I was late for biology. Lateness with Miss H had happened for a couple of the girls previously and the resulting bottoms were not something you courted. I ran down the corridor slap bang into my art teacher; the drawings she was carrying flew everywhere. I was very apologetic and helped her pick the drawings up. She knew I was late and delayed me as long as she could before demanding I see her at 4 o’clock.

I scurried along to the biology lab, only to find a line of girls still waiting for Miss H. It occurred to me I had rushed for nothing and now had an after school meeting with my art teacher. 4 o’clock arrived all to quickly for me. It’s amazing how slowly time can pass when you are willing it to speed up, and to my surprise I wasn’t the only one she wanted to see, for there at her door were three other. All were either first or second years. I, a fourth year, must have stuck out like a sore thumb.

We were all called in together and this had me worried. There was no doubt she would slipper me; I expected nothing less, but in front of a boy, surely not. It turned out we had all broken one or more of the school rules that day and our bottoms were going to pay the price. She kept the boy and sent the rest of us out. One of the girls asked me what would happen next.

“You’ll soon find out.” I replied.

There were two loud cracks of leather on bottom, before the boy shot out of the room rubbing his bottom furiously.

“Does that answer your question?” I asked the girl who was now looking rather worried. “Don’t fret.” I told her. “I’ll get a lot more than two.”

Next she called the three of us in. Her sandal was already off.

“You first, Annie; show these two what to do.”

I removed my jacket and she clipped up my skirt to leave my maroon knickers on display. One of the others sniggered until they were told to do the same. Their skirts were also clipped up out of the way. They now had their knickers on display and the sniggering had certainly stopped as the realisation stepped in.

I was ordered to touch my toes and duly did, determined to put on a show that would not alarm the other two. With each whack, I gritted my teeth and tried to keep a smile on my face when common-sense said howl like hell. The trouble was, the less noise I made the harder she landed that shoe. She must have thought the lesson wasn’t getting through, so by the time she had finished my bottom was aflame and there was no rubbing for me as I stood back in line with my hands on my head.

The next girl was stood in position and told to touch her toes. Her crime was not having her school tie fastened properly. I did feel sorry for her; two cracks of the sandal for that, the old grouch must have been in a bad mood. The first crack landed across her right cheek followed swiftly by a second to her left. The swiftness of the second didn’t give her time to react from the first but after the second she was in floods of tears and visibly shaken by the experience.

Number three had seen the reaction and was in tears as she bent over. Eating sweets in school had been her crime and now punishment time awaited her. She was a chubby little girl, who could perhaps do without the sweets and, with a bottom to match the rest of her, I wondered how much effect the sandal would have. I didn’t have to wait long as two swift strokes smacked into her stretch knickers. She howled at each stroke and danced on the spot. This was a testament to the effectiveness of that sandal, not that I needed telling. She was lucky; no hands on head time for her. It was clips off and straight out of the classroom for some frantic rubbing for the three of us.