When one of us girls had earned a spanking at home, mum used to take us into the dining room, pull up a chair and sit on it, then lecture us before putting us over her knee. She would then adjust our clothing to make sure the spanking had maximum effect. The room would then reverberate to a mixture of smacks and yells until mum felt that our bottoms had paid the penalty for our misdeeds. We always had an awful sinking feeling when we entered the room knowing that, when we emerged, we would be very sorry young ladies with bottoms that felt as though they had sat on a bonfire!

Now, the thing about the room was that the phone was there. I don’t know why it was plugged into the dining room, but that’s the way it happened. So, there were a few incidents when the phone intervened, just before we were due to get our spanking.

When I was about 14, I was once over her knee, eyes firmly on the carpet and skirting board, bare bum high in the air awaiting the descent of the slipper, when the phone rang.

Mum picked up the phone but kept me over her knee, affectionately patting my bottom as she said, “Yes! I see. I think so. OK, we’ll do that then.”

I stared at the pattern of the carpet below me as mum chatted away, wondering how long this reprieve for my bum would last.

However, mum finally said, “I’d better go. I’m right in the middle of doing something rather important!” I was glad she didn’t say what the ‘something rather important’ was! But thankfully mum always kept our bum smackings ‘in house’.

She then said, “Now where were we? Oh yes, mustn’t keep your bottom waiting any longer, must we?”

She then picked up the slipper and the room was filled with my yells as she laid smack after smack on my poor little bum!