A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a man named David concerning an advert I have on a few spanking sites. I advertise I am available to do authentic Texas school style paddling role plays with females.

David wrote, “I have a girlfriend living in Dallas, age 38, that has more than a passing interest in what a school paddling feels like. She has never had a real paddling but wants one. She would want me present when it happens, if you would be willing to go along with our request.”

I wrote David back and told him I was certainly willing to provide his girlfriend with a paddling. I would need to talk with her first about what would make the experience real for her, limits we need to agree upon, and a safe word. I let David know having him observe was agreeable, but I always met someone in public before giving out my address or meeting someone at their home. He was understanding and told me his girlfriend (I will call her Rita) would be in touch.

Rita wrote me the next day, and we talked back and forth for several days. I learned Rita went to a school that did use the paddle, but she was never in enough trouble to be sent to the Assistant Principal for corporal punishment. Rita was a cheerleader in Junior High and had 2 of her friends on the cheerleading squad who were paddled. One of those friends got 5 licks of the Assistant Principal’s paddle, the second time she was sent to him. Rita was super curious and asked her friend a lot of questions about how much it had hurt and details about how he did the paddling. Her friend let her see her still red and slightly bruised bottom after school.

Rita considered intentionally getting into trouble at school so she could experience a real paddling, but she always lost her nerve. The Assistant Principal had a reputation of giving hard swats. Her friend told Rita she felt like her ass was on fire when she left his Office. That is what Rita wanted from me. She wanted 5 hard licks. She wanted to feel the same thing her friend did in Junior High.

She asked what clothing she should wear. I suggested tight jeans, slacks or Spandex. My only request was she should not wear a loose skirt, as pleated material can muffle the sound of the swats. She said she did not want a safe word and would not use it even if she had one. I told her “RED” was a universal safe word and left it at that.

I asked how important was the actual role-play to her, and learned it was indeed a big part of the experience she wanted. Rita not only wanted her ass to feel like it was on fire, but she wanted to be in trouble like her friends were back in school. I suggested, since David was going to be there to observe, he could be her teacher escorting her to see the Principal, and I would ask him to stay as policy required I have a witness present. She liked that idea.

I have a picture posted with my adverts with me holding my school paddle. It has a number of signatures on both sides and this caught Rita’s eye. She let me know she wanted to sign it after taking her licks. She asked how many signatures were on the paddle. I counted them the next day and let her know there were 47. She asked several questions, but when it came to exactly what we would say to each other in our role play, I advised it was best not to over plan it. I would give her instructions while she stood in front of my desk knowing she should pay attention to what I told her to do.

Rita knew for sure she wanted 5 hard licks, and decided she would wear tight blue-jeans that would give her bottom a little protection, but she also told me she would only wear a thong underneath because she does not like panty lines. I wished she would have kept that part a secret. It would have been a pleasant surprise to learn at the moment I had her bend over and stretch those jeans even tighter. She planned on bringing a pair of thin slacks also in case the 5 licks across her jeans did not satisfy her appetite.

We decided it was time to meet and play out this fantasy. I gave the address of a business near me and we scheduled a meeting for 10:30 AM in the parking lot. I was a few minutes early and they arrived a few minutes later. David got out of the pick-up truck and we shook hands. Rita got out the other side and I was impressed. I am guessing she was about 5’3″, dark complexion, and had short, jet black hair. She had a very attractive, toned body. She was wearing skin tight jeans and even though I had not yet caught the rear view, I was pretty certain she had a nice bubble butt by how tight they were in front. She did not look 38 years old either.

I wore black jeans, a tucked-in shirt and a suit jacket. I wanted to look the part of a school Principal. I shook her hand and told her it was a pleasure to meet her. She appeared very nervous, but managed to answer with a “You too.” I told David I was only about a mile away and asked if they were ready to follow me back to my home. He answered, “Yes” and they both got back in the truck.

We got back to my house and I got a good rear view of Rita as I closed and locked the front door behind us. She had what I refer to as a tear-shaped bottom and she filled out her Wrangler jeans very well. I asked them to take a seat and if they would like something to drink. They declined a beverage and took a seat on the sofa. I sat down and told them both I looked forward to this and told them we did not have to be in any hurry to start. I asked if they had any more questions and Rita asked if she could see the paddle.

I planned to do our role play in my bedroom. It is a large room and I have a large desk against one wall and a safe on another wall. As long as you are not looking at the bed and other bedroom furniture, it has the feel of an office. I made the bed that morning. I had the paddle laying on top of the desk and went to get it for Rita to view. I returned to the living room and handed it to Rita. She held it in both hands and her expression appeared to go from nervousness to a grin. She looked at the signatures on both sides. David asked to see it and Rita handed it to him.

David looked at her and said, “Yeah, you are going to feel this for a while.”

David had told me he had been paddled in school when we first started talking.

Rita replied, “Yeah, but I want this.”

David handed the paddle back to me.

That was enough of an ice-breaker for me. I told David we will go into role when we go into my room and I would refer to him as Mr Johnson, since he was the teacher bringing the disruptive student to my office. He seemed a little out of the loop and asked if we could talk privately first. We left Rita in the living room and walked back to my bedroom. David told me he realized he would be the teacher but he had not thought to prepare a reason for Rita’s punishment.I suggested the offence be disruptive in class by always turning around in her desk, talking to others while he was trying to teach. I also suggested he had warned her several times before and he was bringing her to me because I have the authority to deal with her in a manner he is not allowed.

David agreed and I said, “OK. Why don’t you go and bring her back here, knock on the door and I will let you in?”

