As a young boy I was not spanked at all. My father, who was away from home a lot as he was in the shipping industry, sometimes threatened that I would get the slipper if I was being particularly naughty, but these threats were never followed through to an actual punishment.

At the age of 9 or 10, we moved and I was registered with a local day Preparatory School to prepare me for the ‘11 Plus exam’ and the subsequent move to big school.

It took a while for me to adjust to my new life, and I was slow to make friends at my new school. My best friend was another ‘new boy’, David, who had just moved from the USA to live in England.

David and I became good mates, and as our confidence grew we started to get into scrapes at school. One particular escapade after school involving using the metal numbers from the cricket scoreboard as killer frisbees and embedding them into a nearby tree led to our form master giving us a really sound telling-off at break time the following day. We all really worshiped Mr Adams as he was a real father figure as well as being a good teacher.

After our telling off, he said: “If you get up to this sort of thing next year at the grammar school, you will get a good hiding with a slipper. We don’t do that at this school. However, you two have been pushing the limits so I am going to give you both a good firm spanking to get you thinking about where your behaviour is leading.”

Without further ado, he pulled his chair back from the desk that he had been sitting at and said: “Drop your shorts, both of you.”

Then, to me, he said: You first, Andrew, bend over my lap.”

He folded my shirt tail back, pulled my white Y-Fronts tight and then started to spank. Initially he smacked each side of my backside in turn; six smacks to each side, twelve in total in a slow steady but efficient rhythm of about one smack every 2-3 seconds. Then, having reached twelve, and just as my bottom was starting to glow, he then gave a second set of twelve smacks, again alternating from side to side, but this set were much faster, about one every half second or so. At the end, my bottom felt that it was on fire.

After he had finished, he told me to stand up and put my hands on my head. “No rubbing your bottom,” he said.

David got exactly the same treatment, before both of us got another stern telling-off as we stood there, with our shorts round our ankles and our red hot bottoms throbbing in our pants.

Although it stung, I found the experience very exciting and, as the sting started to fade, David and I soon started to brag to our classmates about our bravery and how great Mr Adams’ spanking had been.

Talking to David, it rapidly became clear that he was spanked and slippered at home, and likewise he rapidly figured out that I wasn’t, as I was pumping him for information. He told me that when he got it at home it was with his pants off as well. The thought of that caused a strange, but undefinable excitement for me.

A few weeks after this event, David and I got into a silly argument about who had fouled who at the lunchtime football kick around, played with a tennis ball in the playground. David stormed off in a temper saying that I was no longer his friend. That upset me and also put me in a fix because, being a Thursday, I always went back to David’s house after school so his Mum could take the both of us to Judo class. My Mum did the lift back as that fitted with both families work schedules.

Between lessons, I sought out David and apologized. He was still angry with me, rightly so as actually I had fouled him, so to make it up to him I said: “I tell you what, you can choose a forfeit for me to do at your house as a payback.”

David thought for a moment or two, before agreeing. He made me shake on the deal.

After school, we walked back to David’s house. He lived just over the road from the school drive. We chatted happily as if nothing had happened.

As usual, David’s Mum was still at work; she normally got back at about 4.45 pm. So, we let ourselves in through the back door using the hidden key, and then got a drink of squash in the kitchen. We watched TV for a bit as we drunk our drinks and then went upstairs to David’s room to get our Judo kit on. David’s mum was always in a rush when she got home on Thursdays as our Judo class stared at 5.00 pm and it was a good 10 minutes drive to get there.

I took my school clothes off, and started getting my Judo Kit out of the bag which had been left at David’s house that morning on the way to school. As I stood there in just my pants, David announced: “OK Andrew, time for that forfeit.”

He had a smile on his face and did not seem in anyway still upset with me. In fact, it was all a bit of a joke.

I said: “OK, what do I do?”

David responded: “I think I should spank you just like Mr Adams did the other day.”

This did not seem at all threatening, and in fact since my previous experience, I had thought a lot about being spanked and also about David being spanked, so I agreed.

David said: “I am going to spank you bent over my bed, the way my Dad spanks me.”

With this, he got two pillows, pulled them to the edge of the bed and made me lie over them so my bottom was raised right up. I was aware that my pants were pulled very tight by my bending like this.

“Don’t worry,” said David. “I won’t hit you as hard as my Dad hits me.”

Then he put his hand on my bottom. I remember the thrill of having my friend’s hand just being there. David rubbed the seat of my pants for a second or two and then smacked me. It felt great. David continued to smack me just as Mr Adams had done; twelve slow and then 12 fast smacks, alternating sides with each smack. After he had finished, my bottom was warm and tingling, but not anywhere as hot as it had been after Mr Adams had smacked me.

“Stay there,” said David. “You have not fully paid your forfeit yet.”

With that, he grabbed my pants by the waistband on both sides and pulled then right down past my knees. I was still bending over the pillows with my arms out on the bed, so this took me by surprise.

Before I could react, David said: “Same again, but without pants this time.”

Once again, he rested his hand on my bottom. I became really excited this time. He then smacked me exactly the same way, but on my bare bottom. I was amazed by how much louder the smacks sounded, and how it stung just that bit more.

After David finished, I just lay there, my head reeling with what had just happened.

“OK,” David said. “Stand up, put your hands on your head, no rubbing your bottom.”

This felt just like what Mr Adams had done, so I reached down for my pants before starting to stand up.

“Leave your pants down”, said David.

I immediately panicked and dived back across the pillows, ensuring that David did not see my bits as I did so.

“Please David,” I said. “Let me pull my pants up.”

“No,” said David. “Stay there. You have just earned twelve more spanks.”

With that, he smacked me again in just the same way. These were starting to really sting, and I remember that I was wriggling and rolling a bit.

When he had finished, David said: “OK, now stand up and put your hands on your head, or you will get another twelve.”

As my bottom was really stinging, and as I was starting to feel a bit scared, I reluctantly stood up in front of David and put my hands on my head. By this stage my pants had fallen right off so I was completely naked. That was the start of a whole new part of my friendship with David and the real awakening of a new interest in my life.