This was the 3rd paddling I received during my 7th grade year. The previous year I received 9 but would ultimately only receive 7 for this year. Each time garnered a little more intense sensation than the last, but if only I could talk to someone about it. Why was I like this? Were there other girls that felt similar? It was so weird.

The March 1958 morning was just fine. I got up and washed my face and went to the kitchen to eat the eggs and potatoes mom had prepared. I then returned to my bedroom and put on a slightly faded yellow dress that had been my cousin Donna’s first, then handed down to younger sister Cathy, who then handed it to me. It was nothing fancy, yellow with a red line at the sleeves end and the edge of the dress. I put on some short white socks and my red canvas shoes and soon my brothers and my cousins next door were all on the bus.

About 40 minutes later, we disembarked and went our separate ways. The first 4 school periods were fine as was the lunch break. Then boredom during math class resulted in me earning another trip to Mr Anderson’s office. After getting off the bus that morning, I overheard a man working on the nearby highway yell the ‘F’ word and I thought it was funny.

For some reason I started daydreaming and I thought about the incident and was mumbling the word under my breath. A bit later I suddenly blurted the word out loud and Mrs Taylor heard me. She just gave me a dirty look and left the room.

The kids around me gasped and I said, “I’m sorry, I just said something a man working on the road outside said this morning.”

It didn’t matter, apparently, as I received a few dirty looks as well as a few laughs. About 5 minutes after she left, Mrs Taylor came back in the room and handed me a note. It read: ‘Report to the principal’s office at 3:15.’ I looked and nodded and mouthed: “I’m sorry,” but received just another stern look.

The school day was over at 3:00 pm and the buses left at 3:45, so that gave Mr Anderson time at the end of the day to take care of disciplinary issues. As the day end bell rang, I went to put my books in my locker and then to the restroom and looked in the mirror. My shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back into a short ponytail and I noticed a small zit on my chin. I straightened my dress and went outside to get a drink of water at the fountain and then headed to the office.

I went inside and straight to the waiting area and sat down on the bench on the left side of the room. Across from me was a 5th grade girl who was also named Emily, but everyone called her ‘Emma’. She had just had her 10th birthday party a week earlier. I looked at her and asked what she was in trouble for and she just shook her head and looked down. She had on a pretty triple blue shade dress that was pale blue from the waist up, medium blue at the beginning of the dress part and dark blue at the bottom of it. It was a bit shorter than mine as it only went to about 4 inches above her knee. She had on long white socks and black Mary Jane shoes. Her bright red hair was pulled up into a tight bun with two curls on either side.

Almost as soon as I had asked Emma what she had done wrong, I heard a muffled ‘Whap!’ from the office, followed by an “uhh.” 14 more followed with pretty much the same reaction. I glanced over at Emma who was looking to her right at the door with her mouth open and a look of, “Oh my God!”

After the swats there was about a minute pause and I could hear Mr Montgomery talking, but could not really understand what he was saying. Then he stopped and after a short pause came another swat ‘Whap!’ followed by a similar “uhh” sound. However, during the next 14, the “uhhs” slowly morphed into higher pitched “ows” and “ayes.” This kid was not handling it as well as the first one.

About a minute after the last one, the door opened and out walked two 4th grade boys, one of whom was still fastening his pants. They looked straight ahead as they exited the waiting room.

Then Mr Anderson looked out and said, “Come on in, girls.”

Emma and I walked inside and went to stand in front of his desk. He first looked at me and said: “Em, why did you say that bad word?”

I explained where I had heard it and it had just stuck in my mind. I added that I was lost in thought and just blurted out by accident.

He looked at me and replied, “Well, that is not acceptable, and I am accidentally going to paddle your young behind 15 times, ok?”

“Yes sir, Mr Anderson,” I said as I looked down.

The he turned his attention to 10-year-old Emma and said: “It was reported that you stole two candy bars from the teachers’ lounge and refused to admit to it until they interrogated you for 5 minutes, is that correct?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied. “But please don’t spank me,” she pleaded.

“Oh you will receive a spanking, there’s no doubt about that,” he said in a firm tone.

“Please, please don’t spank me, Mr Anderson,” she continued to plead.

He interrupted and declared: “Either you will receive one here or I will call your daddy and tell him, and he can deal with you.”

Her eyes grew large and she began shaking her head and replied: “Please, please don’t tell my daddy, please don’t. You can spank me. Please, you do it.”

“Ok then, 15 will come your way as well,” he retorted as he stood up and grabbed the medium paddle that hung on the wall behind him and walked over by the chair that was already in front of the mirror.

As was the usual pattern, the oldest went first so he pointed at me and said: “Em, come here,” and when I approached him he squeezed my cheeks slightly and told me that: “Foul sounding language leads to a foul feeling bottom.” Then he moved his hand to my shoulder and turned me around and pushed rather firmly and said, “Bend over, Em, hands on the seat, feet together, head down and bottom out and do not look back.”