David said, “OK. She wants hard swats and you have my blessing to give her what she wants. He left and I closed the door behind him. A moment later, there was a knock on the door.

I opened it and said, “Come in.”

David put his hand behind Rita and motioned her to enter. She looked at me with a nervous smile, then turned her eyes away as they entered the room.

“Mr Johnson. You have a student for me?”

“Yes sir, Mr Beaumont.” Mr Beaumont is the name I use when I role-play a school Principal. That is the name I used with them both when e-mailing them.

“OK, what can I do for you?” I asked.

“This is Rita. She actually seems like a nice girl, but she has become a real discipline problem in my class. She is constantly turning around in her desk talking to the girls and boys seated behind her. She is not paying attention in class and is disrupting my teaching the class,” he told me.

At first, Rita had a surprised look on her face, but when she saw me looking straight at her, she looked down at her feet.

I asked, “I suppose this is a problem you have addressed before?”

“Yes, many times. I am wasting my voice and I have run out of patience with her. I was hoping you could do something,” David said.

Again, Rita had a shocked look on her face, but looked down when I gave her a cold stare.

“What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?” I asked.

“Nothing,” said Rita, still looking slightly down and not at me.

I took a couple of steps closer to her, put my finger under Rita’s chin and said, “When I am addressing you, young lady, you will not look away. I want your attention.”

I slowly raised her chin to my eye level.

“Yes sir,” she said. “I am just nervous. I have never been to see the Principal before.”

“Well, you have now,” I tell her. “Look at me. You have been a disruption in Mr Johnson’s class and that is hurting every one of your fellow students. I am sure your grades are suffering as well.”

Rita did not have anything to say. She kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself before I decide your punishment?”

“Just that I will try to do better, Sir,” was her answer.

“Not good enough, I am afraid,” was I reply as I picked up the paddle and held it loosely in the port of arms position.

Again, she was shifting her weight back and forth and had a truly scared look on her face. I was worried I may have oversold the scolding and thought I may need to tone it down a little.

“Have you even had swats, young lady?”

“No sir, never.”

“OK. I want you to listen to me carefully and you will get through this fine.”

Rita only nodded her head.

“I am going to give you 5 swats.”

Rita seemed to have a look of surprise on her face even though she knew she came to get 5 good swats. Maybe she is a good role player?

I moved the desk chair to one side and instructed Rita, “When I tell you to, you lay your upper body right here,” as I pointed to the center of the desk. Stretch both arms out to the side and keep them there until we are through.”

I got a nervous, “Yes Sir,” as a response.

“Once you are in position, you must remain there until I say you can stand up.”

Rita nodded in the affirmative, but did not speak.

“Say ‘Yes Sir’ if you understand.” I say.

She replied, “Yes Sir.”

“It is important you stay in position. I want the paddle to land on target, nowhere else.”

She nodded her head in the affirmative again. This time I accept the nod as a response.

“You will count each swat.”

“Yes sir,” was the response.

“If you move out of position or do not immediately do as I say, the swat does not count. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

There was a teardrop trickling down her right cheek.

“OK, bend over the desk,” I instructed.

Rita complied. Her head was a little too close to the wall, so I instructed her, “Scoot back a half step. Straighten your legs.”

This had her Wrangler-covered bottom presented perfectly.

I walked over to her left side, took up my position, and lined my paddle across both cheeks. I was satisfied with my and her positions, tapped the paddle twice across that beautiful bottom, drew it back behind my shoulder and sent it down in a level arc.

Splat! It actually sounded like a pistol shot.

Rita twisted in pain. Her body and both hands came off the desk and she had a grimace across her face. Before I could say anything, she got back down on the desk again and grabbed the sides.

I heard a distressed, “Wow!”

“OK. Since you have not received the paddle before, I am going to give you that one. Get out of position again and there will be a penalty swat.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

There did not seem to be as much stress in her voice.as before, and I could not detect any crying.

“Do you want to count that one, or should I give number one again?”

“One, Sir.”

“Keep your legs straight,” I ordered, and she locked her knees.

I positioned my paddle again. I may have taken just a little off the first swat, but now there was no doubt in my accuracy after the first lick hit home. I preformed the double tap, drew the paddle all the way back, then Splat!

Her knees bent and her head and chest came off the table a few inches, but her hands did not leave the desk and she got back down right away.

“Two, Sir.”

I lined my paddle up again, double tapped and Splat!

“Three, Sir.”

Before I could double tap again, Rita shook her butt side to side, then pumped her legs like she was running on the spot.

“That’s enough of that, young lady!! Straighten those legs and remain still.”

“Yes, sir.”

I did the same double tap and the next swat landed.

She screamed, “Oww,” and stomped her feet up and down a few times, but otherwise stayed in position.

“Do you want to count that one, young lady?”

“Yes Sir,” She had to think for a second, then she said, “Four, Sir.”

I did my double tap and her knees immediately straightened.

I landed number 5 and got, ” Five Sir,” as a response, along with a hip wiggle.

“OK, you can stand now.”

Rita straightened and immediately hugged me tightly. There are tears, but a big smile on her face.

She thanked me, and I said, “I guess we are out of role now.”

I motioned her toward David and said to go to her boyfriend. She went over and hugged David, then let go and started doing the spanky dance. I motioned toward the bathroom and told them to take all the time they needed. I went back to the living room. It was not long before they joined me.

We sat and talked a while. During the conversation, I asked Rita if she brought the thin dress slacks with her. She said she did, but did not want any more today. She did indicate I may very well see her again if I wanted to paddle her again. She mentioned her butt felt truly on fire and that is what she wanted.

I am guessing she will have to come back at least once more.

I forgot to let her sign the paddle.