The other day I was called to my daughter’s school because she and one of her friends had skipped a class. I was not happy with the situation and on the way home from school I scolded her and made it clear to her that when we got home she was to go to her room. When I had calmed down, I would come in and then she was going to get a spanking.

At home, I was thinking of the following while calming down.

I was 13 years old and my parents had started to phase out spanking as a way of punishing me. When I misbehaved, they started to use grounding and taking away privileges from me.

As you know from my other accounts, I had a good friend named Hannah. We spent a lot of time together. Our parents knew each other from church. Most times, Hannah and I liked school and we did good in school, but sometimes we also thought it was boring.

One day when Hannah and I were 13, we had a theme week at our school with only history and it was interesting for the most part, but as we got to the end of the week we were fed up with history and decided that during our Thursday school trip to a museum we would play truant and go to the mall that was close by.

So the next day, we got on the school bus and drove to the museum. Once there, we asked to go to the toilet and while the teacher was busy with the rest of our class we snuck out and we got on our way to the mall.

We had a great time there. We looked at a lot of clothes and games, and DVD movies. We got some lunch there too and we went off to look at some more stuff, but our luck was up. As we turned a corner, we walked straight into Hannah’s mom who was surprised to see us and demanded an answer to why we were not at school. But, before we could come up with an answer, her phone rang. It was our teacher telling her Hannah was lost.

Hannah’s mom informed the teacher that Hannah was at the mall and I was there too. It looked like we had played truant and she would take care of it. Then she hung up on the teacher.

With one hand, she grabbed Hannah by the ear, and with the other hand she took me by the ear, and were both taken out to her car. In the car, she scolded us a lot and she informed Hannah she was in for the spanking of a life time when she got home. She stopped the car outside my home, escorted me in and told my mom what had happened. My mom scolded me again and send me off to my room with 3 hard smacks to my jeans covered bottom.

I stayed in my room till I was called down for dinner. During dinner, my parents again told me off and expressed how disappointed they were with my actions. When dinner was over, I was told to get ready for bed, and when I was I ready my dad would come in and give me a spanking for playing truant.

I took my time getting ready, and when I was ready I went and said I was ready for bed. Dad then followed me back to my room. He closed the door, sat on my bed and lectured me some more about how he paid good money for me to go to a good school and I was very naughty to play truant. Then I was informed to get over his lap. He always spanked me over my clothed bottom, so when I was in position he raised his hand and started to spank me. He spanked hard as always, but somehow it felt as if he spanked harder this time. My bottom was soon on fire and I cried a lot like a little girl.

I got double my age; 26 very hard smacks, and I was bawling. When it was over, dad held me close as always, until my crying softened. He told me that mom and him loved me and they did not like to spank me, but when they did it was because they loved me and wanted to teach me right from wrong. He then kissed me on my forehead and told me good night. I put myself to bed and cried myself to sleep that night.

Next day at school, Hannah and I were suspended for a week. My parents informed me that I was grounded for that week and on Sunday, at the end of my grounding, at bedtime daddy gave me another spanking so that I had a smacked bottom fresh in memory when got I back to school, and would think twice before playing truant again.

Me thinking about this story did not change my mind, and when I was finally calm enough I went to my daughter’s bedroom and lectured her some more before giving her the spanking as I had promised. Hopefully, that has learned her a lesson.

Unfortunately, my own spanking did not prevent me playing truant again, and in the future I will tell the story of my last spanking that also was for playing truant.