This is a true story about role play conducted in real life.

I was a Texas public school student in the 1960s and early 1970s. The paddle was very much in use, always over clothes. I was paddled a few times in the early grades and witnessed others paddled. Boys were paddled much more often, but occasionally girls would feel the board too. After entering High School, the only ones who paddled were an Assistant Principal and coaches. In grades 1-8, teachers would sometime paddle students in their classrooms, in front of the rest of the class. I am not sure if it were a written rule or not, but 3 swats (licks) were the maximum.

This story is not about my school experiences. It is about adults role playing actual corporal punishment. I am a spanking enthusiast and I attend spanking parties as a ‘Top’. For the last few years, I have run an event called ‘The Principal’s Office’ at one of the national spanking parties. A female friend, who is also a Top, co-hosts the event with me. She will discipline males and females. I only discipline females. We have a female ‘Bottom’ who acts as our secretary. She is quite good at keeping the students in line and informs us if they have been a problem.

The people who run the party provide us with 2 adjoining conference rooms to hold this event. We use one as our office and the other as the secretary’s office. The students report to the secretary’s office to check in, then have a seat. When we are finished with one student, we tell him/her to check out with the secretary when we are done. She then escorts in the next student. The student has a ‘Disciplinary Referral Form’ we provide filled out when they arrive. I encourage students to allow someone they trust to fill out the form.

The form has the student’s scene name, the offence, recommended number of swats, implement and state of dress. Being from the South, I would prefer all punishment be with a school paddle over jeans or a tight skirt, because that is what is realistic to me. But I realize everyone’s school experience/fantasy are not the same. So on the discipline form, we offer paddle, cane, strap, or Principal’s choice.  For number of swats we offer 1-10 or Principal’s choice. Below is a typical conversation I had with a female student about her upcoming visit to the Principal’s Office, via private messenger on the website where she signed up for the event.

Me:  I look forward to meeting you and having you in our event. “Red” is a safe word in our event, just like everywhere else with the party. Other than that, we want to make this as realistic as possible for you, as we know how. I went to public school many years ago and we did not have uniforms. Realistic to me would be getting a lecture for being sent there, then the Principal would tell me to reach across the desk and grab the other side. Then I would get 3-5 firm swats across the seat of my blue jeans.

What would be realistic to you? In addition to the long school paddle, I can use a cane or leather strap. I play at all levels. Do you consider yourself a mild, medium or hard player? I can use my standard 1/2 inch thick school paddle without it being too severe a punishment for medium players. I even keep a 1/4 inch thick paddle on standby for mild players. It would likely break if I were to use it hard. If you feel more in the right head space wearing a school uniform, be advised the school board has authorized me to lift skirts and paddle on panties. I offer bare bottom punishment if that fits your mindset.

Mr Beaumont


Mr Beaumont, I’m probably a medium player. I’m thinking something stingy for this event. I’m more into thuddy, but I’m feeling this event should be a bit uncomfortable. It should be something my mouth signs up for that I actually regret some while waiting for it to happen. For the lecture, I get off on Patriarchy. I like the idea of being treated as second class (in play, but not in real life). Something about the “expectation for girls is…” would make this scene more exciting for me and better able to take the punishment.

Me:  I think it is best to not over script role plays. While talking in class is not allowed, it is something that does not usually call for a severe punishment. I am thinking 3 swats with the standard school paddle across your jeans, or panties if you are wearing a uniform. They had better be regulation panties or I will add extra swats.

Her:  It sounds good to keep it more unscripted. I’ll be wearing a school uniform, so you’ll discipline accordingly. Although I doubt they will be regulation. So does that mean bare bottom?

Me:  That paddle will really burn if it’s bare bottom. I cannot be there when you girls are getting dressed in the mornings. Should you decide, you can get away with wearing a thong, thinking no one will see you with your skirt raised. I will not go easy on you. Actions have consequences.

Her:  Well, I always start off each day with good intentions. I don’t expect to be paddled. So what are regulation panties anyway?

Me:  Plain white, covering your entire bottom.

Her:  What about red hearts? Lace?

Me:  No, young lady.

Her:  Oh geez! I’m in TROUBLE!

Me:  We will deal with the situation when the time comes.

Her:  I’m sure you will.