I had a cute butt as a teen; too cute at times. In high school before a game, one of the lads was taking pictures of the cheerleaders. So, in a moment of madness I bent over and let him take a picture of my booty. Imagine my embarrassment when the photograph appeared on the noticeboard with the caption: ‘Whose butt?’

Even more embarrassing was the investigation and having to explain the thing to the Principal. He was quite understanding that it was just a lark that got out of hand a bit, but just to get it home to us that it was unacceptable he gave us a lecture and then got his paddle out of the drawer. I got three smacks on my butt from the paddle and the photographer got six.

I didn’t think I really deserved it but thought that protesting might make things worse. So I bent over the desk and took the swats.  The principal was a bit apologetic at spanking me but it sure hurt plenty anyway.


“Ow!” I yelled.


“Oweeee!” I yelled as tears started as the fire spread.


“Ahhhhhh!” I yelled as I burst into floods of tears.

My cute butt was really on fire when I left the office in tears and I could hardly sit down the rest of the day.

I could have killed the guy who took the photo, but he did come and apologise and brought me some flowers which he got out of his allowance, so I suppose it made up a bit for a sore bottom.

Funny but I got a load of invitations for dates from the guys in the aftermath. Guess they were all admirers!

Years later when I was teaching I saw the principal and he confessed to finding it somewhat amusing, although he said he knew he had to be stern and punish us. Looking back from the perspective of a teacher, I could see his point.  But by then the incident was behind me; literally!