I grabbed the edges of the chair seat and looked up into the mirror. I could see the paddle in his right hand and then he took his left hand and pulled my dress back. The bummer thing about this old dress I had on was it had no belt or elastic at the waist which resulted in him pulling the dress further back than usual. I could feel the edge of the dress on my neck and then I felt his entire left-hand rest on the bare area of my lower back. Man, it was cold!!  Does he not have any circulation?

I shivered a bit as he began the tapping and rubbing that preceded each swat. Then after several taps he said, “Here we go.”

I could see his right-hand swing back in almost slow motion and then swing forward. ‘WHAP!’ came the first one instantly electrifying my small behind. I tiptoed slightly and began shifting my backside in small circles as he pressed the paddle against it for the next one. I was quiet for the first three and then began my usual responses.

WHAP 2 –

WHAP 3 –

WHAP 4 – Ow!!

WHAP 5 – Ahh!

WHAP 6 – Eee!

WHAP 7 – Ouch!

WHAP 8 – Ooh!

After the eighth one he pressed a bit harder on my back and said: “Ok, Em, please do not shift your behind so much, ok?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.”

The swats continued.

WHAP 9 – Ow!

WHAP 10 – Burns!

WHAP 11 – Hot!

WHAP 12 – Ahh!

“Try not to move, ok? Good girl.”

That was a hard thing not to do. Shifting my behind between swats helped even out the sting.

WHAP 13 – Ssss

WHAP 14 – Ahh!

WHAP 15 – Ssss

After the last one, his left hand kept me in position as he did his little: “Bad words are bad,” speech and continued rubbing the paddle against my bottom, which I appreciated. Then, after asking if I would say that word again, he let me up and told me to go stand back in front of his desk. As I stood up, my dress at first stayed stuck to my back until I pulled back into place. I walked back to the desk just as he called for Emma who had a sad crinkled up expression on her face. I began rubbing my burning bottom.

I looked at Emma as she approached him and when he grabbed her cheeks with his left hand to tell her that stealing was wrong, her face contorted under the pressure of his fingers and when he asked her if she knew that was wrong, her “Yes, sir,” it sounded like “Yesss shir.”

Then he turned her around and bent her over the chair and told her the same thing he had told me, but added: “Head down and bottom up and out, ok?”

“Yes sir,” she said as she began lightly crying. When he pulled her blue dress over her back, I understood why she did not want her dad to spank her. Her pale white legs had several belt marks just below her bottom and no doubt that was quite red as well.

I looked in the mirror and saw her grit her teeth as he began rubbing the paddle on her panties and when the first swat hit she went “ohh ow! ow!” as she continued the low volume crying. She knew, like we all did, that making a scene just earned you more swats. During the next 14 she not only wiggled her behind between swats but was constantly tip-toeing on her back Mary Janes.

WHAP 2 – Ow ha ha!

WHAP 3 – Eech

WHAP 4 – Ow ow ow!!

“Don’t move much Emma. Good girl,” he reminded her.

WHAP 5 – Ow ow ow!

WHAP 6 – Eech ow!

WHAP 7 – ssssssss!

WHAP 8 – Ow ow ow ow!

“Over half way, try to keep still. Good girl.”

WHAP 9 – Ow please ow ow!

WHAP 10 – Ow ow ow ow!

After the tenth swat he removed his left hand from her back to cover his mouth while he coughed. She took the opportunity to stand up, turn around and tell him she was sorry and she would never steal again. He looked at her and replied, “That’s great Emma, but you still have five to go and I am adding one more for standing up.”

She cried: “No please,” as he grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her back around and bent her back over the chair. He appeared a bit upset, and he pulled back her dress hard and seemed to push harder on her back to keep her in position. He rubbed the paddle for like 15 seconds before he resumed her spanking.

WHAP 11 – Owww ow ow!

WHAP 12 – Ahh eeech eech!

WHAP 13 – oww oww oww

WHAP 14 – Ow ow ow !

WHAP 15 – ow aha ha!

WHAP 16 – ow ow ow ow ow!

I thought I shifted a lot, but between her tip toeing and her behind wiggling, it was a miracle that he did not whack her on the legs.

The last one sounded a bit louder and he too kept her in position as he preached his sermon to her about stealing and then let her up and told her to go stand to my right. She too began rubbing her bottom as I also continued to do while he gave his exit speech about following the rules and behaving as good girls.

As soon as we entered the hallway she turned left, and I went to my right. I went by the rest room to examine the damage and then headed out to the bus that would be leaving shortly. I boarded the bus and, just as I got on, I saw Emma take a third-row seat. She did not look up and immediately began gazing out the window to her right. I sat down about four rows behind her and wondered what was going through her mind as her behind continued to smoulder.

I too began gazing out the window and, as the bus bumped and swayed on the way home, my burning behind was now sending another signal to my nether region. I cracked a small smile as I looked at the countryside rushing by just outside the window like the feelings that were rushing across my derriere.