I’d be interested to know whether any other readers have received spanks or smacks, even token ones, as young adults. It’s happened to me several times.

My first was June 1987. It was three months past my 18th birthday and I was swotting like crazy for my imminent A level exams.

I came downstairs for a break from swotting and, this being the middle of the 1987 General Election campaign, was confronted with a politician greatly detested in our house on TV.

I bent towards the TV and gave the politician in question a huge two-fingered salute. Instantly I felt Mum’s hand ‘spank’ across my bottom. In shock, I spun round as the strong sting spread through my bottom. It felt as if my pyjamas and knickers had simply melted away.

“Mum!” I protested. “We don’t like them!”

“That doesn’t matter,” lectured Mum. “You don’t do that! Go and make us both a cup of tea!”