young lady which she was clearly turning in to.

Despite my mother’s warning, I believe she too realised then, as with me years earlier, that Katie was now too old for such forms of punishment. I was not aware of Katie being spanked or strapped again, but also, whilst she developed her artistic side and image, she kept much better company.