A typical school strapping recalled

I was bored and distracted. Miss Walker was droning on about fractions, not my best subject, and my girlfriend was sitting opposite me wearing a really short skirt. Just to tease me, she stroked the top of her thigh, smiled at me, and then blew me a kiss.

“Garry Smith!” Miss Walker exclaimed. “Are you paying attention?”

“Yes miss,” I muttered. What else could I answer?

“Bring your book out here now, lad.” she said. She was seated at her desk.

I knew I’d done very little work but there was no alternative. I stood up and went to her desk. She was wearing a short pink skirt, white blouse, black sheer tights and sling back shoes. My heart was pounding.

Miss Walker looked at my book.

“What have you been doing, lad?” She shouted. “Am I just here wasting my time?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“So, you are not bothered, are you? In the corner lad, face against the wall! We will see how bothered you are at the end of the period.”

I walked over to the corner, my face burning with humiliation, and stood with my nose touching the wall. A few of my friends sniggered. Miss Walker looked up.

“Anybody wanting to join our friend are welcome, but I assure you they won’t be laughing at the end of the period!”

When the bell for dinner time broke the silence, and the rest of the class trooped out, I rubbed my hands down my trousers as I contemplated the belting I knew was coming.

“Garry,” Miss Walker said. “Come to the front of my desk.”

When I got there, she looked me straight in the eye. She was sitting with her legs crossed, swinging her top foot. “Garry,” she sighed. “How many times have you been on this position?”

“I’m sorry, miss.” I muttered.

She stood up, lifted her bag onto the desk and took her thick brown strap out.

“Both hands, Garry. Get them up!”

Slowly, I held my hands up. She swung the strap down, then brought it up and then down full force.


My hands dropped.

“Up, Garry, another five to go.”

She repeated this three times and my hands were going numb. I felt tears prick my eyes. My poor hands were shaking.

“Two more, lad. Six of the best might teach you a lesson.”

She brought the belt down full force. I yelped with pain, putting my hands between my thighs.

“Up, Garry. You will think twice before day-dreaming in my class!”

I held them up for the last stroke. They were shaking violently, so she positioned them and said: “Don’t you fare move or it will be extra strokes!”

“Yes miss.” I groaned.

With that, she brought the belt down leaning over as it made contact with my hands. I bent over in agony. I was crying and I looked at my hands. They were bright red and starting to bruise.

“Let that be a lesson to you,” she said. “No get out of my sight.”

I struggled to put my books into my bag and then rushed out to the where my girlfriend was waiting. She was shocked when she saw me crying and took my numb and aching hands into hers and started rubbing them.