Around ten years ago when I married my now ex wife, Kristen, she had two children; 12 year old Mary and 10 year old Andrew. With in a few days of being home from the honeymoon I soon found out what I was in for. I had been single my entire life and had no children of my own.

About the first Saturday I was at work and my new found family was at home a few blocks away. I received a call from my new wife telling me that Mary and her were into a horrible argument. She was going to run away and was packing her things. I said, just tell her to shut up and stand in the corner or something. I mean you are the parent here. She is 12 for god sake. My wife told me to come home from work and deal with her.

What? Really? So I went home and found Mary in her room packing her stuff. Kristen told me to just do something with Mary. I was dumbfounded. I said like what?

She replied: “Ground her, spank her, take her back to work with you. Just get her out of here.”

I asked Kristen what she done before I showed up in their lives?

She said: “I just called my dad. He would deal with the kids.”

This is the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. I went to her room and told her to put her shit back up, she wasn’t moving out.

She responded with: “Oh well, you aren’t my dad. I don’t have to listen to you.”

I had never had to deal with kids, much less 12 year olds who think they are 20. I didn’t exactly know how to go about spanking a 12 year old. Mary was above average on her size and a fair amount over weight. I give in and took her to work with me.

Within a week or so I was at Kristen’s parents’ house for a cook out. I questioned Kristen’s dad about Mary’s behavior. He told me if she ever disrespected me again to just whip her. Again this was something I never had to do in my life.

At this point, Mary is sure she has me wrapped around her little finger. It wasn’t a few nights later, Mary and Kristen were in the kitchen having it out. I’m not sure what started it but Mary left stomping upstairs to her room.

She was yelling: “I am really running away this time,” before slamming her door.

I was going to let it go and blow over until I felt the force in which she slammed her door. I went upstairs and tried to enter her room but was met by a locked door. I forcefully knocked and demanded she open up.

When she did, I grabbed her by her arm and said: “Come on, we are going to the basement to talk about your attitude.”

She was obviously shocked and really had no choice but follow along since I had her by her arm. In the basement I had a game room. It is a room off to the side with a pool table and sofa and chairs. I took her down one flight of stairs to the ground level and then down to the basement game room.

She then says: “What the fuck!”

I told her she would not use that language and I was tired of her behavior.

“Good luck changing it,” she replied.

I sat on the sofa and told her to get over here, she was getting her ass beat. Once she was in arms length I pulled her over my lap. Like I said, she was a bigger girl. Even at 12 she was probably close to 180lbs. I commenced spanking her with my hand fairly forcefully over her blue jeans. This got almost no response from her except make her mad.

At this point I was furious. She squirmed herself free from my lap. I stood up and told her to get her ass bent over that pool table and do it now. She just kinda stood there and didn’t move. I pushed her toward the table and pushed her over it. I then unbuckled my belt and started pulling it through the loops of my jeans.

She looked back with something like fear in her eyes. I told her to drop her jeans to her ankles and bend back over. She refused. I told her she was getting 10 licks.

“One way or the other you are taking your pants down. If I have to forcefully do it then you will get 15 licks. Either way this is going to happen.”

She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and then unzipped them. She slowly bent over the table and then pushed her pants down to her knees. Without notice I give her panty covered ass a swat with the belt, full force. She screamed in shock.

I then gave her the next four equally as hard. After 5 I asked her if her behavior was going to change. I got no response at all. I then give her 2 more, probably harder than the first 5, on the backs of her legs. Then I asked if her behavior was going to change.

She angrily said: “Yes,” with tears running down her face.

I give her the last 3 quickly and forcefully, squarely on her ass. Then I told her to get her pants up and go to bed.

This was the beginning of her changing. She started to slowly show some respect. She had a few more game room visits over the years, but it was a little easier on both of us.