My husband and I have just returned from the woods located in a county park less than 2 miles from our home. We often go there and sometimes play role-play games in the woods where no one will see us.

Today we got more than we bargained for. Having walked about 250 metres into the wood, we were heading for a good location to act out one of our spanking games we often play. We knew of a clearing about 50 metres ahead, but just before we reached it we heard raised voices coming from the clearing and we wondered if some like-minded folk had beaten us to it. We quietly advanced and saw what appeared to be a parent aged 35 to 40-ish giving a 17-year-old girl a real dressing down.

From the sounds of it, the mother had used a common social media tool to track the daughter to the woods. It was a Tuesday and the schools are open so from the discourse it was clear she was bunking off sixth form, and not for the first time, it appeared. Tom and I crouched behind a bush and watched the animated back and forth discussion which we assumed had gone on for some time.

Finally, the mother’s patience must have run out. Taking the girl by the elbow, she marched her to a fallen tree at the edge of the clearing. The girl was struggling and resisting all the way, but to no avail. Once there, the girl was pushed over the stump of a tree which was about 3ft in diameter, so her feet were on the ground and her hands were not quite able to touch the ground on the other side.

From where we were watching, we could see clearly the girl’s black school trousers were tightly stretched across her bottom and a clear panty line was visible on her well filled seat. The girl still struggled, but with little success as her mother’s right hand struck, slap bang in the centre of her bottom. Several more spanks landed on the left and right cheeks and the girl howled in pain. The blows were well aimed and with force. The spanking continued for what seemed ages as we watched, mesmerised by the sight of this young lady getting what she clearly had been deserving for quite some time. All too soon, the punishment was over and her mum tried to give the girl a hug. As she turned around she was clearly crying from the ordeal and was in no mood for a hug or any other contact with her parent at this time, and both quickly left the clearing to the north, away from our location.

My husband and I just looked at each other and laughed, and wondered if anyone had stumbled across us in the same clearing during one of our games.