Having spoken to a friend Shirley, she filled me in on a cookery lesson incident where it was wrongly assumed I was the culprit of a misdemeanour and got slippered for it. I have vague memories of it and now, having the details related, I can’t see how I forgot it, or perhaps I did just want to forget it.

It was just the girls that did cookery, unlike now. This particular lesson we spent a lot of time preparing either a pie or a flan to be cooked the oven. There was a range of ovens around the room and prior to using one we had to make sure it was preheated ready for use. At the allotted time, in went our efforts and we cleaned down and washed up the utensils we had used while the food cooked.

Before the end of the lesson, we removed our cooking for our teacher to assess and mark our efforts. Everything was fine until a girl I wasn’t particularly fond off went to her oven. The oven had been off, the thing came out uncooked. As the oven had been pre-heated, it meant it had to have been switched on, but someone had obviously turned it off.

Knowing our dislike of each other, all eyes turned on me. I knew I hadn’t done it but no one, including the teacher, would believe me. I knew I was blamelessly sunk. It was, ‘remove your apron and bend’ time over for me. Then up went the skirt and my bottom was ready to receive the slipper once again. I seem to remember I got six strokes and a sore bottom for what wasn’t my doing. I only found out yesterday who the real culprit was. It was Shirley! No wonder she remembered the episode so well.